Madonna Will Begin Recording Her New Album Next Month


Back in February, Madonna’s manager Guy Oseary (who is, essentially, her official mouthpiece on Twitter) announced that Maddy was getting ready to get back into the recording studio to begin work on her next album. At that time, tho, Oseary made it clear that she was still selecting songs to record and that she wasn’t quite ready to begin recording. Today, Guy posted a new tweet that announced that Madonna WILL begin recording her new album next month.

Woot!! This is fantastic news. Now, if they work really quickly, it’s feasible that Madonna’s next album could be released by the end of this year … but I find that highly unlikely. Any new music prolly won’t come out until next year … but, then again, maybe we’ll get a first single at the tail end of 2011? Honestly, it doesn’t matter … I can wait. At least we know now that Madonna will officially begin work on her new album next month … that is the best news I’ve heard all day long!



    I’m very intrigued to see what direction Madonna goes with this album… I really hope she doesn’t do a sequel to Hard Candy ’cause that was (in Beyonce’s voice) a dizzastuh!

    • @CHASE — I agree … I think it was the WORST decision ever to work with Timabaland and Justin Timberlake years after they had peddled their sound to Nelly Furtado. I want her to revolutionize pop music … like she used to.

  • Me

    Seriously, this is the best news I’ve heard in ages. It’s been far too long since new Madonna music!

  • Will

    Madonna is her best when she works with Patric Leonard.
    I hope she gives him a call for her next album.