Britney Spears Announces Her ‘I Wanna Go’ Music Video Will Be Released On June 22


Britney Spears, who just kicked off her Femme Fatale Tour in Sacramento, CA on Thursday night, has posted a new announcement and photo concerning her new music video for her brilliant single I Wanna Go. Britney announces that the video will be released next Wednesday June 22 … and to tease for the vid’s release, she also shares a new photo from the finished video. Click below to check it out.

Shame on me to need release! I-I-I-Wanna-G-O-O-O video comes out June 22nd. #IWANNAGO -Britney

Without question, I Wanna Go is my fave track off her new album Femme Fatale. From the first clip of the song that we heard back in March I fell in absolute LOVE with the song. I am really, really looking forward to this video’s release. I’m excited, y’all … CAN’T WAIT!!


  • cormac

    she looks amazing these days! 24 October in Dublin, Ireland YAY!!!!

  • So excited! I’m with you Trent on it being one of the top tracks of Femme Fatale. When I finally heard the full version of the song, I literally couldn’t sit down. Can’t wait for the music video!

  • Hillary

    I love “I Wanna Go” but I swear my favorite song is “He About to Lose Me” with “Selfish” as a close second! I can’t believe they were extra/bonus songs! My least favorite songs are “Big Fat Bass” and the last bonus song on the deluxe album that has those guitars or whatever. It’s an awesome album though.

    • JCZ

      Don’t Keep Me Waiting? I think thats the title of it. I actually really like it – I like it when Britney goes Pop/Rock – cause she has the voice for it I reckon.
      Takes me back to the performances of You Oughta Know during The Circus Tour. And well, I can imagine Brit singing the song on random stops of the Femme Fatale tour… maybe throwing it in there to say, “Hey Jason, hurry up! I don’t wanna have to start singing Single Ladies”.

      Inside Out is def a fave for me. There is always that one track (or every single song) on every Brit album that just stands out from the album and everything else bring released. Inside Out is that track for me. Unusual You from Circus. Everything from Blackout, but I would say Freakshow/Heaven on Earth/Piece of Me. Toxic from ITZ (and Breathe on Me/Touch of My Hand). I’ll be here forever listing them.

      Femme Fatale is just an ALBUM. There are no fillers, for me anyway. Its like Rihanna’s LOUD. You can pick any track and it is worthy of being a single. I will say Big Fat Bass is TOOOO long though and I never usually listen to the whole thing, a radio edit would make it perfect.
      I keep going back to Criminal and Seal it With a Kiss. They NEED to be performed and released as singles… NOW! But i Can tell BIG FAT BASS will be released, it has the Urban/Rhythmic radio on its side to perform well.

  • jay

    I wish britney all the best .Though it would be great if she sings live for her tour but for now I expect her dance moves to be back and kill it through. I really do have high hopes for her because Im a bit worried with her being so I hope she would kick some ass and show those critics that (old) britney is back bitches !!!

  • adri

    so excited.. it’s like a birthday present for my brother……………………..

  • .iheartryan

    I love love love I WANNA GO and I cant wait for the video, but im really.hoping that her next single will be CRIMINAL its my fave from FF but I feel like its gonna stay undiscovered like UNUSUAL YOU from Circus :(

  • kendra

    Yes!! Easily one of the best songs on this album..And I like the lighter look of the video..At least it looks that way from the picture..Her first 2 videos off of this album seemed so dark..They were still great, but I’m glad that this is looking to be more light-hearted and fun! I love this girl..

  • mark

    So excited for the I I Wanna Go music video, LOVE this song!! Going to be the song of the summer!

  • Taeylor

    I love this song! It’s one of my favorite’s from the CD! Seal It With A Kiss is amazing. And Trip To Your Heart is my favorite! :)

  • Andrea

    One of my ultime favorite songs of hers. Just amazing the 30 second clip looks amazing cant wait till Wednesday. Cant wait till August 14 :):) Toronto