Watch: Crystal Harris Explains Why She Called Off Her Wedding To Hugh Hefner


Earlier today we got to see the new EDITED version of this month’s issue of Playboy magazine that labels Crystal Harris as the “Runaway Bride” … right now we get to hear from Crystal herself about why she decided to call off the wedding. Crystal sat down with Entertainment Tonight to explain in pretty good detail exactly why she decided to call off her marriage to Hugh Hefner just days away from her wedding day this weekend. To be honest, I can actually sympathize with Crystal’s reasoning in this interview. Check it out in full below and see what you think.

Saturday, June 18 was to be the happiest day of Crystal Harris’ life. That was the date set for the Playboy bunny’s wedding to Hugh Hefner until Harris broke off the engagement. ET’s Chris Jacobs sat down with Hef’s 25-yr-old former fiancee for details of the split straight from the source. Through tears, a newly single Harris confides that although she is “relieved,” she feels her biggest regret in breaking the engagement was that she “disappointed everybody.” “It happened so fast,” she says of her decision to marry Hefner, admitting that the glamorous whirlwind of fame played a large part to what (in retrospect) may have been a hasty decision. “Hef asked me to marry him in front of three cameras and a photographer,” Harris explains. “I thought it was something I wanted.” Although Crystal tells Chris she “wouldn’t trade [her time with Hefner] for the world,” she “needed to be true to [her]self.” Hefner announced the cancellation via Twitter on Tuesday, writing, “The wedding is off. Crystal has had a change of heart.” Likewise, Crystal took to her Twitter page, leaving this comment: “After much deep reflection and thought I have decided to end my engagement with Hef. I have the utmost respect for Hef and wish him the best going forward. I hope the media will give each of us the privacy we deserve during this time.” The break-up comes as Harris covers the July issue of Playboy captioned, “Introducing: Mrs. Crystal Hefner.” However, in light of recent events, Hugh tweeted a photo of the following revised cover which now has a warning sticker that reads, “Runaway Bride in This Issue.” The issue hits newsstands Friday.

To be honest … it’s really difficult to find any fault with Crystal’s decision to call off the wedding. She is 24 years old and 85-year old Hef is always surrounded by women … is this really the kind of marriage that anyone would want to get into? I can imagine how exciting it was to be proposed to by Hugh Hefner but, IMHO, it always felt to me like he only proposed to her because she was the girlfriend du jour. After things ended with Holly Madison, who loved Hefner for many years and seemingly truly comitted herself to him, I got the impression that Hugh was looking to rush into a new realtionship … and get engaged? That always felt so weird to me. In the end, both Hugh and Crystal dodged a huge bullet. Things would’ve been much worse if they had gotten married and then broken up. I can’t hate Crystal for calling off the wedding. It sounds like she was the only one smart enough to make the right decision.


  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    Hey, it was her wedding to call off so I don’t fault her for that. It seems fishy that she wasn’t aware of his “lifestyle” before or during the course of their courtship. Of course he is seeing other people. I think the whole thing smells fishy but luckily I really don’t care either way! PS-She looks way older than 25.

    • @Mr. Gyllenhaal — ” It seems fishy that she wasn’t aware of his “lifestyle” before or during the course of their courtship” I didn’t take her comment to mean she wasn’t aware but I can totally see how she could’ve gotten caught up in the excitement and then came to her senses as the time to say I Do drew nearer.

    • saira

      I agree w/ trent, this is how I took it as well. Obviously she knew what the playboy lifestyle was all about, but after some reflection realized it wasn’t what she wanted. It happens.

    • gayana

      but then also since she has a lot of respect for Hef, to say “no, I dont want to marry you, Hef” after he proposed infront of the cameras would have been even more embarassing for Hefner

  • Kelly

    I listed to an interview yesterday with Clair Sin Clair who is the palymate of the year and dates Hef’s son. She found it odd the day Crystal left her new song on I-Tunes came out. Fishy I think so…

  • I find her statement “money isn’t everything’ rather foretelling of her driving factor in the relationship, and why she ended it.

    @Kelly… yes, it is rather suspicious that her new ‘career’ is now coming to the surface just as the wedding is called off.

    It reeks of publicity gimmick IMO :)

    • SuzieB

      Totally agree with all of you 1)yeah she def doesn’t look 25, looks older! 2)please, how could she not know his lifestyle, he has been living this lifestyle, since lets face it before crystal’s parents were even born! there’s no secret how he rolls! 3) def fishy she waits to call it off until her song comes out on I-tunes.

  • Meagan

    Even if she did call off the wedding the same day that her song was released, you gotta hand it to her for not going through with the wedding and milking Hef for all he’s got.

    • LG

      but then she would have been hated and no one would have bought her music. pretty sure this is all publicity.

  • Ellen

    Holly will always be #1 with me. There is a reason why she and Hef never married. While it was painful for her, in the end she will find her “puffin”. Crystal is either dumb as a fox, or just plain dumb to have even gotten involved with Hef in the first place. He is not marriage material…plus I think it was totally creepy/desperate to have three cameras and a photographer when he popped the question. What if she said no???

  • Jenny

    The shots of the interviewer edited in afterwards were awful. I felt like I was watching a clip from a high school TV/Film class.

    Oh, and Go Team Holly. ;)

    • Tabitha

      Agreed! He certainly wasn’t interviewing her live. Did you hear the difference in the background noise between the two shots?

  • JillieBean430

    Not that I am on Team Crystal – but I am sure that the release of her music has been planned to coincide with the wedding. Her calling off the wedding at the last minute just makes it look worse.

    But lets face it – she is right! Her marriage to Hef was a joke. She is 25 and made a mistake. Hef is 85 and should have seen this coming! I personally think Hef wants to get married now because he is too old to live the lifestyle he pretends to have so he is going to make it look like he is “settling down.” Crystal got herself out of a sham marriage. Good for her.

  • Lexifer

    Actually I read on ctv that she was shopping around to have her ditching him at the altar filmed. She was looking for half a mil and didn’t get it. True? Who knows. But it def seems she was just in it to make a name for herself.

  • kieren

    LMAO, why else would some hot chick marry some old balls 90 y/o unless it was for the money? His girlfriends are nothing more than expensive whores.