First Look: ‘The Three Stooges’ Movie Films In Atlanta, GA


Filming production has begun in Atlanta, GA on the film adaptation of the classic comedy trio The Three Stooges and today we get our FIRST LOOK at the first photo from the set. The big screen version of The Three Stooges has been talked about for decades and, at long last, the film is finally in production. Click below to see a photo of Will & Grace star Sean Hayes as Larry and MadTV star Will Sasso as Curly on the Atlanta set of the Stooges film.

“The Three Stooges” were never what you’d call highbrow. But who the heck cares? The characters remain enduring symbols of slapstick comedy. Now, after many delays, the Farrelly brothers are making a “Stooges” film with three relative unknowns in the title roles. On-set pictures of the actors lit up the Web as folks got their first glimpse of Curly in costume. Played by Will Sasso, perhaps best known for his work on “MADtv,” Curly has always been a popular stooge (we mean that as a compliment). His phrase “nyuk-nyuk-nyuk” and his tendency to slap his own head have been imitated by countless comedians. So how does Sasso look? Longtime fans of the character will be relieved to see that Sasso is the spitting image of the original Curly, played by the late, great Jerry Horwitz. Only time will tell if Sasso “acts” like Curly, but there can be no doubt that he looks the part. A post from Screen Rant agrees, after seeing the snapshots: “From some of the close-ups, it looks like the Farrelly brothers and their team have done a nice job.” A commenter on the Entertainment Weekly’s Inside Movies blog had some reservations of style winning over substance: “Hmmm he’s got the look down but that is just window dressing, what really counts is if he can actually act like Curly.” Others gave the casting choice a thumb’s up: “Will Sasso was hilarious over many seasons on MAD TV – he is funny and fearless.” Another added, “This is pitch-perfect casting.” A third added, and we quote, “Will Sasso to us MadTV fans is the shiznizle!. Can’t wait to see him knock it out of the park!”

HMMMM … naturally, I have my reservations about this Three Stooges movie. The Three Stooges is about as classic as it gets when it comes to comedy. They are as sacred in Hollywood, IMHO, as Charlie Chaplin and should be treated as such. I do trust that the Farrelly brothers know what they are doing and if anyone can do the Stooges justice, it’s the Farrallys. I am a bit concerned about the casting but, then again, who alive today could truly do the Stooges characters justice? I guess we’ll have to have faith that the Farrellys chose well when they cast these characters. IMDB reports tha 24 actor Chris Diamantopoulos will play the third (and leader) stooge Moe but I’ve yet to see photos of him on set. What do y’all think of this Three Stooges movie? Is this something that you’d like to see? Do you think there is room for classic slap-stick comedy in today’s world of Entertainment?

[Photo credit: Maurice Williams; Source, Source]

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    This should be interesting. I hope they make it work. I just don’t know if enough young kids these days know who the Thre Stooges are and will make the trek to the theater to see it.

  • Marcus_em

    I am excited to see Sean Hayes in this… Love me some Jack Mcfarland ! I’d like to see if her could play another role as amazingly as he played Jack… the costumes look great!

  • B

    Will Sasso is PERFECT for Curly!!!!

  • dralan

    The Three Stooges is a classic / I watched them for two days and never saw one twice. The movie should be a blast and worth watching even if you have not watched them before
    Can’t wait this its released

  • dralan

    The Three Stooges is a classic / I watched them for two days and never saw one twice. The movie should be a blast and worth watching even if you have not watched them before
    Can’t wait till its released

  • Nads

    Very very impressed with how Curly looks. Moe and larry, not at all impressed.

  • A. Brooks

    Wow! This is gonna flop harder than Green Lantern :(

  • God

    I hate when it comes to both unfunny slapstick comic directing brother duo Peter and Bobby Farrelly doing their own take on one of my favourite comedy teams ‘The Three Stooges’ will totally sucked real bad because The Farrelly Brothers SUCKS their movies weren’t that nice, they were disgusting, painfully unfunny, lame acting, lazy slapstick and gone too fair god-so-awful dialogue now they have finished it those not really famous celebrities have filmed their cameo parts as themselves weren’t that great I’m afraid, I hope it doesn’t do well in the box office.

  • Roxanna

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