‘Jersey Shore’s Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino Reportedly Gets Beat Up By Ronnie Magro


For the past couple of weeks, we’ve seen fun photos of the cast of MTV’s Jersey Shore filming the upcoming 4th season of their show in Florence, Italy — including photos of Deena Nicole’s “near death” experience where she almost fell off a bridge — but today we learn that things have taken a serious and violent turn on the Italian set of the show. TMZ is reporting that a physical fight broke out between Mike The Situation Sorrentino and Ronnie Magro and photos show Mike with bruises all over his face and cuts all over Ronnie’s hands. It would appear that Ronnie laid the beat down on The Sitch … much to MTV’s glee, I’m sure.

Ronnie and The Situation got into a MAJOR fist fight with each other last night in Italy … TMZ has learned — and based on the post-brawl pictures … the Sitch got his ass kicked. The two arrived separately back to their apartment hours ago — Situation has red marks covering his face around his left eye. Ronnie’s knuckles were torn up and bleeding. Details around the fight are still unclear — but big surprise … we’re told it all began with a blowout between Ronnie and Sammi.

Considering how much pleasure MTV has in glorifying the violence on Jersey Shore, particularly at the hands of Ronnie, I’m sure the network is dying to air this footage. We’ve seen countless instances of Ronnie’s explosive rage … usually, he just destroys material objects tho, IMHO, he has looked very close to getting violent with his on-again, off-again girlfriend Sammi Sweetheart Giancola. I am not at all surprised at this report that Ronnie got physical with Mike. I’m sure we’ll be hearing more about this incident … and, naturally, we’ll see it play out when the 4th season of Jersey Shore airs on MTV later this year.

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

  • .i

    Oh no Ronnie probably beat the ugly deeper into Situations face! BFD! But for good measure, TEAM RONNIE!!

    • SuzieB

      LMAO! @.i! “beat the ugly deeper into Situations face!” ha!! love that!
      Ronnie’s def got some anger management issues, but…if he’s beatin down on The Situation, that’s OK with me!!

    • Lcassidy4117

      HILARE. You rock.

    • Margaret

      you tool.

  • Kendra

    I know Mike is a dick and causes problems for no reason, but he doesn’t deserve to get his ass beat. They need to get Ronnie into anger management.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I am all for a good ass kicking especially if it is one of the Jersey Shore cast members but RONNIE really needs to get help. He is tough as shit and always pissed which is a dangerous combination!!!

    • kendra

      Preach!! He gets that crazy look in his eyes and it’s scary! I don’t know how Sammi can keep running back to that..

      And isn’t beating on someone considered assault? Don’t they usually kick people out of the Real World houses for doing stuff like this? I never understood why Jersey Shore doesn’t do the same..No..I know..Because it wouldn’t be as entertaining! :)

  • sarahhh

    ronnie needs some serious help. as much as mike is annoying, ya sure he had it coming but ronnie is like a walking time bomb. and needs therapy or anger management pronto!!

  • hollyy

    mike dsnt deserve this ronnie does need alot of help. but i think mike likes sammi sweetheat i think they will be a cute couple………… <3 <3<3<3<3<3

  • They’re BOTH in the wrong.

    Mike LOVES stirring the pot and then acting innocent, it’s amazing that no one tried beating his face in before.

    Ronnie, well, Ronnie obviously needs counseling, it’s surprising that his legal troubs in Jersey didn’t show him that.

  • Ara

    Wow it’s hard to see someone beat up even the Situation. I don’t know if Ronnie needs anger management or to get off the steroids he is more than likely on. It always looks like roid rage to me.

  • rOXy

    Meathead caveman bruiser. Mike is so greasy I’m surprised Ronnie landed a punch. Could it be staged?

  • Lynne

    Ugh, I cringe when I see grown ass people fist fighting.

  • Val 2.0

    Roid rage?

  • Sail

    That’s messed up. When Ron was crying, Mike was there to get him back up. Sammy always starting stuff. Ron is much bigger, muscle wise than Sitch. I think Ron always wanted to beat on The Situation, he was just waiting for the right time.

    I hope my boy DJ Pauly D whoop Ron’s butt. I think Pauly D will get Punk A.s…s ron.

  • Smoo

    Finally! Somebody give him an ass-beating!

  • sucker

    just another night on coke for ronnie

  • VonLmo

    I love it when hot dago top-studs get to working out on each other.

  • Fruit Pie

    This fight would be interesting, if I actually believed it was real.

    Actual drama between actual people would keep my attention. But how much of the Shore is just staged for the cameras?

  • sj dj

    ron is a walking roid rage , but i rate him for leaving it so long to smack mike as i probs wudnt have waited so long, mike totally showed his true self in season 3, what big headed ego tripping water ballon armed punk bitch = team pauly d!

  • Rosalee

    Not a big fan of Ronnie, but good for him to kick Mike’s ugly a$$…

  • bleh

    they’re all scared of ron bunch of pussies always suck up to him because they know hes mentally insane with muscles, they’re all idiots but its fun to watch idiots

  • emily

    so sad :( mike is so cute and ronnie just had to defend sammie and he started a fight :(

  • Michael

    If Ronnie really beat Mike the way they say it went down, then Mike’s face would have been on the floor……….Ronnie had cuts on his hands and Mike just had or seems to me, makeup to look like a he was hurt. Come on MTV do you really think we are that dumb to believe that bullshit really went down. Ratings

  • James

    Low IQ + steroid abuse = a not totally surprising outcome.

