Here Come ‘The Real Housewives Of Vancouver’


A new report out this week claims that the next installment of The Real Housewives TV show franchise will be filmed for the first time in a Canadian city. According to The Province, the Slice network has announced that they will be filming The Real Housewives of Vancouver set to air later this year. It is uncertain if this new installment of the franchise will air here in the US but considering Vancouver’s proximity to the US, I would certainly hope we get the option to watch.

The camera is about to be turned on Vancouver society as the Slice network will be delivering to TV The Real Housewives of Vancouver sometime in the next year. It was announced in Toronto yesterday at the Shaw Media’s Upfronts (where TV schedule is presented to advertisers) that a Vancouver edition of the reality TV franchise had been green lit. The fluffy franchise that focuses on mostly rich women who live lives full of private jets, private parties and private information made public began on Bravo in 2006 with the Real Housewives of Orange County. From that batch of blonde bombshells, who are still on the air, it has grown to an international hit with six other stops across the U.S. as well as shows in Greece and Israel … Slice has released no names and, at press time, representatives from the network had not returned calls … One thing is for sure though whoever does agree to be part of this show will have to have some pretty thick skin.

I had no idea that there are Real Housewives shows in Israel and Greece. I mean, it makes sense why the US wouldn’t get to see those shows … but Vancouver is so close, I hope we do get to see this show. I also hope the Vancouver Housewives know how to bring the drama because I’d hate for anyone to be subjected to another horrible season of the show … like we did with The Real Housewives of DC (which, merifully, was canceled after only one season). Ick! A show about Vancouver Housewives has a lot of potential … I guess we’ll have to see what will come from this initial news. What do you Canucks think? Are you excited for a RHOV series?

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  • Mitchell

    It should be interesting. But the Real Housewives of Toronto or Montreal would be much more interesting, I think. Those two cities carry some of Canada’s oldest, most notoriously incognito monied families. Like, generations of groomed old money. In Toronto, for example, there are unbelievably wealthy families who have socialite daughters that live wild lives like that of Paris and Kim. They only ever make the Toronto magazine socialite sections though. Maybe it’s the same in Vancouver and this show will expose it, let’s hope so!

    • Bin

      That kind of wealth exists in every city you idiot.

  • canaussiegirl

    Please no. I am not only Canadian, I live in Vancity and this is ridiculously funny to me.

    But I guess post-yoga Starbucks, jogging on the seawall and shopping in Yaletown could be a nice way to showcase the best city in the world…..

    Oh.. and GO CANUCKS GO!

    • vangirl

      what you said… as a proud vancouverite, i’m finding it hard to imagine the shennanigans and brainless antics of vancouver socialites’ could hold a candle to the old money of toronto and montreal. but then – i certainly don’t travel in those circles, so who am i to say? and i guess that’s the whole point of these shows? this is a much smaller town than TO or Montreal, so i’m intensely curious to find out who these “housewives” will turn out to be.

    • Jess

      Maybe they could just have us canadians riding our moose to tim hortons lol

      And I swear I heard chatter last year of a Toronto version of housewives but nothing seems to have happened

    • Melissa

      @Jess That’s hilariouss!!!!! LOL!! Riding a moose to go for a timmies. Can really picture that, eh?!

  • canaussiegirl

    @Trent…. the source is actually The Province not The Provence.


  • Nathan

    I wonder what area the ladies will live – likely in the British Properties, the Point Grey area or Downtown. I think I’m excited to see this.
    @Vangirl While I agree that Montreal and Toronto probably have more old money than Vancouver, the women of these shows generally don’t tend to be from old money. Most actually tend to marry into it or become successful themselves. Broadcasting your life and “dirty laundry” isn’t considered proper behaviour when you’re from old money.

