Exclusive: Inside The Private Rehearsal For Britney Spears’s The ‘Femme Fatale’ Tour


So last night I was among a very small number of people invited to the uberprivate friends and family rehearsal for Britney Spears’s The Femme Fatale Tour which kicks off in Sacramento, CA next week. Altho last night’s rehearsal wasn’t a proper dress rehearsal, I got to see the FULL show from beginning to end with a select number of other people (including Britney’s family as well as family and friends of the backup dancers). I don’t want to spoil too much of the show before it gets underway next week but some of the deets I’m gonna share below may be spoilerish … so if you want to remain completely surprised, read carefully.

OMG … last night was such an amazing experience … I don’t even know where to begin. Let’s start off with the setlist … there are 22 songs in the show with about 2 or 3 clips/snippets of other songs in the video segments. Now, not all of the video segments were shown to us so there may be more in the final production. I can tell you that Britney goes way back into her catalog for the setlist … back to her debut album Baby … One More Time. Obvsiously, she does the singles from Femme Fatale but she also performs 2 of the bonus tracks on the Deluxe version of Femme Fatale. There is an overriding theme of the show … Britney is being chased by a shadowy man and she appears in some of the video segments as a kind of spy (in fact the song 3 uses trench coats, sunglasses and fedoras as the costumes). In one of the video segments, the man chasing Britney refers to femme fatales thru history … and that historical element is incorporated in the show. There are HUGE vehicles on stage in different parts of the show. On the Femme Fatale Tour journey, Britney takes us on a ride by land, sea and air :) My fave number, I think, has to be Gimme More. It’s the first time she’s performed that song since 2007 and WAIT ’til you see the way it is staged. It’s a BIG number. The coolest and deffo most fun number of the show is Britney’s upcoming 3rd single from Femme Fatale, I Wanna Go. During the show, Britney will pull members of the audience on stage to dance with her. Because there were only 7 of us in the audience (not counting the family and friends), WE were the ones pulled up on stage to dance with Britney. I kid you not, I GOT TO DANCE with Britney Spears on STAGE!!! It was a moment I will never, ever forget … the god’s honest truth. If YOU are one of the lucky folks brought up on stage, you will die … TRUST ME! There is another part of the show where an audience member will be brought on stage to participate in the show … during last night’s rehearsal, Britney’s main man Jason Trawick was brought on stage as that lucky participant.

During the show, Britney does sing live. Yes there are backing tracks but there are parts of the show where it is very obvious that she is singing … and she sounded fantastic. She performs a classic ballad mid-way thru the show and it is very clear that she is singing that song live … and beautifully. The dancing that we saw was sharp and fun … she even busts out the original choreography during I’m A Slave 4 U. There are a couple of songs that have been remixed with new music … one with a snake charmer vibe, one with a loungey vibe. The finale is ‘Till the World Ends and it starts out like the album version … but then it kicks into the Nicki Minaj remix (Nicki was projected on the video screens as well) so my guess is that she will come out on stage to perform with Brit for that song. I can also tell you that Sabi appears on stage to perform during (Drop Dead) Beautiful. OH and WAIT ’til you see the way (Drop Dead) Beautiful is performed. If you thought that Madonna and Kylie Minogue pushed the envelope with male nudity in their stage shows … you ain’t seen nothing yet. TRUST ME ON THIS … wait ’til you see.

Some Pink readers have asked me to compare this tour show to or say if it is better than Britney’s previous tours. I’ll say this … Britney Spears always puts on an amazing show. I’ve seen all of her tours and there are elements that stick out in my mind in each of those shows. Who can ever forget the way that Britney made it rain INSIDE ON STAGE during the Dream Within A Dream Tour? I can assure you, The Femme Fatale Tour will have elements that you will never forget. It’s not better or worse than any of Britney’s other tours … it is another fabulously fun show that you simply MUST see in person to believe.

So … ok … that’s about all I want to share. The really exciting thing for me last night was the unknown … I was surprised and excited at every step along the way thru the show … I want YOU to experience the same thing. But, if you want MORE deets, head over to E! News HERE to hear what my friend Marc Malkin has to say about the show (he was not only at the rehearsal last night but he was my dance partner with Britney alone on our side of the stage):

Head over to BreathHeavy.com to hear what Jordan Miller has to say about the show, he was also at the rehearsal last night … as was a reporter from Just Jared. I cannot even express what a special thrill last night was for me. I have been such a big Britney fan since the beginning … and last night was just the culmination of all that love. Being able to be seated front row center — on a couch, no less — for a private rehearsal of arguably Britney’s best concert tour ever is a treat I will never, ever forget. And boy, am I DYING to see it again here in LA on the 20th and in Anaheim on the 24th.

If you look hard enough, I’m sure you will be able to read all the secrets of this tour online … but I strongly urge you to wait and see it for yourselves. I was wowed at every single thing in this show. It is beyond fun … BEYOND! It was clear to me that Britney has been working really hard on this show … and her hard work has paid off. This show is hot, y’all. You’re going to LOVE it!

  • marthe

    im so sad. I WANT TO GO TO THAT FUCKING SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ceez

    All of these personal accounts are making me soooooo antsy! So happy that you got to dance with her on stage. She seems sooooo “over-protected” by her team that Im very happy to hear that fan interaction is a key element. July 12th couldnt come soon enough! Congrats T!

  • Linh

    Omg. I am dying from your details. Love it. So glad you were able to enjoy Britney up close. Soooooooo close. Me so J but happy for you. Just wish she would come to Hawaii.

