Good Charlotte Rocks Pomona, CA


Last night David and I made our way to The Fox Theater in Pomona, CA to see my boys Good Charlotte live in concert. Good Charlotte are on tour with Yellowcard and Runner Runner and they brought the show to SoCal this weekend. I try my best not to miss GC when they come to town so I was really excited to hit the road to see the guys live.

David and I got to watch the show from backstage and we had an absolute blast! GC always puts on a great show and the crowd went absolutely apeshizz for the performance:

I managed to record some video of the show … here is Good Charlotte performing one of my fave songs I Just Wanna Live:

After the show, we got to hang out and chill for a bit with homeboy Joel Madden as well as our friend Danny Celis who is touring with GC:

I’m not even kidding you … Joel and Danny are two of my favorite people on Earth and it is always a pleasure getting to hang out with them. We had a blast, I know the crowd had a blast … ’twas a very fun Saturday night!

This afternoon, David and I are meeting up with our good friends Jim and Derek at Disneyland! Yes, we were just there last Monday but … we just can’t get enough. It’s Gay Pride Day here in SoCal today! Show your pride, have a blast! Happy Sunday! Happy Pride!!

  • Jamie

    Happen to remember the setlist? Can’t find one anywhere!

  • perdiz

    I am going to have an excitement overload!!! I get to see them FRIDAY!!!!! :D Though I wont be back stage, ya lucky duck.

  • Shavonne

    Super jealous!!

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I think the boys from Good Charlotte are so HAWT!!! Looks awesome.