  • Chelsea

    ya.. montreal and toronto have old families.. but Vancouver is the #1 place in the world to live in, as well as Canada. It is also the most expensive place to live in Canada, because the show will most likely have a cast of women living in Kitsilano, Yaletown, North Vancouver, and West Vancouver… money = drama !! rumour is that Trevor Linden’s wife Christina will be one of the housewives, she’s so lovely and god knows us Vancouverites love us some Trevor Linden! I live in North Van… it’ll be interesting to see all the places I know on t.v.!! like it was during the olympics, can’t wait!! GO CANUCKS GO, WERE BRINGING HOME THE CUP BABY!

    • peachy

      me too, i never watch these types of shows, but i like to see places i recognise on TV.

  • sals

    i’m also a vancouverite…very interesting news!!! can’t wait to see what they showcase! woohoo. the best place on earth! =)

  • Jennifer

    I’m from Vancouver as well. While it will be nice to have the city featured I suppose, it sucks that it will be because of garbage like “Real Housewives”.

  • north shore housewife

    Firstly, doubters, in case you haven’t read the papers lately, West Vancouver is the Beverly Hills of Canada. We are home to the country’s most expensive real estate. Secondly, americans don’t speak french nor do they want to hear any francophone accents on their TVs hence why T.O. or Montreal didn’t get a show. Thirdly, i don’t think it will be a problem finding gals with the bucks…you can’t even buy a piece of dirt around here under the $1.5 million mark. The only thing that I can’t see working is that Vancouver women do not walk around town with fake eyelashes, glitter tops and over-teased bleached hair. We are a little more natural looking in our Lululemon outfits and our Range Rovers. Can’t wait to see who pops up on this show!

  • BCDanielle

    Oh dear…I live in the metro area and I am slightly worried about this :(

  • Mitchell

    @ North Shore Housewife: Few people in Toronto are Francophone. And don’t ever think Vanouver has more money than Toronto and its Metro area. In fact, Oakville — an affluent Toronto suburb —- houses Canada’s three most expensive houses. Oh, and as someone working in film and TV in Toronto, I can tell you this show was supposed to be filmed in Toronto but no one agreed to do it. Vancouver is a great city, but our country still runs out of Toronto.

    • Kali

      Actually Ben Mulroney’s wife agreed to it. “The Canadian Real Estate Association in May revised its 2011 average price forecast up because of a jump in Vancouver area multi-million dollar property sales. ” Hmmm didn’t see Oakville or T.O. mentioned in there anywhere.. I love Van but having lived both here and in Montreal for a number of years I would have to say Montreal would have been a better choice for this show for sure. Plus I’m pretty sure all of the Real Housewives of Vancouver live in Hong Kong anyways so it might be tricky.

    • north shore housewife

      The country may “run” out of TO (not really but torontonians like to think so), however no one wants to live there given the choice…ick. Did you watch the olympics? Hello? This is the most beautiful city in the country and it will make a fab backdrop for this cheesy show! Oh and btw, if you still think Oakville has more expensive homes than West Van, you’d better check out the Cdn real estate page…numbers don’t lie babe. One last comment…Go Canucks Go!

    • canaussiegirl

      Not to get into a pissing contest with you Mitchell….. but when was the last time Toronto topped the worlds most livable city (8 times since 2002)? Or the Best Destination in Canada (by Travel Weekly)… or any of the other countless Awards Vancouver has been awarded.

      And regarding real estate costs: average price in BC for a house = $520,400 Average for Ontario = $344,400.

      And I know people from Toronto think they live in the capital, but really? Our country runs out of Toronto? Please. Get over yourself.

