Are Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux Hollywood’s Hot New Couple?


For the past few weeks there have been reports that actress Jennifer Aniston and actor Justin Theroux have been hooking up all over town while trying to keep this new relationship under wraps. Aniston went so far as to deny that she and Justin were nothing more than friends but … well, the couple just kept on creepin’ together. This weekend, the pair partied with Saturday Night Live castmember Jason Sudeikis after he hosted the 2011 MTV Movie Awards and, well, they sure looked coupley. So are they or aren’t they?

He’s her rumoured new man after years of romantic disappointment – so you can hardly blame Jennifer Aniston for keeping a close eye on Justin Theroux. The 42-year-old former Friends actress has apparently been dating the actor and screenwriter for a few weeks, but their appearance at the MTV Movie Awards after party was the first time they’ve been out officially together. The pair were at the Los Angeles branch of Soho House after the ceremony … According to People magazine’s Lesley Messer, Justin is a ‘little edgier’ than Jen’s previous dalliances – with is going some considering John Mayer is an ex. Lesley continued: ‘Apparently, she’s really happy.’ However, last month, a representative for Jen insisted the two are just good friends. According to ABC news, Jen threw a small get-together for her best friends including Chelsea Handler and Courteney Cox on May 27 to introduce them to Theroux, who co-wrote Tropic Thunder. A source told People magazine: ‘They all had a great time and enjoyed Justin’s company.’ The magazine says that Jen and Justin, 39, met on the set of movie Wanderlust last autumn.

Now, it’s entirely possible that Jennifer and Justin are hanging out so much lately because they’ve got a new film coming out … and nothing says free publicity like rumors of a new love affair. That being said, it’s also quite possible that Jen may have FINALLY found love with Justin. I’ve been a fan of Theroux’s for a while and while I am not in love with the beard, he is deffo a hottie (and a big step up from John Mayer). It remains to be seen if this new dalliance will turn out to be true love … or much ado about nothing … but I expect we’ll be hearing more about this new coupling for some time to come. So what do y’all think? Are these two together together? If so, do you like Justifer as a couple?

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  • Sarah

    Good for her! I hope she’s found what she’s been looking for. I actually find it weird she’s single so often. She’s so hot!

    • cmc

      I don’t think being single equates to being undesirable! She seems to be really independent, jets around the world, takes excellent care of herself, and is surrounded by a huge group of loyal friends that love her. I actually like that she’s the poster child for a single, female adult. She’s not moping around crying about how lonely she is, no matter how much tabloids like to insist otherwise.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    They look super cute together. He is a hottie for sure. Good for Jen…hope this one works out for her.

  • Grace

    I concur. I think they make a very cute couple.

  • Rachael

    I’ve always found this guy to be really hot ever since I saw him in Mulholland Drive. I think the beard looks pretty good on him. The only thing that worries me about this coupling is that I recently read that he JUST got out of a long-term relationship and that he may have been regularly cheating on that girlfriend … No idea if any of that is true though.

  • Lauren

    Justin looks like Neil Fallon from the band Clutch with that beard. I love it. :)