Watch: Britney Spears Talks Tour Secrets With ‘Entertainment Tonight’


Yesterday we learned that Entertainment Tonight is planning to air tonight an interview feature on Britney Spears filmed during super top secret tour rehearsals for her upcoming Femme Fatale Tour. Right now, we get to check out a portion of her interview with ET wherein she talks about getting ready to hit the road and she reveals some of things she will be bringing on the road with her. Check out the clip below.

I’m guessing that ET will be airing portions from this interview over a few nights starting tonight so there should be a lot more to come from this new interview with Britney. You will note that this video shows that she is rehearsing Up N’ Down and Drop Dead (Beautiful) so I think it’s safe to assume we can look forward to those numbers being performed on tour. This is a cute clip. I can’t wait to see more! Tune in to Entertainment Tonight to see more footage from their exclusive visit with Britney during her Femme Fatale Tour rehearsals :D


  • Jessica

    Sooo.. is it just me or has her voice changed completely!?!? Maybe that’s why she has stopped singing even her slow songs live??

    I really feel that she just needs to say enough is enough and be a mom. She has been “off” since her breakdown. She will never have the same power and HARD dance moves that she used to have. Its painful to watch her.

    • jaybee

      i dont looks like she’s more comfortable on stage. i think little by little she’s getting back into the groove of things. we’ll see in a few weeks :)

  • Megan

    Yea, I really want to know what’s going on with her voice. I thought it was a cold at first, but that was months ago when that commercial came out. Now it’s just really weird.

  • Franki

    She may be a bit “off” since her breakdown when it comes to performing, but if she has been diagnosed with something such as bipolar disorder, it could have something to do with her medications. Which is not a bad thing, as long as she is healthy and trying hard, we should support her. I think she also has to get more comfortable on stage, I mean poor girl has been scrutinized so harshly

    • Shana

      I’m sorry… I’m all for supporting those with mental health issues, but I’m not for just blindly throwing money at someone who is famous for singing and dancing when they can no longer do either of those things well anymore; just because she’s trying hard doesn’t mean she gets a free pass.

      Personally, I think a tour this extensive is really dangerous for someone like her: her knee has obviously never fully recovered, her voice is strained, and no one knows what her mental state really is. I wish her all the best, but this is one train wreck I won’t be paying to see.

    • Jessica

      I agree with Shana completely.

      I never cared that she never sung her songs because she put on a kick ass show with amazing sets and super intense dance moves, but I’m not going to pay for her to lip sync and just stand there flailing her arms around like she’s confused. If she has mental issues then I support the fact that she is getting help and staying healthy and getting her shit together, but if your mental issues are taking your shows from amazing 12/10 to barely a 2/10 then its time to call it quits.

  • JeniLee

    Jessica and Shana I couldnt have said it better myself!

  • Bryan

    So excited, Britney looks AMAZING!! Love how she is performing Up & Down!!

  • Missy Kate

    I maintain a fervent desire for Britney to open up about the breakdown, any diagnoses and/or meds. I think it would help all of us “get it” a little better.

  • Cee

    Trent, you always use the wackiest pix of Britters hehe She looks bananas!

  • gayana

    she looks and sounds soo weird!! whatsup with her eyes? it doesnt even look like her.. i mean take the pictures just before her breakdown, her eyes were more “smiley”, yet now even when shes smiles, her eyes are still upset adn depressed… thats just what i see… and the preview from the dance routines doesnt look like she’s ready to have a real come back.
    im sure shes gona have a full stadium and gets paid big bucks, but i wouldnt pay for someone who never sang live (once or twice maybe) and now cant even dance…

  • Jessica

    AND the more we humor her and fill the stadium and pay her the big bucks, the more she is going to push herself to the brink of another breakdown. She’s clearly trying to stay present when she’s not ready for it.

    She made a statement that her new CD is the best out of all of the ones to date. I think her music is getting worse with every new song released. She’s just throwing them out there to keep them out not caring if they actually mean anything (which really is how the rest of music has been lately)

  • dickboat

    I think she got signed into a contract by everyone saying it was what she needed, but before she was ready. She has been programmed by her “handlers” to think everything is normal, and everyone loves her. She recently had 2 terrible turnouts but from what I hear, no one is telling her it isn’t going well. No one wants to upset her “fragile “mind., while she thinks she is bringing down the house, she is barely breaking overhead. Her voice is so over synthesized anymore….but since she’s still selling music, they got her doing it. She is trapped, and cannot escape it. She is being held hostage to her own life…you can see it in her eyes.

    • @dickboat — Totally untrue.