      Go Canucks Go ;)

    • Harper Lee

      who cares!!!!! who’s richer….barf! I know some of these women who will be on the show and the look nothing like the Beverly Hills matrons. They are far younger and they do an exceptional amount of charity work and good deeds. and they also happen to be Rich.
      You tune into the show because you are waiting for a trainwreck because it makes everyone watching it feel better about themselves.
      People have free will and if they want to put their lives on display let them.
      YOU ALSO HAVE THE FREE WILL TO NOT WATCH……but of course everyone will

  • Racine

    I.CAN’T.WAIT…I’m addicted to them all! They really should do one here in Saskabush…LOTS of drama here, it’s unbelievable! Hockey moms, hillbilly’s, and me, who does not belong in this hellhole, LOL…Small towns are NOT what they seem…

  • andrea

    Oh.dear.lord. Isn’t it enough that us “common” Vancouverites are subjected to the high class ladies strolling Yaletown with their dogs in strollers and their stiletto heels on on a daily basis? Now we have to see it on TV?! The one positive about this is that the show will give a great view of this amazing city. We got our little bit of time in the sun during the Olympics, but now more people will be able to see how truly beautiful Vancouver really is!

    aaaaaaand…..GO CANUCKS GO!!!!! BRING HOME STANLEY BOYS!!!!!

  • mickeymarkoff

    They can never make enough Real Housewives series!!! Bring it!

  • Honest Sally

    Lame. I live in Vancouver and it’s boring as hell. You’ll end up seeing a lot of pot smoking, brainless, fake designer wearing women. Their husbands will be close to the same but screwing around on them (with men)and scamming whomever they are working for to pay the mortgage.

  • Mary

    Yeah! I love that series. Can’t wait to show the world that we don’t all live in igloos. Vancouver is a great city.

  • Vancat

    I think as long as they have the acutaly Vancouver ‘socialites’ and not those fake, pretentious women (who have no husband, no real career) to represent Vancouver, then it MAY be interesting. I’ve seen too many “Ladies” with nothing of thier own, just clinging on to random men to get trips, gifts ect. We don’t want to showcase a bunch of sleazy women with good marketing skills as “Vancouver Housewives”!

  • West Van Girl

    From a true, born and raised girl from West Van- I can assure you that you will all be very entertained. From the gossip, to the real estate- you will see why so many people love Vancouver. Perhaps the big cities back east have old money, but the thing about the ‘new money’ in Vancouver is that the women are not afraid to spend it. In fact, they are afraid to keep it in their bank accounts, as they do not truly think the life style will last. The number of families that go through the revolving door of bankruptcy is astounding. You will see a lot of hush hush income as well, perhaps a few arrests and investigations… Welcome to the RHOV, see our yachts, our whistler homes, private planes and local celebrities. Enjoy!

    • DTgal

      WestVanGirl is the only posting i see here bang on, as I can already figured out her connection and she knows what she is talking about, as all cast members and their families have signed a gag order. I have my own connection to the cast and filming that commenced a few weeks ago, and I will only say that the integrity of the Lindens has been saved as they were never on any serious list or on the show. What you will find is a bevy of known and unknowns that will be sure to bring some entertainment fodder, with the beauty of world class Vancouver, that the East’s old money can not buy.

  • Emily

    I’m so excited that RH is coming to a Canadian city, I’m only disappointed that it isn’t starting with Toronto! I’ve lived on the west coast for 6 years as well as living in Toronto for the past 3 years and I can guarantee that Toronto would’ve been a much better pick. Oh well, hopefully Vancouver can pull off SOME sort of entertainment with links to people who are actually known so RH can continue to grow in Canada and get to Toronto or Montreal.
    As for the debate on New money vs old money….ALL major cities in Canada (Van, TO, or MTL) ALL have new money AND old money, they are all metropolis’s for crying out loud.

  • vancitygirl

    I really hope that the producers are smart enough to at least have a few Real Housewives from West Van. These shows need to be more about “housewives” than just random rich people that live in Vancouver. There are a ton of wives of high powered executives that live in West Van and they are beautiful and care a lot about their appearance and probably lead really interesting lives.

  • Sebastian

    I love how the comments became Vancouver Vs Toronto, lol, as usual.

    Anyways, my best friend is on the show. They’re filming now. She’s the make up artist and friend of one of the housewives.

