Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Mistress/Baby Mama Mildred Baena Speaks


Mildred Baena, the housekeeper who had an illegitimate child with former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger while he was still married to wife Maria Shriver, is breaking her silence for the first time since news of her affair with Arnold came to light last month. Baena sat down with Hello! magazine to tell her side of the story … and, inexpicably, she posed for the magazine with her son with Schwarzenegger! Click below to read what Arnold’s other woman has to say about her extramarital affair and the lovechild that was borne of that affair.

When it was revealed that Arnold Schwarzenegger had a 13-year-old child with a trusted member of the family’s domestic staff, the world let out a collective gasp. The mother, housekeeper Mildred Baena, has since been in hiding. But with fictitious stories circulating in the media, she has decided to set the record straight, and is giving what will be her first and only interview exclusively to HELLO! magazine. She is joined by the other protagonist in this distressing drama, son Joseph, who has dealt with the events of the past few weeks with a maturity way beyond his years. When his grandmother sat him down one year ago to explain that Arnold Schwarzenegger was his father, he exclaimed: “Cool!”. And his mother said the young boy is looking forward to building a relationship with the former Hollywood star. Guatelaman-born Mildred revealed that she realised the truth once her son started to resemble the former Governor of California. “It was as Joseph grew and I started to see the resemblance that I wondered – but It became more apparent as time went on,” she said. “I knew Arnold was the father, and maybe as Joseph got older and began to look like him, he [Arnold] wondered. But he never said anything to me.” She also revealed that Marie Shriver, Arnold’s now ex-wife, had started to put two and two together when she heard whispers in the household about the pair’s similarity. “She would say things like, “I’m here if you need to talk.” I sensed something was up. I have so much love and respect for Maria. “Finally, she asked point blank.” But it was Maria’s actions that shocked Mildred. “She was so strong. She cried with me and told me to get off my knees. We held each other and I told her it wasn’t Arnie’s fault, that it takes two.” Finally, she expressed her sympathy for Arnold and what he must be going through: “He’s a good man and I know he’s suffering too. He loves Maria. I hope with time they work things out.”

Wow. Well, I can’t say that I’m at all surprised that Baena decided to sell her story … it is deffo worth a small fortune. But I am absolutely disgusted that she decided to pose WITH her son for the magazine. I will not feature that poor boy’s photo because I feel it is very exploitative. My guess is that the fee that Baena was paid went up exponentially if she agreed to let her son be photographed with her. It’s kinda gross to hear her talk about how she cried with Maria Shriver over the news that she bore Arnold’s lovechild … the whole sordid affair is just gross. But, at least we now get to hear the other woman’s side of the story. Are you impressed with her candor?


  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    No, I am not impressed! She was sleeping with a married man so her candor doesn’t surprise me one bit. I think it is disgusting she is getting paid for this type of shit. I understand why she is but I still find it to be a bit obscene. Poor Maria….

    • dc

      took the words right out of my mouth. this whole thing is disgusting.

    • Nasty, disgusting, hideous beastly woman. Arnold had a gorgeous wife. He definitely was thinking with the wrong head. What a horrible shame; she gets all this publicity and he buys her a house! She is as low as low gets; taking advantage of the generosity that Maria gave her to work for her family for 20 years! She’s a filthy pig.

  • truthyisalways

    Until I’ve worked as a maid for multi-millionaires for 20 years and had life-changing amount of money offered to me for a picture and interview, I can’t judge. There’s power inequities here that are staggering. I would probably do exactly what she’s doing.

    • krissy

      I don’t have respect for this woman, but I do agree with you: the power inequities are staggering. This isn’t just a case of a man having an affair. This is a case of a man having an affair with a woman whose livelihood he controls.

  • scsu01

    Im not suprised she posed with her son. Its their way of letting EVERYONE see him on their terms as opposed to being stalked and hounded by the paps who want to get a huge amount of money for the first pic. Plus, som many other media outlets have already shown his face from other pics.

    • truthyisalways

      Absolutely. The way I see it, someone is going to profit from this. It is only a matter of time until the press hounds a picture of her coming out of the grocery store, or a classmate of the kid sells a picture. I would much rather that the money goes to the person who spent twenty years literally and not metaphorically scrubbing Arnie’s toilets and floors and not some opportunist.

  • Thisoldbroad

    ? – What kind of person screws her married employer, then allows the employers wife to throw a baby shower for her & brings the child of that affair around the employers family frequently..
    Answer –
    A) A person who thinks he will leave his wife for her & make her rich.
    B) A woman who wants to get back at the rich employer.
    C) A woman looking to make some $ for herself & more $ for the kid.
    D) All of the above.

    To subject that kid to all the media hoopla only serves the mothers purpose. To stay around the wife & kids all this time is a bit of a FU to the family. Shame on her. I’ll bet a months salary unless Ahnold sets up a trust account for the child this woman can’t access, there won’t be a dime left for this kid when he turns 18.

  • krista

    I’m currently living in Berlin, Germany and the media has been showing photos of his kid since this whole story broke. this is kind of old news by now… at least since I live in Europe. :)
    and the people I know here aren’t really thinking badly of Arnold. the reaction has been “and… so what?”

