Lindsay Lohan Loses Her Top In The Miami Ocean Tide


Over the weekend we saw photos of Linday Lohan (and her exposed nipples) in Miami, FL on the set of a photoshoot for Plum magazine and today we get to see photos of L. Lo playing in the Miami surf with her family and friends. Lindsay, who has a habit of being unable to control her boobies, accidentally lost her bikini top as she was overtaken by the ocean surf … the poor thing :(

Lindsay Lohan just can’t catch a break. The 24-year-old was left red faced in Miami Beach yesterday when her bikini top fell down while she was frolicking in the surf. She attempted to preserve her modesty by wrapping her arms across her chest but she failed to cover up the wardrobe malfunction. The Mean Girls star did her best to laugh off the moment as she emerged from the sea. Lohan was initially playing it coy, hiding behind an orange scarf, but eventually showed off her figure as she went for a swim with a friend.

Lindsay is due to return to LA soon to be punished for her jewelry theft crime and was seen crying by the pool after she received a phone call. It is believed that Lindsay’s 120 day jail sentence will be reduced to 2 weeks of house arrest but, well, I guess anything’s possible where she is concerned. As for those boobs, well, Lindsay has shown them off countless times so … what’s one more boob slip?

[Photo credit: INFdaily; Source]

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    That hair is DISGUSTING!!!!! I know she is probably trying to save money but the boxed bleach kits you get at walgreens just doesn’t work on her.

    • TLM

      You got that right!! I wish she would go back to her dark/natural colored hair.

  • roxster

    who wears that much jewelery to the beach??? and wtf is up with her legs? it looks like someone beat her adn dragged her on her knees.

    • Liz

      She probably is on her knees a lot. :)

  • Jenna

    U don’t wear that kind of bikini to surf. Love her but damn girl.

  • Panti Christ

    Perhaps this was footage for a remake of Stephen King’s classic miniseries The Tommyknockers! LOL

    • Panti Christ

      or perhaps Cujo because those puppies are wild!

  • Jill

    the website that you got these pictures from says she has a ‘pot belly’! I wish I looked that fat in a swim suit. I can’t say I really care for the girl, but she is definitely not fat. I think, body wise, she is finally starting to look healthy.

    • @Jill — The photos are licensed from INFdaily, the text is from The Daily Mail … and yes, I edited out that particularly ridiculous comment.

    • Jill

      Sorry, I didn’t mean to imply that you took the pictures from someone, I was just disgusted that they would say she is heavy. :P

    • @Jill — Oh, no worries … I just wanted to clarify that the photo source and the text source are different. The Daily Mail usually says things like this just to cause controversy.

    • Mimi

      Agreed. I saw that comment as well. It’s a bit sad that her tiny tummy while she’s hunching to pull on a shirt is referred to as a “pot belly”.

    • Certainly no wonder that women have eating disorders when a normal body is decried as “fat.”

  • helen

    It’s a great thing u do Trent by editing those comments out. We don’t need another entertainment media source making girls stop eating ’cause “0 is the new 2 and 2 is the new 4″

    • LG


    • Young women today need a dose of Beth Ditto with her plus size body and her take no shit attitude. Beauty is not a size.

  • krissy

    When it comes to Lindsey, I just don’t trust anything she says or does. It wouldn’t surprise me if she did this on purpose when she knew the paparazzi were there.

  • jacqui

    she needs to accept that god inteded her to be a curvey fair skinned red head and rock the shit out of that.

  • Nicole

    How did she loose her top but not her sunglasses or jewelwey? Set up!

  • SuzieB

    God is she a trainwreck. But.. she better enjoy being out while she can, shouldn’t she be on house arrest soon?

  • Molly

    Um, this has happened to me before-but you don’t get out of the water with your arms awkwardly across your chest like she does! Go underwater and fix it, turn around so you aren’t facing everyone…
    And wearing that much jewelry to the beach is just silly, I don’t care who you are.

  • Edward Botwin

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    Everybody can be re-born while being alive. No?

  • She’s such a mess! That said, describing her as having a “pot belly” is just another example of how messed up Hollywood is! This is the reason why I hear skinny tween girls complain about being “fat” in dressing rooms.

    • perdiz

      Agreed. The worst part is in most cases it looks like my small dog weighs more than them…. ridiculous.

  • gfmgirl

    I HATE this waste of space!! Trent ~ love your site and pretty much agree with you on everything!! But I am so mad at myself for even giving her any comment, but I truly hate the example she is setting for our youth!! (she’s not the only one)

  • TJ

    im sorry but a tiny string bikini is NOT going to stay on in the ocean, and if you think it is, you are a MORON.

  • Debbie

    where can i get those shades?