Chris & Liam Hemsworth Are Hot Brothers In Arms


Yesterday we saw super hot photos of Thor actor Chris Hemsworth at the beach here in SoCal and today we get to see him posing for Who magazine with his younger brother Liam. The Hemsworths were selected for the magazine’s 100+ Beautiful People of 2011 issue and posed together for their photo. With Hemsworth promoting Thor and filming The Avengers and Liam working hard on The Hunger Games, the time seems ripe for the Hemsworth brothers to take over the world.

Both Chris and Liam are poised to really become big names in Hollywood. Chris is establishing himself as a big action/superhero movie star and Liam could possibly become the new Robert Pattinson (that is, if The Hunger Games can do for him what Twilight did for R. Pattz). It remains to be seen just how big the Hemsworth brothers will be but they are deffo on the right track. I really love this photo of the two of them together. Do you have a favorite Hemsworth? If you could have one, which would YOU choose?


  • cootiezoo

    They’re both good looking guys, but Chris is my favorite.

  • josh

    Oh, if only “both” were an appropriate and not-creepy answer. *sigh*

  • Joanna

    Definitely Chris. My boyfriend fell in love with his body in Thor and has asked his trainer if he can work with him to look like that in the near future. According to his trainer he can look like that in 6 months with hard steady training. I’m gonna have the hottest boyfriend around pretty soon hehe ;)

    • Tyler W.

      I love how you say your boyfriend “fell in love with [Chris’] boys in Thor.” – Too funny! ;)

    • Tyler W.

      That should have been “body” not “boys” – my bad!

  • courtney

    Hands down, Chris. After his brief appearance in Star Trek I knew big things were going to happen for him.


    Definitely Chris! Liam is kind of weird-looking sometimes and he looks older than Chris sometimes, in my opinion. It’s hard to believe that Liam and I are almost the same age ’cause my friends and I thought he was in his mid 20’s. They do have good genes, though.

  • sarahhh

    i’d take them both!!

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    Liam is cute but Chris is HAWT!!!!!!!

  • Darcy

    Definitely Chris… I would have said Liam before seeing Thor… hot damn, Chris took that title EASILY after that shirtless scene in Natalie Portman character’s house.

  • Sara

    The two of them would be the answers to all of my problems. Just one night please.

  • Oscar

    Chris all the way to the bedroom and the with the lights on.

  • AmandaMarie

    Liam. No question for me.

  • Definitely Chris- he seems hot and smart. Liam just looks like a Milley Cyrus hanger-on.

  • Susanna

    Chris is gorgeous! He captured my heart. Just can’t take my eyes of him…..

  • Susannalovechris

    Chris is super gorgeous and ! He captured my heart. Just can’t take my eyes off him…..

  • daisy santiago