CONFIRMED: Hugh Hefner & Crystal Harris Call Off Their Wedding [UPDATE]


85 year old Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner was supposed to get married to his 24 year old fiancĂ©e Crystal Harris this weekend but according to a new report from TMZ, the couple have decided to call off their wedding just 5 days before they were to say their I Dos! According to the site, Hugh and Crystal got into a nasty argument over the phone … and Crystal decided to call off the wedding! Read below for all the known deets.

Hugh Hefner’s fiancee Crystal Harris is a real-life runaway bride — 5 days before walking down the aisle … she bailed out of the Playboy Mansion and multiple sources say the wedding is off! Our sources — who are all at the mansion — say Crystal and Hef had a nasty argument this weekend on the phone. When the dust settled Crystal decided to 86 the nuptials and quickly moved her stuff out. The wedding was supposed to go down Saturday. This would have been Hef’s, umm … third marriage.

Wow!! It must’ve been some argument for Crystal Harris to call off her wedding to Hugh Hefner! Damn … I wonder what on Earth could’ve caused her make such a drastic decision? She not only called off the wedding … she moved the eff out of the Playboy Mansion? Yeah, it does not sound like the couples nuptials will be postponed or anything … this sounds pretty serious. You may recall that Hugh and Crystal got engaged last Xmas and just this past May we got to see what their wedding invitation looks like. I guess those invitations are now collectors’ items … cuz the wedding of Hugh and Crystal sounds pretty damn dunzo. Yikes!

UPDATE: Hugh Hefner has confirmed the news on Twitter that his wedding to Crystal Harris this weekend has been canceled:

Any guesses what could’ve happened at this late hour to cause Crystal’s change of heart?


  • Jadedkitten

    Yay now holly and puffin can get back together :D

    • I love that I’m not the only one holding out hope. I LOVED the two of them together.

    • Juneh

      I agree! Those two should get back together :D

    • Lauren

      Awh~ Puffin!

  • Joanna

    I would hope Heff and Holly would get back together, but it doesn’t look likely. If he was ever to marry again I could only see him being married to her. This sux mostly for Crystal cause now she will have to find another way to be a gold digger.

    • Liz

      I am sure she will still get paid.

  • Viola

    This poor child. I hope she gets the therapy she needs. Thank goodness she didn’t actually go through with it.

    • leelee


  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    Good luck finding a man when the world knows you are such a gold digger you are willing to sleep with an 85 year old man!! She is such TRASH!

  • Shannon

    Argument was prob about the prenup!

  • JayeBea

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this was her plan all along. Get engaged to the old guy, get all the publicity, and before you actually have to get hitched leave him. Has anyone ever left Hugh Hefner like this before? She is going to get way more publicity this way than if she became his little housewife with curfews and shiz.

  • krissy

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this was his plan all along! Most likely E! will announce a new reality show, Hef as a swinging batchelor. Or maybe they will have a reality competition show, where women have to compete to be his new “girlfriend”.

  • Roxy

    Heff probably demanded she sign a pre-nup.

    • @Roxy — Of course he did, months ago. He has always made it clear that he wouldn’t marry without a prenup. This had to be something else.

  • Roxy

    or the anticipatory success of her “music” career went to her head…

  • linh

    wasn’t there buzz a while back that she was cheating on him with dr phils son?

    this is a marriage that should not be taking place. not sure why it even went this far. this is a good thing. hope they had wedding insurance.

    • Adam Leyton

      I agree, this wedding probably shouldn’t have been happening in the first place! Each to their own though.

      Unfortunately, wedding insurance usually doesn’t cover a couple if they just change their mind and decide not to marry.

    • ale

      there’s such a thing as wedding insurance? GENIUS

  • sam
  • Joon

    Ew, ew, ew. Maybe someone finally made her realize what she was doing? There’s no reason for Heff to marry. Why does he want to, when he can just sleep with all the “girlfriends” he wants to?

  • B

    Two words : Jordan McGraw

  • Lauren

    i hope she wasn’t cheating, that’s lame.

  • S.L

    Apparently it was because she wanted to focus on her music career…..and how convenient that her first single drops today when this is all announced…

  • Kattmow

    The idea of an old man getting married or even been with a girl who’s old enough to be his granddaughter is fucking gut wrenching. The dirty old bastard needs to be locked up.

  • Lisa

    This isn’t really a surprise, is it? I figured they would go through with it and then be divorced within the year. Even in that photo she looks like she’s thinking, “Ewww.” I feel like in interviews they are always sitting 6 inches apart. I think she was used to try to revamp the Girls Next Door show, that didn’t work out, people got tired of him/them, and they are done. Maybe for a second she thought, hey this will be fun! But when you are that young and beautiful, there really isn’t much reason to stick around aside from $$$ and fame, which didn’t last long. This couple never had the believability or interest level that Hef and Holly had/have. I think Hef will finally put the whole “girlfriend” thing to rest. I don’t see him trying to go through with this type of relationship/sham a third time.

  • tq44

    He needs to sit down already she knew she did not want to marry that old tired looking man she was looking at the money like all the rest of them. Thats why she couldnt go through with the marriage i dont blame her uuuuhhh sometimes you got to take one for the team she never having that money and fame comes with a price nothing is free in hollywood she knew that.

  • jamie-o

    she’s a gold-digger, and he’s a man desperate for sex and free media for his magazine.

    i don’t believe love ever was a part of this equation… the whole wedding thing was a two-sided marketing ploy. chalk it up to an extension of “reality television” scripting.

    give him a few weeks. he’ll “fall in love” again.

  • lkanony

    I must be frank in saying that I’m GLAD that the wedding is not happening. I mean what the hell…did Hugh have a momentary lapse of logical mental functioning? I’m also not a fan of even he and Holly being together because well remember….HOLLY WASN’T THE ONLY ONE…IT WAS HOLLY PLUS TWO OTHERS. So I don’t even know where Holly got off into thinking that she would suddenly become his wife, considering Hugh himself had vowed off getting married again after his last divorce. Someone must have put a spell on him with this woman or in fact, Hugh had something to gain from it too in the sense of reality show evolution/spinoff from Girl Next Door….JUST LIKE HOLLY AND KENDRA DID. Otherwise,….was Hugh starting to have symptoms of senility in regards to making this woman his fiance’ to begin with?

  • Lala

    Haha i cant imagine Hugh getting on a computer to write that message. his old lady secretary must have typed it for him.