First Look: Christina Aguilera Covers The New Issue Of ‘W’ Magazine


Yesterday we saw photos of Beyoncé in the pages of the new issue of W magazine and today we get to see fellow popstar Christina Aguilera ON the cover of the magazine. Subscribers have been recieving early copies of the mag and a photo of Xtina on the cover has made its way to the Internets. The official magazine website has yet to be updated with this new issue but you can click below to get your first look at Xtina on the cover of W.

Can I just tell you how much I LOVE it when Xtina does NOT wear her beloved garish red lipstick? She looks so much better when her make-up is soft and less severe. I can’t say I’m crazy about the frizzy hair but it’s a fun magazine look, I think. Xtina is no stranger to baring her body on and in magazines so I’m not surprised by the tone of this coverphoto … in fact, I kinda like it. You will note that Xtina has a bouquet of flowers covering her crotch region … which, apparently, is where women have to put flowers when they pose with them. I’m intrigued by this first look at Xtina in W magazine … I can’t wait to see more. What do y’all think?


  • Mitchell

    I watched ‘The Voice’ for the first time last week and I thought it was really well done! Christina is kind of winning me over these days, especially with this mag cover! Humbletina for the win!

  • Tom

    I’m all for a little retouching but taking 60 pounds off is a little too obvious…

    • ella

      @ Tom

      Do you know when this photo was taken, though? Christina’s weight has always fluctuated a lot.

    • Jess

      she took the photo like a month ago when she was recently in new york.

    • LStu

      These days she looks like a blonde snookie.

    • Lauren


  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    At first I thought her hair reminded me of a horse but the more I look at the picture the more I like it.

  • truthyisalways

    1. Yes, I love it when she ditches the customary red lipstick. You can really see her face.

    2. I saw her perform on the Voice and I can say that while the body above is quite nice, it isn’t hers. Either by dint of photoshop or an actual body double, this isn’t her bod.

  • JB

    Wow, the photoshop wizards have been hard at work, haven’t they. Come on, anyone who has seen her recently knows she doesn’t look like this right now.

  • PixiesBassline

    My hair does the same thing when I let it grow out. ;)
    That barely even looks like her to me. Must be the shadows and angle.

  • Virginia

    Honestly? This is probably an older photo. Or they chopped off about 15 lbs from her hips/ass via photo shop.

    She looks good, but I think she looks BETTER with the extra weight on her. Give girls a real woman to look up to. Not a photo shopped barbie doll.

    • monique

      @ Virginia
      it’s not like they’re creating an impossible.

      Look at her in Burlesque! she was like 90pounds!
      plus I met her and she is even shorter than I am and i’m 5.3, 95lbs, so it’s not impossible.

      Plus why should girls look up to fat asses? extra weight is NEVER a good thing.’s unhealthy’re not as active doesnt look good

    • LG

      lol. shes not a “fatass”.

  • LG

    totallly reminds me of gagas rolling stone cover.

    • JCZ

      Haha really.. which one?

      The one where it was all pink with bubbles?
      The one where she posed with tacky bottoms and guns covered her tits?
      The newest one where she actually posing with some clothing on, close up, with her hair in some knot?

      If it was me, I’d say the newest one. I can’t believe some much Xtina rips off Gaga! Like OMG.
      But on a serious note, if you wanna compare things that don’t even resemble each other – I’d say Gaga ripped off Xtina’s RS cover with the guns cause Xtina posed naked with a Guitar < EXACTLY THE SAME :O

      Go cry to your Mother now Little Monster.

    • gayana

      no one steals anyone’s covers.
      It is the magazine people who decide on the look!

    • LG

      whoa dude… i just said it reminded me of gagas cover.

    • JCZ

      @LG (below)
      Yeah you say it reminded you of her cover, yet the examples I gave pretty much sum up the fact it holds no comparison. Wow Gaga had an afro rocking during the pink bubbles but Xtina has crimped, poodle hair – different.

      You were clearly trying to start a riot and mention Gaga. That’s the thing with these Lil Monsters, they have nothing to back them up. People are entitled to hate Gaga, dislike her or think she is plain stupid and Lindsay Lohan-like. But they just attack attack attack with no real intelligence.

    • LG

      ….. how am i attacking? your the one who jumped and attacked me. settle down, beavis.

  • Lisa Lisa

    I love the feel of this cover, but it doesn’t look anything like Christina. Not the body, not the face, not any of it.

  • krissy

    I really like her with out the red lipstick, and I think they styling is REALLY interesting. Yay to them for not just doing a “sexy” shoot, but making it more stylized and artistic. She looks like Rapunzle or something. Love it!

    Yes, she looks smaller than usual, and no doubt they made her look thinner…but people usually look skinnier without clothing. Clothes bind and interrupt the natural body line. Without clothes, you don’t get the bulging.

