Revealed: The Setlist For Britney Spears’s ‘Femme Fatale’ Tour


After a select number of people (including me) got to attend the private friends and family only rehearsal of Britney Spears’s upcoming Femme Fatale Tour (which kicks off in Sacramento, CA this Thursday), a couple of incorrect setlists started to get posted online. Because we are just days away from the tour kickoff, I have decided to share the correct setlist that I personally kept track off from the rehearsal last Friday night so as to clear up all the confusion. Additionally, the British morning news program Daybreak managed to get a NEW interview with Britney and released a NEW behind the scenes video that features a LOT of tour secrets from the tour rehearsals. There are a lot of Femme Fatale Tour spoilers below … so check ‘em out if you dare.

First, let’s start off with the Daybreak interview. Like the Entertainment Tonight interview we saw last week (HERE and HERE), this new interview takes place on Britney’s new tour stage. Check it out in full below:

Here is the video that was released over the weekend on Britney’s official website. It features a LOT of spoilers about choreography, staging, costumes and more … but it is a 4 minute clip of AMAZINGNESS!!

And finally … the tour setlist. I don’t understand how the wrong songs and song order have been posted elsewhere but here is THE correct setlist that I jotted down as each song was performed in order:

Femme Fatale Tour Setlist

Opening video segment

Hold It Against Me
Up N’ Down
Piece of Me

My Prerogative snippet into video segment

Big Fat Bass
How I Roll
Lace and Leather
If U Seek Amy

Video segment

Gimme More
Drop Dead (Beautiful) (With Sabi)
He About To Lose Me
Boys (Remix with Pharrell vocal)
Don’t Let Me Be the Last to Know

Video segment

Baby, One More Time
S&M (Remix)
Trouble for Me
I’m A Slave 4 U
Burning Up (Madonna cover)
I Wanna Go


Scary snippet into video segment

‘Till the World Ends (album version into Femme Fatale remix)

My guess is that more spoilers will continue to hit the Internets, leading up to the tour kickoff in Sacramento this Thursday June 16. As I gushed before, this is an AMAZING show! It is NOT to be missed! Trust me … get your tix, y’all. You do NOT want to miss seeing this concert. I cannot WAIT to see the show again here in LA on the 20th and then again again in Anaheim on the 24th. Woot!!!

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  • Todd

    Daybreak is a British program, not Aussie. :/

    • @Todd — Whoops! I was thinking British and somehow typed Australian. Fixed!!

    • Todd

      As long as in the setlist you weren’t thinking Break The Ice and typed Trouble For Me or something. :P

    • @Todd — LOL! xo

  • Ashley

    As much as I love Britney, i’m a little bored with all the posts about her and her tour – sorry

    • Louigi12

      GIMME MORE, Trent. So NOT bored of these details!!!

      Love all of this info and can’t wait for July 30 and BritBrit in Philly!

    • Bosnia

      haha see ya there! :D

    • Mr. Gyllenhaal

      Me either!! This set looks awesome. Damn, I need to get to this concert. TEARS!!!

  • Jenn


  • adri

    aw……. still no criminal!

    • @adri — No ‘Criminal’. The #1 question I’ve been asked about the show was whether or not ‘Criminal’ and/or ‘Inside Out’ made the setlist.

    • adri

      LOL! thank you for the right list Trent! I’ll get over Criminal since Britney’s body is banging, and she is performing Gimme More! death

    • Nat

      I’m excited by this set list but have to admit I’m disappointed that Inside Out (my favourite song on FF) and Criminal didn’t make the cut but He About To Lose Me and Lace and Leather did (?!).

      I always prefer it when an artist pulls more from their most recent album, since if they don’t perform them on that tour you’re never likely to see them performed.

  • rOXy

    Watching those dancers gave me good chills. Wish there were more words for “amazing”. May be worth the price of the ticket just to see them. Seeing Britney on top of that is icing on the cake.

  • Andrea

    Got my tickets for Toronto :) cant wait

  • JP

    So the choreographer in the second video mentions she choreographed ‘Toxic’ and the song is heavily featured in the video, but not in the setlist. Is it just a lead in song or video?

    • JP

      never mind. I just saw it in the encore. carry on.

  • Gus

    Trent can you tell me your general opinion on Trouble for me performance? is it good did you love it?

    • @Gus — Trouble for Me is a HOT performance. She interacts with a particular male back-up dancer ;) I loved it entirely.

