Watch: A Clip Of Taylor Lautner Kickin’ Ass In ‘Abduction’ Hits The Internets


Back in April we got our first look at the first movie trailer for Twilight star Taylor Lautner’s new feature film Abduction. Today, courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel Live, we get to see an almost 1-minute clip from the film that shows Lautner’s character kickin’ some major ass on a speeding train. I have to say, the clip makes the film look exciting … wait ’til you see what Lautner can do with his muscley thighs.

Ladies and gentlemen, I think Abduction will show us the birth of a new action movie star. And, like most action movie stars, he may not be the best actor (tho, that still remains to be seen) but the boy appears to be able to do action scenes with ease. We will have to reserve final judgment until the film comes out later this year … but I like what I see thus far. Little Lautner is growing up nicely, I’d say.


  • Tracy

    Looks pretty good…go Taylor

  • mike

    The clip didn’t really do much for me, but I am already sold on the movie…can’t wait to see this…looks awesome

  • Charlotte

    You had me at “muscley thighs”…

  • Dot

    the clip looks really cheap but maybe the film will be better

  • Anonymous

    Never thought I’d envy someone getting their ass kicked. But I’d kill to be locked between those strong, muscular thighs. Taylor’s gonna kick some ass at the box-office. He’s amazing. And charming as well.