Shia LaBeouf Bundles Up For The Chilly SoCal June Weather


Shia LaBeouf has never been known as a fashion maven but in a seeming nod to the Hipster fashion craze, Shia decided to step out in SoCal this week while wearing an oversized snowflake sweater jacket … in mid June. Truth be told, it has been a bit chilly in SoCal in the last couple of weeks (and by “chilly” I mean high 60s) but I don’t think the weather really warrants wearing an Xmas sweater. HMMM. Click below to see Shia in all his fuzzy sweater glory.

Since it’s not really cold enough to seriously wear a sweater like this, my only guess is that Shia was trying to be ironically hipster with this outfit. If you consider the mismatched ball cap and the plaid shirt (buttoned all the way up), you’d think he fell out of an Urban Outfitters catalog. It’s deffo a look. Do you like it?

[Photo credit: INFdaily]

  • norma doss

    Wow….seeing somebody wear a sweater in june… in the.valley…average temps are in the 100s….every day……

  • Nathan

    I’d rather just see him shirtless.

    • Kells

      Me too….. or just plain ole nekkid…

  • Lisa

    I kind of like it! He’s just so cute. :)
    And it’s so hot and HUMID here in PA that I just can’t imagine…blech!

  • Deanna

    Omg hes so cute! XD

    Its hot here in Canada during the day but at night I always have a light sweater in case it gets cold.

  • Masher

    Perhaps his grandmother gave it to him and he felt obliged!

  • JustAGirl

    What time was this photo taken? It’s pretty cold (or at least clammy) in the morning. I had to take out the Uggs the other day.