Beyoncé Releases The Tracklist For Her New Album ‘4’


Last week we got our first look at the album artwork for Beyoncé‘s upcoming new album 4, due out at the end of June. Today we learn the tracklist for the 12 song album … which seems short considering how long B’s album tracklists usually are. It is presumed that this is the tracklist for the standard edition of the album and that a longer, more expensive deluxe version of the 4 album will feature different artwork and more songs. For now, click below to see the names of the 12 tracks that will be featured on Bey’s new album.

01. 1+1
02. I Care
03. I Miss You
04. Best Thing I Never Had
05. Party (featuring Andre 3000)
06. Rather Die Young
07. Start Over
08. Love On Top
09. Countdown
10. End Of Time
11. I Was Here
12. Run The World (Girls)

You will note that track #5 features guest vocals (as a duet?) with Andre 3000 of Outkast. Except for Run the World (Girls) and Beyoncé‘s second single 1+1 (which she performed on American Idol last night), none of these songs have been heard by the fans at large. I love Run the World so I’m curious to hear how the rest of the album sounds. With the album’s release date just weeks away, I’m sure we’ll be hearing samples of these tracks sooner rather than later ;)


  • Mike

    Run the World (Girls) was a complete failure for Beyowulf. The song failed on the radio and spent like a day at the iTunes top 5 before falling off. Not even killer Billboard Music Award and Oprah performances could have saved a disaster like this.

    With the first single tanking, and a second rush released, this does mean Beyonce could experience lower sales for “4” since there is no huge buzz for her like when Single Ladies was unleashed in 2008.

    • Sophie

      i think ‘Run The World (Girls)’ wasn’t a “failure” it obviously wasn’t as good as the likes of ‘Single Ladies’ or ‘If I Were A Boy’ but you can’t expect every song to do amazing ? I love ‘Run The World (Girls)’ and i think its a great start to her new album :)

    • Fabulosity Chase

      I Agree with you it should be that if it isn’t all ready the new anthem for all women in the world I believe the song makes the statement that women can do things for themselves, and that they really do run the world because “behind every great man is and even better women” and this song shows that more women should take center stage. A line in the song says “You can’t hold me i work 9 to 5″ So women are making it on there own so i say More power to you Beyonce. Girls/Women do run the world.


      you gay boy, shhhhhhh

    • Luna.

      OMG LOSER.
      I think Beyonce is just trying something different with the tecno beat, cause otherwise she will get boring and no one will listen. I think who run the world is a great song to dance on, and I think It’s one of her best videos too.

    • i love your website its very useful , you should upload more of her new songs.

      thanks for everything x

  • krissy

    Since she said she recorded 60 tracks, I am surprised there are only 12 songs on there.

    I haven’t bought the singles, but I will be getting the album. She is a huge talent, and it sounds like this album speaks to where she is at right now. I think that matters more than whether or not it sells/charts more than her previous efforts.

    • luminum

      They’ll probably all show up on a deluxe track, then more on a deluxe international version.

      I love her, but now I know never to buy the first release.

  • cowgirl

    If the album is anything like the first 2 songs I’ve heard?? SHOOT ME NOW.

  • Truth Always

    I love what she did, incorporating different beats and types of music to her songs. Especially the African influence. I think she is a great artist and a superb performer. With that said she has attained a lot of “haters”. To really hit the tops. I think she should have coordinated with her X band mates a little better so that releases for music happen at different intervals. I also believe if they truly support each other properly, everyone of them will be a success in their own right. I also believe this album can still do very well with her vision, but maybe she should solicit some African Artists who really know how to mesh the African beats into pop music. It has been done befor.

  • RoyalT

    I love Run The World, so im excited for her album. The deluxe edition of the album will be released the same day as the normal normal one, so im going to get it. The next single which is suppose to be release on june 1, is best thing i never had. 1+1 was just a promotional single. so im excited to hear best thing i never had because it will probably something like end of time or run the world since summer is here and everyone wants party music.

  • Mathew Büchecker

    I listened to the new 2 tracks, and watched the first video for the new album and I thought that She is on to something… I mean this as in telling a story from first song to last. She mentions revolutions and numbers and girls running the world, so I long anticipate the next piece to that puzzle of 96. Ps – thanks for deleting the twitters.. Cheers.

  • beyoncesuxballz

    Beyonce new stuff sounds recycled and like garbage.there’s new talent out there like adele, gaga, katy perry, hell rihanna and black eye peas-they are making hot futuristic music not whack ass beyawnce

  • LiviAnn


  • abirami

    I feel run the world by beyonce is awesome…..Some people mid hate it because of the music or so whatever. If you can accept Black eye peas digital songs, I think Beyonce’s run the world is acceptable as well…….I am for the rest of the songs….beyonce rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • abirami


  • caroline

    i love (best thing i never had) that song make me think of many thing. it touch me inside, Beyonce you rock

  • i so love run the world, i love all her songs. this is showing how independent we ladies are, some of us are afraid to speak out on things that have happen to us and Beyonce is repping for us so all u HATERS leave her she’s the best EVER. LOVE U Beyonce don’t stop doing what you are doing.

  • Braeona Stoner

    My dad went to school with Beyonce at Welch n ever since i listened to her first song i’ve always loved her !

  • Marisa

    who ever thinks that ‘run the world’ was a failure…. check again mate seriously thats a good song and it deserves to be in the top 5 in itunes.. even though it went off in the first week….. who cares i bet that if you look at the top 40 countdown then it would have easily made it there anyway….
    appreciate music dont live life judging it…
    great advice— take note —

  • I Love This Album. I Like How Beyonce Changed Up Her Style A Little But Still Kept some Of Her Old Style too ♥