    • JCZ

      Tehe.. let the rumours of Chase begin again I would say then?? :P

      As for “He About to Lose Me” making the cut – Brit herself said it was her fave track or one of from the album. Since its a Bonus track, its probably safe to say its the only track she got to choose and probably had trouble doing so knowing her label.

      I’m devo Criminal hasn’t made it either considering the news about what the story of the tour is about. Seems strange.
      I guess we can kill our hopes of seeing Criminal a single then, otherwise it would’ve been performed no doubt!

      Booo.. still be great though. She just has way too many great songs and each fan have their own favourites. So it can be heard choosing the set list. I just hope she changes it every now and then. I know BOMT is a classic, but remixing is so many times, well, I just wanna see other tracks she’s never done before from other albums. (Break the Ice, Trouble, Brave New Girl, Heaven on Earth… the beat, i mean the list goes on.. haha)

  • Megan

    I liked the interview because her voice sounds normal and she doesn’t look dead behind the eyes like in other videos. I’m currently trying to save up to but tickets for the Dublin show, I really hope they don’t sell out! :(

  • Ok doll where do I need to be in the audience in order to get pulled up on stage? OMG I CANT WAAAAAAAAIT!!!!!!

    • @jaimecarranza — That I’m not too sure about. For us, they pulled people on stage from the far right, far left and end of runway.


    Trent, I would just like you to know that you are personally responsible for me going to Britney’s tour this Thursday in Sacramento. I bought my tickets and am going to travel 3 hours out of my way to see Britney because I trust your opinion entirely. I just wanted to let you know, man. ; )

    • @CHASE — OMG, you’re going to opening night! You’re gonna love this show!! It’s a shame we couldn’t be at the same show and squeee together ;) xo

    • CHASE

      Heck yes, Trent! And it truly is – we would have so much fun together. ; )

  • Gaga_Sings_Live

    Shouldn’t this be called the lip sync list?

    • @Gaga — Nope.

    • adri

      Yawn! even if it was, which IT ISN’T, I wouldn’t care. It’s Britney Spears. Even perez says 40% is live! keep talking……….

  • Marcella

    Far left/right corners of the stage by the runway go on stage!??????? Omgggg I am 3rd row at from catwalk very end to the side of lower level PLEASE GOD let me go on stage I will die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Omgomgomgomgomg

  • Tavio

    Hey Trent – thanks so much for the details! Do you know if there will be a live band at all on stage? It’s hard to tell from these video clips. Are there any drums, guitars, or keyboards? Thanks! :)

  • Taeylor

    I wish she was doing SEAL IT WITH A KISS. I think it;s much better than HE About To Lose Me!

  • Taeylor

    PS….Brit Brit likes to work with M’s people. Jason and Jaime are two that I have spotted. Jason is a great dancer and Jaime is a great tour director! :) YAY!

  • linh

    aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh. i can’t take it. so sad i cant see this in person. please come to hawaii brit!!! my husband says he will sleep overnight in line just to get me tickets ahahhaha.

  • kieren

    I wonder why she didn’t peform Circus? Its one of her biggest recent hits? Didn’t want to have any memory of her disastrous last tour?

    • @kieren — As you know, Britney Spears has far too many hit songs to perform in one concert. Because ‘Circus’ is the title track of her last album and she promoting her new album, it makes sense that the song didn’t make the setlist this time. The ‘Circus’ Tour was a phenomenal show, it sounds like your memory is the one that is flawed :D

  • Kevin

    Trent – any idea why she isn’t performing “Oops I Did It Again”?? That was such a big hit for her! I was a little disappointed to see that it wasn’t included. SUPER excited about the show, though!!! Can’t wait!!!!

    • @Kevin — Not every song can make the setlist, I think she wants to perform her newer stuff.

  • Ronzilla

    We just returned from the how in Tacoma WA. The sound was quite good although too much bass at times. The costumes, sets and choreography were top notch. Britney looked quite sexy for a mother of two. She’s got that MILF thing going on. An excellent show that was worth every penny. Go see it if you can.

    • Ronzilla

      By the way, your set list was exactly correct. My wife and I will always remember this excellent show. We can’t wait for a Blu Ray of this tour to become available.

  • Danilo

    Nice l.i.p.s.i.n.c.i.n.g Britney, although I’m going