Justin Bieber Tweets Get Well Wishes To Selena Gomez


Earlier this week, little popstarlet Selena Gomez had to be hospitalized after she made an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. It has been reported that Selena was rushed to the hospital after suffering “severe headache and nausea”. In a show of public support for his girlfriend, Justin Bieber posted a message of support on his official Twitter profile which, likely, made Selena feel a bit better … and made his legion of female fans even angrier at poor Selena.

Awww … see folks, this is romance in the digital age. If you want to send someone well wishes, you just tweet them. Here’s hoping Selena gets over this bout of nausea so severe that she had to be hospitalized. HMMM … I wonder what could’ve caused her to get nauseous … HMMMM. Any ideas? Anyone?


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  • nicole

    Beiber is trying to get her killed isnt he?

    • Bekki

      Haha, that made me laugh. He certainly seems oblivious to the trouble he causes

    • jimbo

      umm seriously how i see it is stop gossiping about what could be going on. who cares. –no matter what car you drive, no matter how much you follow an anorexic standard of beauty.. you will never be them… they are always going to look at you like a little monkey, id rather be proud of what i am, then desperatly try to be something im not just to fit in.– quote from immortal technique, be real people!

    • lexis

      he is and im glad

  • denise bardliving

    I hope she feel better

  • mariesa

    Maybe they are starring in the new season of 16 and Pregs

    • Ama

      except she is 18.

    • mariesa

      except he’s 16 and not everyone on that show is 16. you’re probably one of those crazy beiber fever chicks! obviously when 2 teenagers vacay in Hawaii grabbing all over each other what do you thing is going on so of course everyone is gonna say that…wow no sense of humor at all

    • Ama

      My apologies, I’ve never watched the show and just figured since the title was 16 and pregnant most of the females on there were 16 or underage. Two people, teenager or otherwise, can go on vacation and be sexually active. However, people can be sexually active and use protection to prevent pregnancy. By the way, I’m not “one of those crazy beiber fever chicks” I have no interest in Justin Bieber at all.

    • mariesa

      i’m sorry i’m not trying offend you i was just making a joke when i said the 16 and pregs…didn’t mean it literally. although i do believe that sexual activities are happening i do not for a second believe their handlers from disney or their music companies would allow a pregnancy to go down with 2 of the biggest teen stars today. just thought you were taking my comment a lil too serious as beiber fans have been known to do so my apologies for the beiber fever remark.

    • Umm, you can’t judge because it could be alot of things like stress or even not eating right maybe her blood sugar was low you have no clue so stop saying shes pregnant ok its really none of anybodys buisness like really wtf so what he said get well selena get over it its his girlfriend hes 17 shes 18 they can have sex if they want to

  • Em

    She’s totally prego ;)

    • perdiz

      Didn’t she stay in the hospital for a while? It takes two seconds for them to test for pregnancy, she would have been in and out.

    • Dude you don’t know anything it could have been alot of things like stress or not eating right so she could have low blood sugar or high blood sugar and she had to worry about going on tour and not seeing Justin or even him being in sanfran, You dont know so shut up :)

  • Ama

    A lot of things could have made her nauseous; she could be over-working herself and not getting enough sleep/eating enough food. She might be taking new medication(anxiety or stress pills, maybe even birth control pills, or something different) that she could be having side effects too. She could have also been over-heated and got sick from the heat, or she might even have Hypoglycemia(That’s just a wild guess though)

    When I read that she went to the hospital because she was nauseous I knew people were going to be like “oh! She’s pregnant!” right..cause that is the only thing that makes one nauseous.

    Hope she does feel better.

  • babybunny

    I read that another guest on the show was battling a lung infection and why she was sent to the hospital when she got ill. Though seems to me that she is in there a bit longer than for just nausea.

  • he just made some of his girl fans to be angry at selena.

  • Alex

    Don’t you need to have undergone puberty to get a girl pregnant?

  • Nat

    Heard that it was because of food poisoning.

  • Ken

    Yeah, I’m sure reading getwellsoon on twitter from her PR romance was super touching for her.

  • Meagan



    LOL she is his BEARD and he did the public get well as vs going to see her so people think they are real. She is getting paid to hide his gayness. There is a signed contract somewhere detailing it all…………..

  • Marcus_em

    First thought that came to my mind was a teenie beiber fetus singing Baby baby baby ohhhhh and pushing his bangs back nestling in selena’s tummy… circa first few minutes of look who’s talking… SMH lol

  • Sandy

    I’m thinking he’s focusing on the “Baby baby baby NOOOOO” part of the song lol

  • Baby? NO?!
    I dont think she is preg, beacause….
    Justin says during interview i was out of the blue watching…
    he says…
    “I will have kids when im MARRIED” Married is the key word..
    between the age whateva up too 30, cuz something about wanting to be active with his kids… anyways its not our buisness its there’s witch they shall control on there own…. no one shall get involved but him and the bieber family and she with the gomez family…
    Just DROP IT PLZZ…
    lol i was just telling the truth about what he said though..
    just evidence! Im sure selena just has high/low blood pressure… or whatever, the point is if she is going to have a child or not.. it doesnt matter none of ya buisness, u will figure out later.