First Look: The Britney Spears ‘Femme Fatale’ Tour Stage Layout Is Revealed


Hot on the heels of news that Britney Spears will be taking her Femme Fatale Tour to Europe this Summer comes our first look at the seating chart/stage layout for Britney’s new concert tour. The MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV posted a detailed seating chart for the show that gives us our first look at what Britney’s elaborate stage will look like. Click below to see the chart and read what Britney has to say about her upcoming Femme Fatale Tour.

As you can see, there will be a big main stage with a lot of stuff going on as well as a catwalk/walkway with a conveyor belt that leads to the B Stage in the center (complete with a “turntable”) — click the photo above to see a larger size. This stage looks really huge … I mean, damn, this show is going to rule. Britney just started rehearsals on this new stage and she tweeted that the show will be the “best” of her career:

Britney will kick off her tour here in California in just a couple off weeks and I will get to see her in LA and then Anaheim in just 3 weeks. I am going to really REALLY try and not be spoiled with actual photos of the show before I see it but I doubt I’ll be very successful. I hear there is a setlist floating around for the show … which I refuse to see so that I can keep some of the show a surprise. This tour is going to rule … I can just FEEL IT. Wee!!

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  • Mitchell

    I want to go so bad, but I’m unemployed and can’t afford it. I’ve never seen her live and she’s been to my city at least twice everytime she tours, I just never could: 1) find anyone to go with; 2) was out of town; 3) couldn’t afford it. Here’s hoping a job pops up in the next few weeks. I’m prepared to go to this concert alone.

    Trent, please post lots of pictures so I can experience her vicariously through you if I don’t find a job, lol! Thanks!

    • kendra

      Ahh Mitchell..It’s like we’re living the same life! Except your life involves having a penis..

    • Jorge

      I hope you get to go. I saw her last Circus tour twice and it was amazing. I went to her concert alone the first time, and I traveled to DC to see her (I live in NC), I thought she wasn’t going to be coming here, so I didn’t take my chances and went by myself!

  • james

    but will she SING LIVE ?????

    • Mitchell

      Obviously, she always does. Don’t believe all those incorrect media reports claiming she lip-syncs. :P

    • Dot

      yeah and she’ll also dance her ass off on stage ;)

    • Kate

      Any performer that dances during their shows is completely unable to sing all of their songs without at least a back track. They would be so out of breathe it would be impossible to do both! Britney’s shows are more about the show as a whole than just hearing her sing :)

    • JeniLee

      yeah except she doesnt really dance anymore unless you think walking, whipping her hair, and moving her arms is dancing. I don’t.

    • james

      you’ve obviously have never seen Kylie live…she doesn’t use a backing track and she dances more than Britney does these days….Jenilee is right, Brit can’t use that excuse anymore…walking around looking confused and the occasional hair whip doesn’t make a dance routine…i love Brit on record but if she refuses to sing live , i cant be bothered to shell out $300 for tickets.

    • @james @kate — I’ve seen both Kylie and Britney live and I love them both. Let’s stop fighting over ridiculous “this artist is better than that artist” nonsense. Love one another :D

    • Jake

      Well it’s not impossible to sing and dance at once. Just look at live clips of her up until In The Zone. In most of them it’s clear that she sings live AND AT THE SAME TIME her dancing is amazing.

      Now you can barely call it dancing, maybe because she used to dance in flat shoes and now she wears high heels plus her knee surgery? And her singing, well she’s not singing.

      It kind of looks like she doesn’t enjoy it as much as she used to…sadly…

  • …yeah ,.. wanna see her too sing live and dance her ass off that stage …

  • Bosnia

    Will be in the section B…can’t wait!!!

  • rapsody7

    Suckage, more insanely overwhelming lip synching and bad dancing (which she tries to cover up with her backup dancers dancing in front of her). If you are going to buy tickets to her show though, lemme know, because I”m going to make a Britney sock puppet that lip synchs to her music and I’ll only charge half of one of her tickets!

  • C-rex

    it might just be me, but AT FIRST GLANCE when I saw the layout of the stage, I saw a penis… Then again, maybe I just need a romp with the husband…

    • TLM

      Ha ha ,, I thought it looked like ovaries ,, haha!!

    • kendra

      @C-rex – That’s what I came here to post! Haha!

  • Bec

    Best show? Why? Will she actually sing?

    • gayana

      If she sings, it will turn out to be the worst show. I hope she puts on a good show with acrobats, dancers, snakes and tigers lol.
      If i want to hear someone SING, i go to see AGUILERA.

      but i might be going to see britney spears in Paris if she promises NOT to sing live.

  • David

    I found the whole Femme Fetale Extended version!! does anybbody know if she is going to release this??? can anybody rip them for me????? THEY ARE AMAZING!