Watch: ‘Conan The Barbarian’ Releases A Red Band Trailer


Last month the remake film Conan the Barbarian released a first movie trailer, giving us our first look at Jason Momoa in action as the hunky and heroic Conan. Today we get to see a red band trailer for the film. Red band trailers are dubbed so because they tend to feature more sex and/or violence. In this case, this new Conan trailer has been red banded because there is a LOT of blood in it. Check out this bloody new trailer below.

Dang, there are heads dropping from necks all over the place in this trailer. I have to admit, I really like this trailer a lot more than the regular trailer we saw last month. I don’t recall that the original Conan film from the 80’s being this bloody but, well, these days … things are bloodier. I have fallen in LOVE with Jason Momoa from his role on Game of Thrones. I am really looking forward to him in the lead role in this film. Conan the Barbarian opens in theaters on August 15. Does this trailer make you want to see the film more … or less?


  • Tracy

    Jason is in the movie….I’m LOCKED in…

    But…this is a really good trailer and movie it is nothing like Arnold’s Conan. It is based on the actual book. I hope this movie does really well and puts Jason on the list of A-list actors. He is the full package.

  • erin

    is it bad that i will see this simply because i’m in love with him on game of thrones?

    • LStu

      He look so much hotter on game of thrones

  • nicole


  • Dach

    OMG….I can’t wait for this movie to come out. I’ve been watching this guy since stargate. I enjoy him on GoT, but this means we get to see him throughout the entire movie and more fight scenes. Oh yeah…..hurry up August.