  • Mitchell

    OMG, I have to go but I can’t afford tickets for the Toronto show! This post is killing me! Oh well, even though I can’t go I’m SO happy Brit will kill as the Femme Fatale!

  • Elissa

    Lucky you!!!! I would literally fall to pieces if Britney pulled me on stage to dance with her! Can’t wait for the concert in NOLA, my tickets are already bought!

  • kieren

    Did you say hey to Perez Hilton? LMAO…

    • @kieren — I honestly didn’t have time to say hey to anyone … I was too bizzy dancing with Britney Spears.

    • rOXy


    • adri

      so criminal isn’t being performed? SMH :l

    • kieren

      I bet he was seething with jealousy that he wasn’t chosen. I love it…

  • rOXy

    You deserve everything you got. Thank you for sharing it with those of us who can only dream.

  • mark

    So excited, can’t wait to see the show out in Vegas in 2 weeks!! Having an all gay Bois Britney reunion weekend!!

  • alejandro

    @ Mitchell tickets for the Femme Fatale tour are 50% off, and tix to the Toronto show are on Groupon

    • Rigo

      I think the 50% off tickets were only for that one day. i’ve been trying to find them but i cant. if you have a link, lemme know. thanks

  • lilly

    oooh! XD my uncle is supposed to be getting me the pepsi suite for the tour with a private room for the tour! oh FOR FREE omg. i cant wait!

  • nicole

    if there was one fan who deserved this, it was you Trent. i may not always agree with how you present her, or the things you say when it comes to britney..but theres no doubt you stuck by her.
    glad you had such a great time. hope the full show is just as fun :)

  • lily

    Congrats Trent! You deserved it. I thought you couldn’t top meeting Madonna, and now Britney?! Does this mean you will change the “Now I Can Die” pic?


    Trenty Poo!!!!!!!!!!! You SO deserve this, man! This post is killing me… Should I really go? I know this post is a huge indication into the yes field, but ahhhhhhhhh! I should be a responsible adult but it is Britney Spears and she is singing live (!!!!!!!!!) in a long time.

    • ro

      I am a responsible adult and I have been to see her twice and both times I was wishoing I had more tix for another night !! This time I might even go over to UK to see her again , i already have my tix for Dublin! BEST ENTERTAINER I HAVE EVER SEEN!

  • henriie

    i will die!

  • Jenilee

    Did you get to talk to her/take a pic with her?

    And how was her dancing? Was it like its been lately?!

  • Bubblemint

    Trent! I’m soooo jelly hatin’ right now! ;-) though if anyone deserved it it’s you, youve stuck by our girl through thick and thin. And gave never trashed her in the least. It all sounds so surreal and AMAZING, I just want to know if she’s happy and enjoying herself. Flashing that megawatt smile, and confidently shaking that perfect butt :-)

  • So… I got my tix :) It’ll be my first time seeing her. I can’t wait to see her do Gimme More, I loved that song! I hope to hear Stronger and Toxic and Piece of Me, too.

    • Oh, and Outrageous. I’d love to see her do that one, too.

  • JCZ

    Trent we need photos… that “Now I can die” section has been pretty lonely for quite some time.

    BTW/ Have u met Kylie?

    But wow – well done to you. You finally met Britney spears and DANCED with her. I think your dreams have definitely been met. I think the next thing we want Trent to do, is meet Britney PERSONALLY. But yeah… WOW! And the fact that BIG fans like YOU and Jordan from BH are saying she sings live, when we Brit fans kinda know what she can be like when putting on a great show… it just boils the anticipation (does she perform that song? eek) and the hype and the excitement even more!

    Only a few more days now! … I guess we shall expect a Concert DVD this time? I heard she is also a lot more interactive, in rehearsals anyway with fans. Talking to the crowd a lot more so thats great awell.

  • Sara

    Trent, that is so amazing!!! I’m happy for you, what a dream come true! Between this & the prince shows, 2011 is coming up Trent!

    Neat to hear that she’s doing such a comprehensive show, and I’m def impressed that she’s bringing back the coreography from slave 4 u!! It was her best, in my opinion!

  • Dezden

    I skipped the middle of this post with more details… I’m trying to save some surprises, so I appreciate you keeping stuff from us, Trent. I am SOOOOOOOOO HAPPY for you!!! That is so amazing, and now I am ridiculously pumped for my show in Chi… less than a month!!! :)

    • ro

      I agree, I am not reading any more stuff about it cos I want to be surprised, i will only ruin it for myself but so hard to resist! Note to self:Be Stronger

  • layla

    how much did you get paid to write this? lol

    • @layla — Millions and Millions. lol

  • monique

    the only reason she invited you is so that you can write all these things about her upcoming tour, create a buzz and bring her some extra $$

    • ro

      Yeah, you got a problem with promotion??????????

  • Niki

    DID you talk to her?????????

  • kieren

    Oh please you people believe that Trent would have to be paid to write something positive about Britney? Have you read this blog before? LMAO…

  • Amanda M

    so.effing.jealous. ill never get to see britney live :(

  • Meagan

    Trent, that’s so exciting for you!! You must be one of the biggest Britney fans alive so to get to dance with her on stage must have been a big moment in your life. Hopefully someone got a picture of you!

  • JC

    OMG OMG OMG Thanks so much!! This is pretty much I can read about the tour…I want to be surprised so I won’t watch the YouTube vids that will be released by fans. Gawd I can’t wait! I will see her in Chicago and Milwaukee!!