    I can’t wait for it to air… Drama drama drama!

  • TheTiki

    For sure the housewives will be coming from the following areas, British Properties, Coal Harbour/Yaletown, Kits area and Oak area. Wouldn’t be surprised to see at least one housewife from Richmond.

    And it wont be fun without at least a Honger and Persian mixed into the crowd of housewives cast, since they make up for most of Vancouvers wealth.

  • Anna

    I think it would be great, but lets do it in style, especially after what has happened with Russell Armstrong from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. What a tragedy, having to keep up with the Jones’s, all that pressure to fit in financially, what a shame. The producers need to be as creative as possible and introduce real family drama which includes the whole family. Trust me this is not easy especially when this next generation of kids think they are so hard done by, and their clothes smell like pot and they need bigger wheels on their car. What a tragedy life sucks” Mom.” I look forward and will definitely watch, if you need any good advice on drama, I have great ideas.

  • Anna

    I think it would be great, but lets do it in style, especially after what has happened with Russell Armstrong from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. What a tragedy, having to keep up with the Jones’s, all that pressure to fit in financially, what a shame. The producers need to be as creative as possible and introduce real family drama which includes the whole family. Trust me this is not easy especially when this next generation of kids think they are so hard done by, and their clothes smell like pot and they need bigger wheels on their car. What a tragedy life sucks” Mom.” I look forward and will definitely watch.

  • John

    Will be interesting to see how many Asians are in this one considering Vancouver is considering changing it’s name to Hongcouver. Maybe we will even get to see the parents of the 19yr old street racers that drive around in their parents ferraris and lamborghinis :O

  • JLO

    heard a rumour that trevor lindens wife is one of the housewives

    • TheTiki

      I heard that too!

  • stephro

    SO EXCITED! Im from Vancouver this going to be awesome I’ll 100% be watching this i hope it is awesome!

  • DM

    I was in Carmelo’s restaurant 3 weeks ago during filming and the 2 women in it were basically carbon copies of the California housewives – tall, Amazonian types with bleached hair, hair pieces and botoxed and collagened. Looking on the border of transvestites really. The diners in the restaurant were subjected to loud descriptions of how wonderful Palm Springs is etc. The blond one with the long (fake?) braid was especially annoying. Really is this the best the producers can do? Surely there are more interesting individuals out there, but then again interesting women who actually contribute to society would hardly want to be in the spotlight.

    • Sarah M

      ugh I’m cringing already at the thought.

    • lani

      what the hell are u talking about?

    • Harper Lee

      you obviously weren’t wearing your glasses because some of those women are drop dead gorgeous or perhaps u may be suffering from some green envy.
      who cares!!!!! who’s richer….barf! I know some of these women who will be on the show and the look nothing like the Beverly Hills matrons. They are far younger and they do an exceptional amount of charity work and good deeds. and they also happen to be Rich.
      You tune into the show because you are waiting for a trainwreck because it makes everyone watching it feel better about themselves.
      People have free will and if they want to put their lives on display let them.
      YOU ALSO HAVE THE FREE WILL TO NOT WATCH……but of course everyone will.

    • Harper Lee

      and FYI the blond one with the “fake braid” is known all over Vancouver and many other places internationally for having the most amazing thick rich hair anyone has ever seen. And if it wasn’t her….once again who cares if someone is wearing a fake braid! Get a life or go to the hairdresser and make yourself feel better.

    • lexi

      what nationality is budjuso?? croatian or serbian or eastern european?

  • Jackie

    Expect lots of yoga-wear and the same vapidity as all the other Real Housewives editions.

  • lesleybrody

    Wow sounds great but I don’t think they will get as bitchy as the other housewives… I mean I can’t imagine the Linden wife getting all gosssipy.

  • michelle


  • lesleybrody

    anybody know who the wives are for sure?

  • lesleybrody

    Okay starting to wonder about Ginger. It seem to be a bone of contention.

