First Look: Lady Gaga Releases A Video For ‘The Edge Of Glory’


Last night, during the US broadcast of So You Think You Can Dance?, Lady Gaga released a new music video for her newest single The Edge of Glory. For weeks, people have been clamoring for the release of what was believed to be Gaga’s latest music video opus … and last night, that anticipation was put to rest. Unlike Gaga’s previous videos which are elaborate and expensive-looking, this video for Glory pales in comparison … hopefully by design. Click below to check out the video in full and see for yourselves.

IMHO, this very understated video seems odd for Gaga. There are, literally, only 3 scenes in this entire video … Gaga hanging out on a fire escape, Gaga walking down the sidewalk and Gaga hanging out on front door stoop with saxophonist Clarence Clemmons (who looks like he’s asleep in half of his scenes). While we usually get million dollar plus music video extravaganzas, this time we get what can only be described as very bare bones video. It wasn’t even filmed on a real NYC street … IMHO, even the fake NYC set looks cheap. Naturally, I’m going to get slammed as a “hater” or whatever but I know I am not the only one out there completely underwhelmed by this very simple music video. My guess is that simplicity is exactly what Gaga was going for … otherwise, the only other explanation is that her music video budget has already been exhausted for the year. That being said … I suppose this video shows a refreshing side to Lady Gaga, one that we don’t usually get to see. Most times, the over-the-top nature of her expensive music videos tend to be the sole focus (when, in my opinion, the music should be the star). It would seem that Gaga is trying to show that she can also work on a budget. I suppose in these tough economic times, that trait should be applauded? I dunno. I’m curious to hear what y’all think? Are you impressed by this music video?


  • blufeet

    I love Gaga but this video is absolutely awful. I expect more from her. During all the fire escape shots, I half expected Julia Roberts and Richard Gere to come out and start kissing like in Pretty Woman. I felt like I was transported back to the 80’s with the sax and the smoke machine, etc. It is totally lame.

  • Daniel

    How she is not trying to hard to compare her self with madonna :S

  • Scott

    I am a huge Gaga fan, and Edge of Glory is one of my favos on the new CD. I watched the video during SYTYCD last night and kept thinking something amazing is about to happen, but it never did. Maybe she was going for some 80s video theme or sumsuch but I wasnt feeling it. Hopefully the video for Govenment Hooker or Shei├če will be killer (if she releases either of those)

    • Yessica

      Ditto Scott

    • krissy

      I LOVE Gov’t Hooker and Sheisse.

  • Joanna

    I absolutely love this song and the video doesn’t do this song justice. It looks straight out of the 80’s (idk is that is what she was going for) and sickenly cheap. I only watched one minute of it and was bored to tears. What I was really thinking was that she should have one a similar video to Alejandro with all of those dancers. I mean this song is screaming for a dance sequence somewhere. Either Gaga wants us to see she’s capable of paring down her videos or she just doesn’t have it in her anymore. So disappointing.

  • Keegan

    I actually like this video more than the last two she’s released. Her ‘conceptual’ videos usually just make me laugh more than anything – and I’m pretty sure that’s not the point of them. This is simple and though there isn’t much going on, I find it a lot more tolerable than having bad Jesus/Judas imagery shoved down my throat.

  • kieren

    LMAO, God this tranny needs to retire now. She’s exhausted every trick in the book and now has nothing new or of value to offer. I heard she’s overseas and I hope she decides to stay there forever. America is done with her.

  • According to multiple websites (and even Joe Kahn’s twitter), he didn’t direct Lady Gaga’s music video as anticipated. Apparently this was rushed and something she had to scrap together in the end?!/josephkahn

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I didn’t even watch the video!! I could careless but I am really starting to like this song!!! It has grown on me.

  • Kristi

    As someone who actually remembers 80’s videos – this looks nothing like an 80’s video – except for the pink light & fog machine. I love your comment about her working with a budget in these tough economic times – but tough economic times hit people like me – not Gaga!! I expect more from her & this video just plain SUCKS! MAJOR! Even her attempt at making it ‘sexy’ with that writhing/grinding she did made no sense and didn’t look sexy/sexual in the least! I know she’ll have some rebuttal of the artsy-fartsy aspect of it – but all I gotta say to that is no. Just – no.

  • vVv

    ee? is it a joke?

  • Veruca

    Can I please have those 5 minutes of my life back now? K. Thx. Bye.

  • Something Happened

    Something Happened that the Director was shelfed.
    Gaga didn’t even look herself in the Video!
    I was waiting for her usual epic Dance Routine and I never saw it.
    I think Gaga decided to just give a video because the deadline was gone and the fans wanted something so they got Something!

