Anderson Cooper Celebrates His Birthday With A New Daytime Talk Show


Hottie CNN anchor Anderson Cooper celebrated his 44th birthday yesterday along with the news that he is getting his own daytime talk show. Considering the fact that Oprah Winfrey just ended her 25 year long talk show, there seems to be a big void that Anderson is lookin’ to fill … tho, he has made it clear that he doesn’t intend to replace the big O. Read on for all the deets about Anderson’s new daytime gig.

With Oprah Winfrey forsaking her talk show platform, and Katie Couric reportedly gearing up for her own syndicated talk franchise, it’s been easy to overlook the talk-show debut of CNN anchor Anderson Cooper. But Cooper leaked out some new details about the program via Twitter on Thursday. There is now a website, a logo (a tall, skinny letter “A”), a Twitter account (2,711 followers and counting!) and a premiere date–Sept. 12 … “I’m not trying to replace Oprah” who brought the curtain down on her 25-year daytime reign last week “She’s irreplaceable,” he said, later adding: “For some people, the news doesn’t connect with their daily lives, but on daytime television, you can connect with an audience in an emotional way.” The afternoon talk show will be filmed at Manhattan’s Time Warner Center, and will specialize in lighter fare than the breaking news Cooper covers in his capacity as a prime-time host and frequent foreign correspondent for CNN.

Anderson is a BRILLIANT choice for a daytime talk show host … but I don’t think he’ll be able to get the kind of audience that could rival Oprah’s if he stays on CNN. The majority of daytime TV watchers still stick with the big 3 networks — CBS, NBC and ABC. Still, I think I would be very interested to see what his show is all about. I think a lot of people will tune in out of curiosity to watch Anderson Cooper’s talk show … it remains to be seen if he can keep people coming back for more. In any event, let’s send our belated Birthday Lurve to Anderson on his 44th … and big congrats on his new TV show.

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  • Answel

    Seems Anderson and Ben enter and leave the gym separately to avoid being photographed together?

  • susan

    The show is syndicated, not on cnn.

  • George

    @Answel, probably. There used to be photos of them arriving or leaving the gym they go to in NYC, but they figured out how to keep the paparazzi from taking their pics by entering/arriving separately. Now there are only pics of AC, but Benjamin is somewhere around, believe it.

  • Answel

    @George: Oh I believe it! Anderson looks like he is looking around for Benjamin in those pics. I’m somewhat surprised no one ever takes Ben’s pic or notices him, but he’s not a big celebrity like Anderson is.