Natalie Portman Finally Gives Birth!!


Congratulations are in order for Natalie Portman and fiancĂ©e/co-star Benjamin Millepied because she FINALLY gave birth to that baby that she’s seemingly been carrying around in her womb for the past 25 years. After what seemed (to me, at least) like an eternal pregnancy, Natalie gave birth this week to a bouncing baby boy! Unfortch, Nat and Ben have been pretty stingy with the birth details but at least we know now that they are the proud parents of a baby son.

It’s been a big year for Natalie Portman: an engagement, an Oscar and now a baby! The actress and fiancĂ© Benjamin Millepied have welcomed a son, PEOPLE has exclusively learned. Portman, 30, met choreographer Millepied on the set of Black Swan, for which she later won an Oscar for Best Actress. In December the couple announced that they were engaged and expecting their first child.

Considering how private Natalie and Benjamin tend to be, we may have to wait a while for any new information on their son but I’m hoping, at the very least, we’ll learn the little guy’s name sooner rather than later. Let’s send our love and congrats to Natalie, Benjamin and their newborn son today! Woot!!

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

  • perdiz

    Im guessing it felt longer to her than to us. ;) Congrats Natalie!!

    • @perdiz — LOL. I bet you’re right ;)

    • Kristen

      Haha, I was going to say the same thing. 9 months is an ETERNITY when you are the one carrying the baby!

  • Meghan

    Congrats to them! She is having a fabulous year!

  • In my mind she is still little Mathilda from Leon. I always liked her.
    Congrats!!! Wish them all the best.

  • Margie

    I’m wondering if she will name him, Luke.

  • taikwan

    Ha! Luke! I saw her at the Toronto Film Festival EXACTLY 9 months ago. Incredibly beautiful – stunning in person. Plus when she was at the premiere she came over to the fans to sign autographs and everyone was pushing an shoving so much she asked them to be careful of the people in front, that they were getting crushed. Very sweet and considerate.

    • krissy

      Cute story!

  • taikwan

    also……BEN! Which is what Obi Wan went by in A New Hope.

  • shannon

    I have my doubts that she will disclose his name and/or release photos. She’s extremely private and had been keeping as low a profile as possible since the Oscars.

  • Gwendolynn
    • Melissa

      Are you sure that’s not from a movie? That baby looks kind of big to be a newborn? But I dunno.

    • perdiz

      I thought the same thing. If she pushed that baby out she wouldn’t be able to walk.

    • Haleigh

      I’m 99% sure that that picture is from “Where the Heart Is” – that movie she did a while back where she got abandoned at a Walmart by her redneck boyfriend and ended up giving birth in the sporting goods?

  • Gwendolynn

    I thought it was kinda big to , but i just assumed that maybe he was just kinda chubby , oops .

  • My Portman seems like a superlative actress. Working and a perfectionist as few are light years ahead of any actress of her generation: Scarlett Johannson, Penelope Cruz and Anne Hattaway not stand comparison with Natalie Portman. And the Black Swan amply demonstrated.
    Congratulations to the new diva.