    • adri

      lol epic dance? from gaga? oh.. you will be waiting a long time!

  • Dina

    What a snooze fest. This is the first song off her new album I can say I really like though.

  • Capt. Crunch Jr.

    The thing that shocks me the most is the fact she did a whole music video in only ONE outfit.

  • Something Happened

    I love the song though…. I’m on the Edge, the Edge the Edge, The Edge, The Edge, The Edge!!!!!!!!!

  • nicole

    im all for less is more, and keep it simple. but this makes ‘not myself tonight’ look like a friggin master piece.
    for someone as ‘creative’ as her, its lame. not a good use of her directing debut.
    i can see why sytycd cut it short. and speaking of sickens me that thier having her as a guest as bad as having ellen (who i love) on the panel.

    • Shan

      I noticed also that sytycd cut it short… I even texted my friend (who is a HUGE Gaga fan) that perhaps they cut it short bc the audience started falling asleep lol. Horrible! Loved Gagas first album, but this new stuff is pretty ridiculous. Of all her new singles, Edge of Glory I can stand the most, but the saxophone part is a little too much for me. I could not believe someone as over the top as her would put out such a lackluster video. This bitch is all about the schtick usually!

  • mark

    Is this a bad joke?? No wonder Joesph Kahn didn’t want his name attached to this piece of trash!!

  • John

    This video is horrible! I think Gaga was trying to go for a simple video and it totally backfired. How boring! She is not a good enough dancer to pull this off to make it interesting and compelling. Her moves are silly and laughable.

  • AngieB

    This is horrible. Seriously? The lighting is so bad and everything just looks monotone. If the video was rushed, it definitely looks it. If I was a music artist, I wouldn’t even want to send that out for people to see, especially if you are known for having fun videos! I still love the song, but I agree with others, the video doesn’t do the song justice.

  • MM

    Well if her Judas video really cost $10 million as reported, then I could actually buy that she exhausted her budget for the year.

    I don’t know-between this, that ridiculous self-aggrandizing MTV interview (Inside the Outside!) and all the shady shenanigans to inflate her album sales, I am so over Gaga.

    Frankly I still can’t believe that she still hasn’t acknowledged that Born This Way is ripped off from Express Yourself

    She’s bought into her own hype and there is nothing more unattractive then that.

  • Justyn

    all i can see in this video was Gaga trying her best to be all Showgirls about it, while i lovce the song and her i cannot get over the similarity to the best movie ever made.

    • Scott

      Actually “Freeway” with Reese Witherspoon is the greatest movie of all time, but “Showgirls” is a very close second.

  • Grant

    I was really disappointed with the video and the song is so great!! I guess seeing the Google Chrome commercial with the same song got me excited. I wasn’t too crazy about the set either. I was expecting Paula Abdul and MC Skat Kat come out any minute and start dancing.

  • Nicola

    Simplicity is one thing, but crappy camera work, weird angles, boring repetitive facial expressions and “dance” moves is another! It’s like she took part of the set for Janet Jackson’s When I Think of You video, but left out the fun, the whimsy and the good dancing!

  • Xadax

    Finally someone got it!
    I’m just waiting for her to fall on the Edge Of Her Glory
    & never comeback.
    People are praising her for things that aren’t there.
    Delusional Monsters PWEH!

  • Alana

    I dunno, it sort of reminds me of Rent.

  • krissy

    I am pretty surprised that it was so simple, but I like that. It isn’t my favorite Gaga video, but it doesn’t offend me or anything.

    She is wearing part of the last collection from Versace, which has been locked away ever since he died. Perhaps that influenced the simplicity?

    • krissy

      Bit more on that theory…

      “It seems Donatella Versace is a bit of a Gaga fan, too, opening up the label’s archives for the first time since her brother Gianni’s tragic death in 1997.

      “I am greatly honored that Lady Gaga chose to wear a Versace Vintage look throughout her Edge of Glory video,” Donatella said in a statement. “I am a great fan of hers and I believe that my brother Gianni would have appreciated her talent. Like him, Lady Gaga is unafraid to push boundaries and she has created an original vocabulary by merging fashion, music, theatre and art. For me, this video represents a wonderful tribute to anyone who is unafraid to take chances.”

  • This video is a total yawn fest. I definitely dig me some Gaga, but this video is just plain dull… which is too bad because I think the song itself is terrific.
    Trent, I’ll betcha Y Kant Tori Read spent more money on The Big Picture video than Gaga did on this. And that’s WITH inflation! Haha.