    • lani

      agreed…ginger seek help please

  • toorich2care

    I slept with Frank Palmer and Trevor and should have been on the show, But I don’t dye my hair or get botox or talk about how much money I have.

  • lesleybrody

    Its going to be great !!!

  • Lady Bug

    K Ginger it’s coming across that you in fact, may be the one that is drinking too much!! If u don’t care for your sister move on or seek therapy. Ur constant negative rants about ur family member is both highly inappropriate and in extremely poor taste!

  • mak

    they filmed in the erickson in yalettown .. I watched tit from my patio

    • mark

      what did you watch from your patio?

  • mak

    any now when it supposed to be on the air?

  • Kitty!


    • nativetabb

      when are they going to make a show with poor peeps in it l guess never hey

  • Kitty!

    Looking forward to when it airs!

  • canuckchick

    I think RHOV will be a smash hit. Us Canadians will watch it because it’s home and Americans will watch it out of curiosity to see how posh Canadian women live. I say GO FOR IT Vancouver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kitty!

    This blog really should about us folks looking forward to the housewives!! Nuff said …. I have not seen anything that says the Real Life of Ginger.But seriously judging by all the hoopla maybe we have something here… it could run right after the RHOV! Oh and here is a shout out to “Interested”!

  • michelle

    Looking forward to the show….to see who the hubbies are…cannot wait to spot them in a lounge and ask them how much they will pay for that blowjob…..then I can post the photo on FB of me going down in a blaze of glory……woohoooo……

    • michelle

      About as classy as this show :)

    • kayla

      you’re a pig! (michelle)

  • michelle

    Christina Aisenstat, Jody Chan, Reiko Mackenzie, Ronnie Negus, Mary Zilba and Bret Flynn are the new housewives.

  • michelle

    Sorry its Jody Claman, and I googled her name and guess what comes up? She is suing the contractor of her Whistler home for letting her two cats out of the garage into the house. Since the cats did not have food or water they made a little mess and pooped in her shoes and on her dress….WHAT THE HELL? Who leaves their cats locked in a garage anyways for a week????? Helloooooo ummmmm animal control?????? What a fucking joke this show is going to be!!!

  • michelle

    Now I feel bad for being mean..

    I guess I am just JEALOUS….ah well…The one thing my manic depressive mother (yes its true) taught me was to luv unconditionally.

    I wish all the lovely ladies and the show much SUCCESS!!!!!



  • Kitty!

    And so it begins…..

  • Kitty!

    aha watched them today… seems to be a tall beautiful blonde in the middle,,,

  • What are they gonna be junkies of Vancouver? I was in that city and was creeped out.

  • Michelle

    Most men are pigs Kayla….you should know that your young age…..just some friendly advice. Don’t drink or do drugs either.

  • Kitty!

    Hey interested where ya been what is going on?

    • Kitty!

      ok seriously do I get to join the festivities? I would hate to crash it! lol

  • Vicki

    I saw the commercial the other day and at first, thought it was a joke (didn’t know their was a RHOV in the works) The ‘tease’ commercial only showed the backs of the ‘ladies’ …. thinking that it was a joke because, from the back, they looked like transvestites.

  • Jan

    Come on people !, it’s only another Housewives TV show. What the heck, it’s entertainment! That is what TV is all about. Good lord get a grip!

  • nativetabb

    ok whe do poor peeps have a show hey

  • nativetabb

    l live in toronto we got rich peeps too just saidng but more poor peeps then rich l guess l only see the poor not the other ones, l live on the wrong side of the road l guess lol

  • kitty

    I do not know what you are talking about but it looks like you are freaking out! Who are these people? Are they on the show?

  • They are badly dressed.If i did not know i would think they were in drag except for the middle one.The second one in line looks like a man.The last one is plain ugly.The first one cant dress.

  • Kitty!