  • slinky slappy shoriza ampona


  • Brian

    I can’t imagine anyone who deserves a beating more…

    • Sandipandi

      omg me neither.. I’m not one to condone violence but go Ronnie!!

    • TNT

      No kidding Mike “The DBag” always trying to get the cast members b/c he ran out of his star power in the first season. It was bout time Ronnie laid the smackdown on his dumbass.

    • Drew

      ThAnk you!!! He try’s to start drama because he was never in it and wasn’t important to the show but he’s just taken it outta hand!! He’s gross discusting And a perve!

  • Elizabeth

    i hope ronnie dies in a hole.
    the situation uses his muscles for girls not fighting..!

    • Drew

      He deserves it

    • steve

      i tottaly agree, I had a bit of respect towards ronnie
      but he is such an idiot after what he did. I realy feel bad for mike, because deep down I believe he is a very nice person and he would never fight for no reason. Ronnie in the
      other hand I am SURE that if mike was more muscular than Ronnie size he would’nt even dare to stare him in the eyes.
      Ronnie you idiot if it wasn’t for mike vinny and pauly keeping the show you would’ve worked at mc donalds or a pizza place for 15 bucks an hour

    • tyler

      size dont matter your dumb if you think that

  • mix-ed

    not surprising: mix a cockey (cokey,cockeyed) dumbass with a steroidal dumbass (or should this be “mix two steroidal dumbasses”) and you end up with a fight…
    can you imagine (don’t answer that)

  • kyle

    Stop watching the show then! :-) am willing to bet you will be watching. Easy money :-)

  • Judy

    Not surprised this happened, although it looks like Ronnie won. Looks like the Situation is going to need to borrow a pair of Snooki’s zebra sunglasses to cover up that black eye. I wonder who initiated the fight

    • diego

      situation did

    • Ben

      Ronnie won. Had a buddy that was there. The “Sit” got his but kicked by more than one person!

  • Andrew

    Haaaad respect to Ronnie. Snitch had been needing a correction for a while!!!

  • Mike probably deserved it. He is a troublemaker and a snitch. I am glad someone finally slapped him around a little. Remember when he slapped Snookie in the face in that club? Karma is a bitch …. literally :)

    • yari


  • JerseyChris

    Sick season upcoming.

    I must say after watching the trailer it doesnt seem as exciting as i thought season 4 would be.

    I heard the about the fight but when i look into the trailer it looks crappy and staged.

    Clearly you end up in jail and get convicted infront of a jugde to prisen. We already saw in previous seasons that Ronnie took out 2 “non-muscle drunk easy ass going dudes”.
    How he can be on the show still without sitting in jail for his purpose?

    I really hoped for a cool fist fight but MTV crew failed and it looks like it all ended in 1 hammer in Mikes forehead from Ron. By the way nice make-up, also this could been improved to look more real.

  • jessica

    I think the show is stupid… I wouldnt be surprised if all them on the show had STDS. They sleep around with random people they meet at clubs… Since when is drinking and having sex with random people cool.? Sorry to say, but they are all people to laugh at.

    • Fro0sty

      Then don’t watch it lol.. I will admit it is quite funny to see them act like “Douchebag” but it’s TV and TV is the shit.

  • Shaz

    This time it was not situation that started it I done some research an found out that Ron was in the club with sammi and they had a argument with each other.
    They both came back Ron started to direct his anger towards situation and take the Piss out of his family and the situation lost it an it all started from there.

  • Ronnie suck

    Ronnie sucks , bro bro bro bro bro i love Sammy bro bro bro

  • Hot_Jon93

    about time sitch got his ass kicked

    • F**k U MAN!than aint cool..the situation is. u just another hater bro. too bad. just get a life.

  • ryan

    Some say mike a d bag and all. Its for entertainment purposes, without the drama people wouldn’t come back and watch next weeks show. Yes mike opens his mouth more than he should. But starting a fight and hurting mike isnt a good idea cause its not just them. They have housemates that have to deal with the bs for a while now.

    Ron didn’t need to fight him but thats what steroids does to people.

  • erika

    I hate Ronnie, he’s such a sloppy person. He just needs to get kicked out of the show. Ronnie stop blaming everyone else for stupid mistakes. We all know you love Sammy and you guys are a ****** up relationship. Things will never be great for you guys. Hope somebody your size beats u down.

  • yari

    look for all you ppl who feel bad for mike his ass deserved it. he talks so much shit and hes fake as hell and he thinks nothing is going to happen to him, is about time someone showed him that , he needa stfu talking shit and being a fake bitch. GO RONNIE!

  • joebullick

    What’s really funny is that Ronnie is the one who cried the whole series. Doesn’t that make Ronnie the biggest %$^*. At least Mike stood up to him like a man. Think about it, Mike might have 99 problems but a *&^&* aint one.

  • Pisciotta

    The good news is everyone is still alive. Both men were in the wrong. The entire cast has alot of maturing to do. Thats an understatement…Lolz. Anyway, everyone makes mistakes. Whats important is that these fellas step back for a moment, see what happened and where the problem was, and fix it. Each party needs to point the finger at themselves and see how they contributed to the problem rather than point the finger elsewhere.Hopefully these fellas learned something from this…About themselves…Make the adjustment. Become a better man from the next day forth. Shake hands, squash the shit, and make some money together.

  • Interested Guy

    Ronnie is a dick. How the hel can u beat someone up like that and still live with yorself. The way he strangled him was unbelievable like he was gonna kill him. He needs 2 be beaten but Mike was stirring things up and urging him 2 do stuff he is an asshole 2