    • gayana

      i agree. i live in Geneva, Switzerland but I used to live in California for 3 years. everything is so blown up up there, people loooove all this celebrity drama.
      In Europe people are more concerned about their own well-being not some dude that cheated on his wife 14 years ago… lol

  • norma doss

    It sounds strange to me but it must’ve been a horribly sticky situation ….im sure she liked Maria and she in turn had to have been very fond of Mildred…..seeing each other every day for 20 yrs and with all the families intermingling…….truley a sad and hurtful situation for all the families…..

  • Katie

    I think one of the most disturbing things is that she calls him Arnie…yeesh!

  • Stephanie

    I got the impression that she didn’t KNOW he was the father until recently? What does that say about her actions back then?

    • @Stephanie — I don’t believe that she didn’t know, tbh.

  • dholmas

    Disgusting. I feel bad for Maria.

  • Ella

    She didn’t know it was his until he started looking like Arnold? How many people was this broad sleeping with?

    • Patricia

      I hate how quick people are to judge. Maybe she was sleeping with two guys at the time, why assume that it was a huge number of people?

  • linh

    The only real victims in this situation are the kids and Maria. Mildred and Arnold are disgusting and despicable. My heart goes out to Maria for what she felt when confronted with the fact that the people who she trusted and loved betrayed her. In her home. On her bed. I can’t even imagine. It doesn’t get worse than this.

  • Lauren

    Kudos for not replicating the pic Trent. You’re always so smart about that. The world needs more smart bloggers like you!

  • rOXy

    The love and respect of people like Mildred is something I could definitely do without. Oh, she loved and respected Maria so much that she slept with her husband. Double crossing c**t. Anyone with loyalty to someone they supposedly “love” would have slapped him into next week when he made an advance. Arnie is filth, but she is gutter slime. I feel sorry for the kid. We can’t choose who our parents are. Maria is the supreme example of a blue blood. Class all the way!

  • Liza

    Am I “impressed” by her “candor”…?

    Well, if one exchanges ‘impressed’ for ‘disgustingly skeeved the eff out’ and takes ‘candor’ and replaces it with tacky, exploitive, classless, moneygrubbing famewhore…

    Then yes, color me impressed.

  • xavier

    I have to laugh at all the posts condemning this woman.
    I am certain they come mostly from women. I have seen this with my friends who-s husbands cheat. They immediately blame the other woman, and not the bastard who stalked the other woman until he got what he wanted. Let’s not forget that Arnie was the boss. There was a clear authority and power disadvantage here. We do not know exactly what went on. BUT if history teaches us something, it is that men are often the predators. And I am a man. And I know. But go on ladies, destroy this other female, while your husbands are chasing down the nanny!!!!!!!!!

    • Jen

      Agreed. The bottom line is until you’ve walked in this woman’s shoes…it’s best not to presume or assume motives and moral character (or lack thereof). Arnold had a clear advantage over this gal. This wasn’t a circumstance of two equals meeting and falling in love. He was her employer and a powerful one at that. While I, too, have issues with this gal putting a photo of her son in a widely read weekly publication (regardless of the fact that I could easily find his photo online in five seconds or less) — rather than assume she’s a scheming b-tch…perhaps she’s taking all proceeds and setting up a fund for her son’s education and future? or using it to help family in Guatemala? or donating some of it to charity? or all of the above? Certainly the boy and Maria deserve the most sympathy. But to vilify this woman for mistakes made 14 years ago in circumstances that we can only guess at…well, it seems mean spirited.

  • I find it laughable that she claims to have respect for Maria Shriver. The reason she and Arnold had the affair is because NEITHER of them respect Maria! Arnold has no respect for her, he chose to cheat on her. Mildred had no respect for Maria because she chose to sleep with Arnold. It takes two people to have an affair, IMO Arnold bears just as much, if not more, responsibility because he was the one who was married. If you don’t love or respect your spouse, get a damn divorce instead of cheating.

  • Maryam

    maybe, racist people will be very impressed if Mrs Baena were white and show some skin as ex-Sen Edwards mistress did. I am very impressed with her candor. Latino women are like that despite all the abuse her boss did, betrayed his noble wife and chased that house worker,she still insists Arnold is a good man.Is rare see a Latino housekeeper become a mistress, but very popular and welcome white bitches, because all the issue here is about discrimination nothing else.People look for any reason to hate.Shame of you all, don’t forget where did you come from, and what your ancestors did for living.

  • Jay

    You know, I think people defending her, or him either one are being dumb. It is wrong to put the blame on either one of them, they are both guilty. He was married and she KNEW he was married, so I don’t have sympathy for either of them, not even a tad. The only people I have sympathy for in this situation is the kid and Maria. And I don’t really care what the reason for her taking the money is, exploiting her son that way is a selfish thing to do no matter how you try to spin it. There are a lot of stupid people in the world and there are bound to be people out there who is going to give him shit for this or find some way to blame him when he is an innocent kid, and exploiting him this way is just opening more and more doors for something like that to happen. So I have zero respect for her and I don’t NEED to walk in her shoes to make that decision.

  • aarushi

    Arnold Schwarzenegger is trending, following news that a museum has opened in Austria dedicated to the Terminator, kindergarten cop, former Mr. Universe, and former governor of California.

    Schwarzenegger was there to inaugurate his own museum officially, unveiling a bronze statue of himself perpetually flexing outside the house where he was born in Thal, Austria.