Michael Lohan Got Hit By A Bus


Michael Lohan, estranged father of trainwreck Lindsay Lohan, got himself into a little car accident yesterday and, wouldn’t you know it … TMZ was RIGHT THERE to witness the whole thing. Lohan was sideswiped by a Metro Bus while driving on Sunset Blvd. in LA, CA and a TMZ staffer just happened to be there to see the whole thing go down. Click below to find out what happened to poor Daddy Lohan.

Michael Lohan just got into a car accident on the Sunset Strip — when a metro bus crashed into his blue Jaguar in the middle of rush hour … and TMZ’s Mike Walters witnessed the whole thing. According to Walters, Michael’s car was slowly approaching a stoplight near the Director’s Guild of America when the bus was attempted to pass him … and accidentally sideswiped Lohan’s car. Walters got out of his car and checked on Lohan — who said, “Of course you’re here when I get hit by a bus … we exchanged information and everything is fine.” Walters says Lohan’s car only appeared to have minor scratches and scrapes and Lohan was not injured.

I suppose I’m glad to know that Lohan wasn’t injured at all … I guess. But don’t you find it very funny that TMZ happened to be right there when this latest bit of Lohan drama went down? If I didn’t know any better, I’d suspect that Lohan somehow caused the accident just to get a little attention … but we all know that would never happen, right? It’s more likely that TMZ has outfitted Michael Lohan with a GPS tracking chip … you know, just in case of instances like this. What I wanna know is who was driving the bus that smashed into Lohan … any chance it was Dina Lohan? HMMMM.


  • Janaegal

    Because of my ever going struggle to be a better person, I won’t say what I really want to say.

    but I think we all know what I want to say.

  • Z

    Dear bus driver,

    Please get better aim and do humanity a favour and finish what you started. The world will be in you debt.