Watch: Paris Hilton Gets Scolded On ‘The View’


This week, Paris Hilton and her mother Kathy made an appearance on The View to promote her new reality TV series The World According to Paris which, according to Paris, is meant to show the world the “real” her. Right off the bat, both Whoopi Goldberg and Barbara Walters grilled Paris about her decision to return to the frivolity of reality TV despite Paris’s claims that she is a changed and mature woman. It’s actually quite funny to watch so … check out the video below.

Click HERE to watch the video if the above embed does not work for you. I love this video so much because, yes, it’s total bullshizz for Paris Hilton to go on all these talk shows and talk about how she’s changed, how she’s not the same person she used to be … while promoting a TV show that shows that she hasn’t changed and still appears to be the same frivolous person. Earlier this week, Paris basically cried on Piers Morgan Tonight about how that sex tape One Night in Paris ruined her life … and in the premiere ep of her new show, there she is … sittin’ nekkid in her bathtub:

This sad, boneheaded girl is a hypocritical contradiction. It’s sad … she hasn’t grown up at all and no matter how much she tries to explain that she’s a changed person, well, actions speak louder than words. There aren’t many things about The View that I can stomach … but I do applaud them for taking Paris Hilton to task and exposing the bullshizz she’s trying to peddle in order to get people to watch her new TV show.

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  • Lisa

    The uploader has not made this video available in your country…

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I don’t love Paris anymore…I still think she is funny but I know how ridiculous she truly is!! It is funny when someone is 21 not close to 31!! She needs a new schlick!


    The View is so annoying, but Paris could have defended herself more but she let them walk all over her because she didn’t have any comebacks. However, it’s a little unfair that they subject Paris to this call out (which is deserved, of course) when I think they think do the same for Kim Kardashian or any other reality TV whore.

    • Meredith

      Agreed, BUT, Paris wasn’t forced to go on The View, she chose to do so. She’s selling a product: her show/self. Once you agree to go on a talk show, my feeling is, all bets are off. You get what you get.

      If Paris doesn’t want to be ridiculed, it’s really quite simple: just do you own reality show (which she does) and don’t do interviews.

      Or pull a Sara Palin and only do interviews with people that you know will be “kind” to you.

    • canaussiegirl

      She also claims that she has changed and grown up and then gets caught with coke in Vegas, whines about community service and creates another stupid faux reality show.

      She deserves all the ridicule she gets.

      But the View is also super annoying.

    • Kevin

      Barbara Walters IS a friend of her mother’s, who was also on the show. Paris’ new show made her look like the haughty, self-absorbed attention-ho that she is when she’s not on a show! She’s too dumb to be able to make much of a response to the truth! Her act is getting increasingly “un-cute” as she gets older and come across more and more like a succubus eating her decoration boyfriends!

  • Kattmow

    I think it’s sad that you wouldn’t even think she’s 30 odd

    • Josh

      Wow, I totally didn’t know she’s 30. It’s sad that she’s in the exact same place she was in when she was in her early 20’s on the Simple Life. Doing drugs, starting in reality tv, doing community series, etc. It’s pretty sad, especially when you compare her to Nicole Richie who’s become this smart, savvy and creative business woman/writer/designer/mom who does charity because she wants to and not because a court mandated it. Paris Hilton is still exactly who she probably was in high school, a whiny teenager while her old BFF and use to be sidekick has eclipsed her in every way by becoming an adult.

    • @Josh — Totally agree with every word you wrote.

  • Joanna

    She can’t even answer these questions. She should have anticipated at least one of them asking about how this show shows a different side of who she is. It’s one thing to say that you’ve changed and want to make a difference in the world and it’s another thing to actually go out and made that difference. The reality of the situation is that she is a girl who never has to lift a finger for the rest of her life. She should just concentrate on getting a husband and enjoying being rich and stop poisoning TV viewers with a bunch of crap. I bet anything that her show will only last one season.

  • Kris

    Isn’t her show on Oxygen, not WE TV?

  • Dach

    Whoopi and Barbara needs to stfu. Don’t get all “selective” about which people you have a problem doing reality tv…aand calling it frivolous. If they feel so strongly about this, then call out all the people who do shows like this. I would love to see them try this mess with The Braxtons, Ice-T & Coco just name a few. Two damn hypocrites.

    • LG

      ya but none of those reality tv “stars” you mentioned are saying “im this amazing good person and no one sees that”.
      that was the whole point whoopi and baba wawa were trying to make.

  • Lacey

    You know what is worse than a Paris Hilton reality tv show (aside from the obvious answer of the Kardashians)? People who ACTUALLY watch this stuff. Terrible.

    • Susan

      I’ve been thinking the exact same thing! They would stop making this crap if people would stop watching it.

    • Meredith

      If we ignore it, IT WILL go away (eventually).

  • MaddieJ

    I love that they did this. It’s something I’ve wanted more people to do in their interviews with her. While I agree that the view ladies are pretty annoying and I don’t usually take their side, I am with them on this. I knew, when she got out of jail and was all preachy she would revert right back and sure enough, she did. She obviously was upset by this in this interview and kept her mouth shut a majority of her interview.
    On the otherhand, it would be hard for people to point put my flaws on live tv but she kind of asks for it.

  • cmc

    I think the clip is HILARIOUS. And for all the people mentioning other reality stars (namely the Kardashians) at least they’re honest about the fact that their over the top drama keeps them in the spotlight. You don’t see Kim going on the View and talking about how she’s “soooo different now”. You see her peddling her giant ring and engagement for publicity. At least they’re not trying to convince us they’re selling anything but what they actually are.

    • Pixxie

      I totally agree.

  • Kells

    I think this new show is just a really sad, pathetic attempt on Paris’ part to remain relevent in a world that has moved on from her and her stupidity.

    • Lynne

      Yes, I agree. She’s a joke and she’ll always be a joke.

  • Adrian

    So first Paris says that “everything on her show is real and it’s not scripted” then her mom later says that “Paris does have to appeal to her viewers” so then yes some parts are in a way scripted to get viewers attention. Gawd she bugs.

  • Will

    I must confess… I consider myself far from being smart.
    But good God…. The Hiltons make me feel like I’m Einstein.

  • Dana

    I think its really sad that at 30 she has not changed one bit..Has anyone notice she is the Queen of Back Handed Compliments?

  • Ashley

    Her show is “100% unscripted and all her” but she’s just “being funny and making a joke” about her dislike for the mandatory community service because it’s tv and wants to stay interesting? I will not be subjecting myself to this show at all… At least the simple life had nicole, she was the best/funniest. Paris just tries WAY too hard.

  • Nin

    It’s interesting how her show starts off with the attempted break-in. Her show didn’t start filming until months later….and why move into Nicky’s house when she could stay in a hotel (she is after all a Hilton Hotel heiress) until she felt comfortable enough to go home? So I call bullshit that this show is completely real and unscripted. It’s the thing that makes you hmmm.

  • kyle

    we need a “Paris Go Away” collective front!