Robert Pattinson Begins Filming ‘Cosmopolis’ In Toronto


Robert Pattinson has made his way to Toronto, Ontario to film a new David Cronenberg-directed film titled Cosmopolis. In the film, Pattinson plays a young billionaire who goes for a taxi ride — that changes his life! Or … something like that. Click below to check out a few photos of R. Pattz on set with his co-star Sarah Gadon in Toronto this week.

Shooting has begun in Toronto on Robert Pattinson’s (“Water for Elephants,” “The Twilight Saga”) new thriller directed by the king of creepy, David Cronenberg (“The Fly, “A History of Violence’). In “Cosmopolis,” Pattinson plays young billionaire, Eric Packer. The film follows Packer as his routine cab ride to get a haircut turns into 24 hours of everything but routine. In this first look photo from the shoot above, we see Pattinson’s character has at least one good reason for a detour. Co-star Sarah Gadon (“A Dangerous Method”) makes for a pretty distraction. Pattinson’s costars also include Academy Award-winner Juliette Binoche (“Chocolat”), Academy Award-nominee Paul Giamatti (“Sideways”), and Academy Award-nominee Samantha Morton (“In America”).

I gotta say … I’m intrigued by this film description. I’m also curious to see how the beautiful city of Toronto treats the megasuperstar while he is in town. I’m sure there are quite a few Canadian Twihards in the area that will be scrambling to get a glimpse of Rob in their fair city. I wonder what other sort of photos we’ll be seeing from the set of Cosmopolis.

[Photo credit: INFdaily; Source]

  • Dot

    He looks good, but what I want to know is when will they release “Bel Ami”? Anyway I read that “Cosmopolis” is based on a book so I’ll probably go to my library tomorrow and get a copy just to know what it’s about.


    I’m still on the fence with Robert. He’s a good-looking guy, but I can’t really pinpoint his acting… Not yet, at least. I saw “Water for Elephants” and it was really good, but it’s hard to see him be anyone else BUT Edward Cullen. : /

  • Mitchell

    DeLillo’s _Cosmopolis_ is a ridiculously entertaining book. Emphasis on the ridiculous, though. I’ll have my eyes out for him while he’s in town — better yet, I’ll just look for screaming and crying girls swarming an unidentifiable object. To be honest though, most celebs in Toronto go incognito. It’s a good city in which to blend.

    • Mitchell

      “I’ll have my eyes out for him while he’s in town […]”

      *him being Pattinson, not DeLillo

  • Velaine

    I don’t know the girl in the picture, but the list of other actors attached to the movie make me want to see it.

    • Jess

      she tends to play the bitchy girl in a lot of canadian shows/movies and she does a really good job.

  • nicole

    if you hear thats hes gone missing in toronto…
    you’ll find him in my bedroom.

    • @nicole — Hahaha

  • sarahhh

    ohhh i didn’t know he was in town. they are filming a movie just down the street from me.. wonder if its the movie! i’ll have to do some investigating lol

  • AmandaPalmina

    Torontonians don’t care about celebrities. They come, they go….just like everyone else.

  • canaussiegirl

    Torontonians may not care, but Twi-fans are a different breed……..

    Vancity peeps also don’t care, but when the twilight crew were in town it was nutty.

    • nicole

      agreed…Toronto doesnt care..but i dont doubt theres some girls skipping school and spending the day trying to find him.
      but Taylor made it out unharmed…so there could be a chance for Rob.

  • I know where!!!!

    He’s filming tommorow at an etheopian restaurant in bloor st near ossington