    • Louigi12


  • it doesn’t even look like her! I hate it when magazines use photoshop too much

  • nicole

    i love when she wears pale make up. odds are good this is an older picture, and yes photoshop & the angle probably help.
    i saw some scans from the pics inside, and i like the feel of the photoshoot, just not the hair.

  • Heather

    I like it. If it was taken anytime around Burlesque, then not a ton of Photoshop was needed- she was rail-thin for that role. However, if it was taken recently… I commend the person who did the Photoshop job, because this looks nothing like her.

  • scsu01

    Screw all of u!!! SHES NOT FAT!!

    XTina is gorgeous, with or without extra weight! And EVERYBODY get s retouched/photoshopped. Who knows when the pics were taken and WHO cares?! Its also called good lighting too and its all about angles! UGH!

    But yes, she looks MUCH better with less makeup and without the red lipstick

    Cant wait to buy this!

  • michelle

    Photoshop, artist’s best friend.
    There is nothing wrong with her current body, so I wonder why this magazine has obviously photoshopped the nonsense out of it.
    she’s much heavier than this now.

  • Andrea

    No thing is not a good photo the hair is to much and the body is way to photo shopped. I usually like Christina but not here it is all to fake

  • adri

    ok she used photo shop.. get over it! many others do it too..
    anyways she looks LOVELY! I love how she looks like she was in fighter music video.. but soft!

  • Marcus_em

    I was watching the voice over the weekend on E there was a mini marathon… I was so shocked at how big christina looked! i mean she is NOT FAT by normal standards and I think she actually wears the weight well but good god woman put on some clothes that fit loose at LEAST 10 lbs of the weave and FOR THE LOVE OF GOD please stop with the pounds of makeup .. she looks like something aubrey o’day threw up .. That being said I did find her likable and I have never been team christina… well thats a lie i did like her in the dirty video with the chaps and the wierd multi colored hair… but i digress.. LOVING this natural look in this photo… I mean yea they shaved off half of her body in photoshop but good for her! she is a beautiful girl just wish she didnt muck it all up with the hooker meets snooky look she has going on.. just an fyi christina a tight leopard print mini dress is NOT OK for you at any time ;-)

  • Jess

    these are the photos of her just after this photoshoot was taken

    In the mag cover the face barely looks like her but I remember when I saw her that night she also looked nothing like herself. She’s obviously had photoshopping done to her body but not as much as you’d think..she carries a lot of her weight in her belly and that’s being covered up.

    Trent you should post the other pic of her facing forward, she looks like an angel and much more like herself

    • Lauren

      Great investigation here, I believe this is really her now!

  • Daniel

    she is more beautiful without the make-up, but that’s not her body :P


    I believe what people fail to recognize is that Christina looks dramatically different when she ditches makeup. We always see Christina being orange, having caked on foundation, and that nasty, tacky, gross red lipstick. We never see her with her bare face and when we do it surprises us. She looks good when she does the pale makeup look… Of course she looks odd, but her lips are big and she does have naturally nice features. Of course her body is photoshopped and concrete is hard: nothing new.

  • Jessica

    She looks great. The hair is weird tho.

    Thing is. she must have been air brushed to shit because on the voice she is VERY VERY curby and in this picture she looks very tiny. I realize its her sideways, but still. she looks too small.

  • Amanda

    I LOVE this. But yeah, they’ve photoshopped off at least 30 pounds.

  • vVv

    i hate her but this is WOW!

  • JCZ

    I love this.
    Not only that!!!!!!! BUT

    She is the cover and her name is the focus.

    Then you have Beyonce and Gaga as sub-headings. Nawwww
    Well if they had a voice half of what Xtina’s is, you may!

  • gayana

    i loovoe christina but i agree red lipstick and dars eyes are so yesterday for her.

    I liek the cover, but I gotta say she doesnt even look like her lol

    • gayana

      sorry too many typos lol
      ” i loove Christina, but I agree red lipstick and dark eyes are so yesterday for her.

      I like the cover, but I gotta say she doesn’t really look like herself lol

  • Alys

    She is one of those women who has pretty features without makeup, so why on earth is she caking it on like Tammy Fae Baker or something!? Troweling on your lipstick is not the way to go. Also boo to the damned Photoshop wizzen for trying to turn her into a stick. Christina has a great body and it’s natural enough. Leave her be, we’ll buy the mag without making her waist 18″ wide.

  • Dana

    Agree about the Red Lipstick..Now if she would seek help with her Addiction to Self Tanning..Hope she’s in the studio putting together a great Pop Album being a Judge on a singing contest is not what her fans want.

    • Jess

      it may not be but being a judge isn’t taking away from her writing lyrics etc and it’s keeping her on our tv screens every week. Plus she’s received lots of attention from non fans which will hopefully help in the long run with album sales.
      To top it off working with these “newcomers” to the music business imo has humbled her and made her realize how blessed she really is.

  • sheena

    it wont be long and youll be out i love ya perryville ckicka