Listen: Samuel L. Jackson Wants You To ‘Go The F*ck To Sleep’


A few weeks ago, a new children’s book was released that caused a bit of a senstation because of its colorful title. The book, Go the Fuck to Sleep, was written by Adam Mansbach and was illustrated by Ricardo Cortés … and that is all well and good. BUT the audiobook version of Go the Fuck to Sleep was narrated by Samuel L. Jackson and that sent the book’s coolness factor thru the roof. Click below to hear Samuel L. Jackson narrate one of the cutest, funnest and best children’s books available for sale today.

Adam Mansbach’s Go The Fuck To Sleep is described as “a children’s book for adults,” a satirical pastiche of warm and fuzzy bedtime story tropes rewritten as a commentary on the often-frustrating experiences of being a parent—specifically the ordeal of, yes, trying to get your kids to go the fuck to sleep already. It quickly became a No. 1 hit on Amazon, had its movie rights optioned by Fox 2000, and now it’s an audiobook narrated by Samuel L. Jackson, bard of the F-bomb. And by going to, you can download it for free, just in time for Father’s Day.

The book is really cute and is worth the read. But, if all you want is the Samuel L. Jackson read audio book version, you can download it for FREE HERE. Those of you who want the book can order it HERE. Brilliant. Just brilliant.

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  • dana j…….. just the title alone had me dying in the middle of class. I must get this book.

  • Christy H

    I love this story I think every parent can relate too

  • Christie

    I <3 it!!!

  • Laura

    I preordered this book about a month ago, and just received it in the mail today.. It is HILARIOUS!!! I can’t wait to give it to my friend at her baby shower.. a must have for first time moms!!

  • nicole

    i wish i knew about this before my sister in laws baby shower. this would have been the perfect gift! im gunna have to get this book.

  • Joanna

    BEST.BOOK.EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Having it read to me by Samuel L. Jackson is just icing on the cake!!!!!!!!!

  • dholmas

    This is to funny. I am sure all parents can relate to it. LOL.

  • Natalie

    I’m the director of a Montessori preschool. Here’s the perfect book for the teachers to read before the little kids take their afternoon naps ;)

  • Ash

    Love this!!!

  • Lisa

    LOVE IT!!! I wonder how many kids will see this and think it’s for them, hee hee.

  • Margie

    Brilliant, fucking brilliant!

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    Simply amazing…I HEART it!!!

  • Thisoldbroad

    Best children’s book EVER!!!! Samuel L Jackson just puts this over the moon!

  • kieren


    • @kieren — Yes, funnest :)

  • Missy

    I used this as my own bedtime story last night and listened to it on my iPod, when I went to bed.