    You twisted gals should start a new show… why is it you don’t talk about the Housewvives? Because that is what I’m talking about. I am going to go crap in my Jimmy Choo shoes now.. ta ta girls!

  • lexi

    after having just seen the rhov and seeing marika, i think i believe Ginger.
    Who are these women? I grew up in Vancouver, from the westside and still am and I have never seen such caricatures! absolutely fake and phoney botoxed people. Wow. Are they for real?? Also, there is something very weird and phoney about Kristina. She definitely has a hidden past Real rough. Perhaps escort or hooker/stripper in past life?? would not doubt this. I mean, what “29” year old woman of today talks and acts like her?? She looks like she has been put through the ringer in more ways than one. Bad past.

  • Michelle

    Well my cablevision was cut off last week and when I phoned the cable company I told them the only shows I watch are the real housewives….no discount grrrrrr. I did manage to view tonites show though! Luv Grama Mackenzie!!! Pretty funny watching the gangster swinging on a swingset gleefully without a care in the world : ) I also have to admit caring deeply for the sharp shooting Jewish cupcake lady who laughs from the belly. Do us Real Housewives proud. Please let me know if you need me to service any of your men. Go Team!!!!!

  • Even the blind could see

    Am I really the only one to realize that A) the chance that the person claiming to be “ginger” is really Marika’s sister and not a delusional mentally unbalanced individual desperate for attention are equivilant to the chances that I’m really Madonna lol.

    and B) person claiming to be “ginger” is also “Christian”, “superchick”, “Chelsea” and “donatella”….as my name suggests, even the blind could see they all have the EXACT same writting style, ranting/rambling, and almost the exact same word for word commentary.

    I’m gonna go wild and say this nut job probably has never even met Marika Palmer.

  • Crystalshae

    Ginger is really marika’s sister .

    • Even The Blind Could See

      Im not questioning IF Marika has a sister named Ginger, I’m saying I do not believe that the person on here claiming to be her is in fact Ginger. It’s very unlikely that a family would choose this forum to air their grievances amongst themselves, when none of us (strangers) can do anything about it nor does the “support” or “opinions” of strangers make a damn bit of difference in how her family treats her.

  • Crystalshae

    Trust me , ginger is really ginger

  • Rhonda

    Love the show,looking forward to next episode.Hell,i should be on it :)

  • Michelle

    This is a great group of women! I would be interested in their political affiliations. I am not sure if any of the posters are aware of an emerging party in Alberta called the Wild Rose Party. As women…we should pay very close attention to Danielle Smith and her supporters. Our Charter of Rights and Freedoms are under attack by this party. Think of it what you will…but please think about it. We need to keep ‘steppin it up’ as women and not be caught with our bra and panties off ;) Our mothers and grandmothers sacrificed so much for us. We are the keepers of our ‘OWN’ bodies and souls.

  • Crystalshae

    @ Superchick – lol I like how you defend ginger and think that she’s a nice person and that she does good around Victoria . Let me tell you , ginger is nothing but a cold , hurtful , inconsiderate and self absorbed person . And then you bash Marika and Louis !!! Ginger is messed in the head . You are hilarious

  • Michelle

    I think they they should throw an egg freezing party for the young one on the show :)

  • Marcy

    Marika is ugly. She has painted on eyebrows and way way too much botox. If she were my sister I wouldn’t even let people know.

  • Bev

    There’s no way Mia is being “the way she actually is” on the show. Nobody is that vile.

  • Michelle

    I love the ladies !!!! I want to frolick in the sea with Ronny!!!!! Please can I be her friend OMFG I luv her house!!!!!

  • Janet

    The Vancouver housewives are an embarrassment to woman in this beautiful
    Grow up drama queens

  • Vicki

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    • Vicki

      Could someone email me and let me know if anyone is interested in my products as I don’t have my website up yet as I had to do a million things to get my business up and running and I work 7days a week until oct then I’m going on a much needed vacation, ty