    It’s just really surprising that there’s no money behind this. The only video I can think of that looks like it cost less is this:
    (if you link that link, you MUST commit to watching through to the end ;-)

    • rOXy

      The vid you linked..I think I popped a vein in my brain I laughed so hard. Pure gold right there. Wtf with those guys just hanging on the chain link fence? Either get off use your bat or go home. There were other gems, too. Never seen a cod piece quite like that one, and now we know how he dries off in the shower. Oh my, it’s rich. There really is no comparison to Gaga’s vid. This has got to be one of my fave of all time.

    • Haha, it’s just so funny, right? It’s just too much, total train-wreck pop video.

    • rOXy

      When you take away the cheesiness, though, the lyrics to that song, and actually the song itself, are pretty good. As is the singer.

    • MissLiss

      Oh my god.
      That video is absolute gold.

  • rOXy

    I know I’m a minority here, but I actually liked this video better than her big extravaganza videos. It is a performance video and not a statement video, and coming from Gaga that is a change up. I didn’t care for the song, but after watching the video, I kinda like it now. Yeah, the set was cheap and fake looking, but I like the fact that she didn’t have dancers, or lightening fast editing – you actually got a good look at her and just her, and she looked pretty darn good. I love the outfit. This is like holding Gaga’s beating heart in your hand. Stripped down of adornments. She is more covered up in this video than she is in others, but yet she is more bare.

    • Scottie

      I agree; the sound of Edge of Glory is very 80s pop/dance. If the video is intended to be an homage to the 80s style of music video, then I think it nailed it. She doesn’t need fancy special effects for this song; the lyrics and music stand on their own. Even her google chrome commercial featured stripped down images and focused on the fans and the music. Love it.


    This video proves a few things:
    1. Without theatrics GaGa would be NOTHING.
    2. She needs to give up dancing. She is not a dancer; her moves are not fluid and she’s very stiff. It’s just embarrassing to watch.
    3. They tried to make it look vintage, classy, and simplistic but it just turned out to be…cheap.

    • krissy

      It could be worse. At least she doesn’t use a body double. ;)

    • CHASE

      I think a body double would do her justice. ; )

    • This comment proves a few things:
      1. With or without theatrics in her videos, CHASE hates Gaga.
      2. He needs to give up hating. It will spoil his young heart before he’s ever had a chance to live and let live. It’s just embarrassing to read.
      3. He thinks he knows what “they” tried to do with the video, but his comments just turned out to be… uninformed.

    • c


  • imarko

    it was cute. she looked like she was just having fun.

  • i agree with everything you said, trent.


  • brian

    i think the video is purposely going for an early nineties vibe – given the vintage versace, the siouxsie sioux-like makeup and hair, and the production value of a typical music video one would see from that time. of course, the music itself sounds like something you’d hear from the late 80s/early 90s anyway. just my thought…

    • rOXy


  • Dominique

    I totally agree with you Trent. The video reminded me of Billie Jean, but under budget. I couldn’t even watch the whole thing. YAWN.

  • cutitout

    WOMP-WOMP-WOOOOMP! Well, she sold that album for 00.19 cents, Bitch probably BROKE! Edge of Glory…..SMH more like EDGE OF BANKRUPTCY lol. The emperor has no clothes…

  • Nat

    I love Lady Gaga and Edge of Glory is my favourite song on her album but this video is terrible. The lighting and smoke effects look cheap and the concept is just dull. The song deserves better. To be honest, I don’t buy the idea that the video was bad due to a low budget. Really creative people can pull something out of the bag with almost no money at all. It seems like it was just thrown together after things went wrong on set. Wasn’t Joseph Kahn due to direct it before ‘issues’ arose on the day?:

  • Meagan

    This song is such a fun, upbeat love song but the video only had her in it! I would have liked to see more of a storyline and less of an 80s vibe. Or no 80s vibe at all would have been good. I am also waiting for the day when Lady Gaga does a video where she isn’t dressed in some sort of outrageous costume and wig, and opts for a bare bones/au natural look. If she wants to get people talking that would be a surefire way to do it at this point.

  • jay

    I love the google chrome ad its much more alive than this one , I get the fact she want to go to a simpler direction but please , this is just a huge mess .Its just like a home made video for me , the dance moves are all over the place , and good god she looks so ..blaah . I get the 80s vibe though but this is such a tranny mess !! I do love gaga but this album , not so much , I think Im just so sick with her arrogant-kanyewest-im-the-shit thingy attitude , I miss her ‘the fame’ days though now is just blaah ..its just not fresh anymore

  • Stacey

    I think this is what she meant her video to me. It seems like she picked a set, picked an outfit and then just made some stuff up because she felt like it. Just kind of wanted to run around to her own music for a couple minutes. No theatrics or story line just her fucking around. That’s cool… boring for us but she probably had a great time.

  • sam

    Love the song, but the video is kinda boring, at least its better than some of her other songs