‘Runaway Bride’ Crystal Harris Is All Smiles In The Company Of A New Man


Yesterday we saw video of former Hugh Hefner fiancĂ©e Crystal Harris in tears as she explained why she decided NOT to marry Hef this weekend as scheduled. Today we get to see a new photo of Crystal lookin’ as happy as can be in the close company of Jordan McGraw, son of TV “doctor” Dr. Phil. Despite the fact that Crystal has denied that all the time she’s been spending with McGraw lately has any romantic connotation, some people can’t help but wonder. Crystal and Jordan insist their relationship is professional. It’s nice to see two young people so happy engaged in their work, ain’t it?

Crystal Harris has been hunkered down with Jordan McGraw ever since she jilted Hugh Hefner — but the relationship is all about making music … TMZ has learned. Sources close to Crystal and Jordan tell us Dr. Phil’s son gave her a shoulder to cry on when she fled the Playboy Mansion — but most of their time has been spent in a Hollywood recording studio … where they are working on Crystal’s new album. Jordan is a singer/songwriter who used to be on the same label as Crystal. As for dating rumors … we’re told they’ve been friends for about a year, and even though Crystal’s single now — both of them are ONLY interested in banging out music … for now.

Oh yeah, it looks like Crystal is NOT losing any sleep over her decision not to marry Hef. But, before all y’all start throwing stones at Miss Harris for chumming up to this new dude, let’s not forget that Hugh Hefner is ALWAYS bathing himself in women … usually nekkid women. I think both Crystal and Hugh will be just fine. Calling off their wedding was the best decsion for both of them, I’m sure of it. That being said, I don’t think Crystal Harris is ever going to be a real pop star. I just don’t see it … but best of luck to her!


  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    It was her relationship so she can do whatever she wants with it. I just find it odd timing all that went down when her new and horrible single was dropped!! PS her face is jacked up. She looks “off”.

    • kendra

      And don’t forget she also gets to be on the cover of the newest Playboy! She made sure she was getting out at a time she would stay in the news for a few more minutes!

    • jamie-o

      agreed. her eyebrows don’t move.

  • Shannon

    I almost believe she plays the guitar too

  • old

    …she looks a lot older than 24

  • Liz

    Whatever, by next month, everyone will be Crystal who?

  • Kells

    Maybe Dr Phil can have Hef and Crystal sit in chairs face to face to discuss what went wrong. Would make for some awesome tv…

  • Lisa

    Yes Kells, agreed! He’s all about dramatic TV for ratings now. He could bring Hef in on Skype. Perfect!

  • Melissa

    At least she didn’t go through with it and end up later divorcing him. I mean, I think it’s a lot worse to marry someone when you know your heart isn’t in it, than to call the whole thing off.
    If she had ended up divorcing him, people would have made the same negative comments they are now, only worse. Good for both of them for being mature about it.

    • Dezden


      Also, I’m pretty sure Dr. Phil’s other son married a Playboy model.. I guess this one wants a shot too.