Whitney Houston Extends Her Rehab Treatment, Amy Winehouse Checks Out Early


At the start of this month, we learned that troubled singer Whitney Houston decided to voluntarily submit to rehab treatment in order for her to get a better handle on her addiction(s). Just last week, we learned that Amy Winehouse, too, decided to return to rehab for addiction treatment. Today we learn the positive news that Whitney has decided to extend her treatment in the hopes of continuing to clean up her life. Sadly, Amy has not decided the same … and checked herself out of rehab after only a week of treatment.

Whitney Houston feels like she needs more help in her “long-standing recovery process”. The singer has completed a 30-day outpatient program earlier this week but she is “voluntarily seeking additional treatment for drug and alcohol,” TMZ reported. Whitney has hired a round-the-clock life coach to keep her on track but other than that, no details on what kind of treatment she receives. “She really wants it this time,” a source said regarding Whitney’s willingness to get help in her own accord.

Amy Winehouse sought treatment for “alcohol addiction” at a prestigious rehab center in London last Wednesday, May 25, but she apparently didn’t stay in rehab for long. The “Back to Black” singer has checked out of the treatment program after only a week at the Priory Clinic, her representative has confirmed.

Apparently, Amy is going to continue with outpatient care … and I wish her all the luck in the world because if her track record is any indication, she’s gonna need it. It is so sad that these hugely talented singers are struggling so desperately with their addictions … but it sounds like Whitney is well aware of her problem and she is doing everything she can to stay clean. Amy, on the other hand, seems about as lost as ever. In any event, I wish both ladies all the success in the world. One day at a time, divas … one day at a time.

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  • Cupcake

    It is sad. I’ve always been a fan of Whitney’s but just recently I started listening to Amy’s music & WOW! I really enjoy it. I’m hoping she can pull through. But its hard to face your inner demons alone. I hope she is surrounded by ppl. who really love her & has a great support system. That’s what you need & also “wanting” to be sober. I also wish these two very talented artists the best of luck!