Watch: Possible New Viral Videos From ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Hit The Internets


A couple weeks ago we got our first look at the first official photo of Tom Hardy as Bane in the upcoming sequel film Batman: The Dark Knight Rises from a new viral campaign game from the film. This new viral campaign has been tagged #TheFireRises … and seems tied to a You Tube account by the same name that has been releasing short videos seemingly to promote the film. Click below to check out 2 videos that seem Bane-related from this new The Fire Rises viral campaign for The Dark Knight Rises.

The first clip looks to be a grainy news report from GCN (Gotham City News) about a breakout from Arkham Asylum:

The second clip seems to be surveillance footage from that breakout … you can hear the chant Bane mátalo, which is Spanish for Kill him, Bane:

It’s unknown if these videos are officially part of the Dark Knight Rises viral campaign or if they are just clever fan videos but one thing’s for sure … the next year is going to be chock full of these kinds of mysterious offerings. The Dark Knight Rises won’t hit theaters for over a year … let the games begin.

As for these videos … what do y’all think? Impressed?

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  • Sara

    Oh man I can’t wait!!! :D

  • Jake

    Wouldn’t be too surprised if this was for Batman: Arkham City, the video game. It’s coming out in October, seems more timely.

  • Strid

    there is a facebook page mentionned at the end of the first one :
    fake or not, difficult to tell …

  • Satty

    I have been trying to watch the videos and be on your site Trent but OMG there is this baby talking that i can’t find to turn off! What is that?

  • kate

    not sure if they are legit, but the anchor in the first video is deffinitely anthony michael hall. he played the news anchor in the dark knight.

  • Neil

    is catwoman in the asylum too?