Watch: Britney Spears Sees The ‘Femme Fatale’ Tour Stage For The First Time


Earlier today we saw a preview video for an upcoming Entertainment Tonight feature that is set to air Wednesday that will highlight Britney Spears during her tour rehearsals for the Femme Fatale Tour. Right now, tho, we get to check out an amazingly cute video of Britney seeing her Femme Fatale Tour stage for the very first time. It’s a really cute clip, y’all. Check it out below.

Awww … LOVE THIS! I’m assuming that ET will air some of this footage Wednesday but it’s nice to get a sneak peek now. Britney looks so excited by her stage … as she should be, it looks amazing! I am SO excited for this tour! It is going to be amazing … I just know it. As much as I want to be surprised, I know I won’t be able to resist all of the tour spoilers that are going to be coming out in the coming weeks. OY! Very cool stage, tho. I love this video :) It’s cute, right?


  • I’m so happy that Britney news are pouring in again! Can’t wait until the tour starts next week. :D

  • Dubc

    I am just so happy that Britney feels and looks happy. Seeing her happy makes me feel even happier! This tour is definitely going to be her best! All hail Britney!! :)

  • vVv

    she looks so HAPPY!

  • Mr. Spears

    According to E.T. this is airing on Wednesday, not tonight……

    • @Mr. Spears — Oh right, today is Tuesday. OY! Thanks!!

  • Lauren

    It’s good to see that goofy side of Britney again that everyone fell in love with. That kiss with Jason at the end was cute too. I can’t wait for this tour!

  • kieren

    Everyone keeps saying that “next time” she will be back and better than ever. Sorry but she’s gotten me excited too many times. Her appearence at the Billboard awards did it in for me, I’m done getting excited. Why does she look so dazed and confused whenever she performs? I’m not “pumped” for this tour, in fact I didn’t even buy tickets and I’m actually a huge fan. She’s going to have to prove herself before I ever buy into her hype again.

    • gabe

      take your negativity elsewhere..shes doing great

    • Louigi12

      Someone alert Team Spears of this top priority project: kieren thinks Britney looks dazed & confused, and wants her to prove herself to him before he buys into the hype again. Gimme a break.

    • Eri

      Here here! I like the music, but until that girl gets her ass moving again on stage, I’m done.

  • kendra

    I love the jumping “yeah!”..She’s so cute and that kiss with Jason was so adorable..I hate that I’m not catching this tour..I hate being a responsible adult..

  • She seems so happy. I am glad she is back at work and in a happy state, it seems like she just got off her last tour leg though. busy girl

  • roxster

    I always feel that pictures or videos of a stage can really capture how impressive or exciting it is to walk into an arena and see them in front of you, so I can’t get hyped for a stage over this, but its a cute clip and since she seems excited (and has seen her fair share of stages) I’m sure its worth the reaction, especially since it sounded like Larry was pointing out some pretty cool features.

  • roxster

    woops meant CAN’T capture…sorry!

  • linh

    britney never comes to hawaii. :( i always miss these shows.

  • Amanda

    is she so excited to lip-sync on that very stage?! Why do people pay money to see that? LOL

    • jj

      because they have money!

    • Louigi12

      Because she is as awesome as you r Amanda. LOL

    • kelly

      that’s always my question too. i mean, girl can definitely dance, but she rarely sings in concert/performances (at least that i have seen)! then you look at like, beyonce, and she just kills it…

  • Bryan

    SOOOO excited, love the Femme Fatale stage, the TRON/Futuristic look is awesome! SOO excited for the June 25th, Las Vegas show!

  • Smurf

    Is she going to mime through this tour too?

  • JCZ

    I am a big Spears man and will defend her and all, but you really can’t about whether it be haters or just people who point out she lip-synchs.

    I won’t defend her at all, I’ve watched tour videos and the Onyx Hotel Tour Special from TV and yeah it looks like a great show, but I personally wouldn’t want to see lip-synching. It sucks, cause we know she can actually sing and dance, we’ve seen it in earlier tours.

    Perhaps she should give up smoking and concentrate on holding her breath to sing AND dance. Heck half the singers,well literally ALL the singers, only sing verses and dance during the chorus which is all backup.
    Gaga and Beyonce who are PRAISED for their vocals, use backup all the way through in almost every song they dance with and sing over-the-top. SO that isn’t 100% live, but still giving it a shot and I can’t stand them as artists.

    Then there is the dancing – I know people are sick of hearing about it. But seriously, she can do one of two things. Dance the way she is but sing live. Or pick up her act and start dancing the way she used to and yeah, lip-synch. I think that is the more realistic approach. I don’t wanna hear crap about being a mum, her clips and photoshoots have shown shes still got and send sex appeal. Its not like she danced like a whore back in the day or anything and she doesn’t have to, just dance in time and well, movement.

    Ahhh rant OVER but yeah, the show will be good. Just, yeah, wish she would put mooooore effort than what she does. I love the album though?! :D

  • Smurf

    I am also a massive fan of Britney. She will always be amazing in my eyes but with stars shining so brightly like Adele (wow) it’s just not good enough to be called a true artist and mime at live events. But Brit is one of a kind and I’ll always love her.