First Listen: Alanis Morissette Releases A New Song Titled ‘Into A King’


This month Alanis Morissette is celebrating her wedding anniversary with her husband Mario Souleye Treadway and in celebration, she is sharing a new song she penned for him for their anniversary titled Into A King. Earlier this month, a Happy Anniversary message appeared on Alanis’s official website but yesterday, Into A King showed up on Alanis’s official Soundcloud page. The song is beyond adorable … and is deffo worth checking out. Listen to it in full below.

happy birthday angel husband. and happy birthday to my sweet father. taurus reigns. xo

It started harmless enough
Animal infatuation
But something within it prevailed

You were a sweet amalgamation
Of all the parts I have loved
The hottest slippery slope

And out came depth
And out comes healing
Out comes friendship unlike any I have known

Happy anniversary baby
You’ve gone from a prince into a king
Happy anniversary darling
I’ve gone from a maiden to a queen

continued and softened us up
our rocks are hewn by this water of love
and steadfast: our pinky swear

and out comes fun
out comes relief
out comes championing unlike any I have known

Happy anniversary baby
You’ve gone from a prince into a king
Happy anniversary darling
I’ve gone from a maiden to a queen

And how far have we come
how far we’ve yet to go
til we’re gray great grandparents
til we’re one tiny little wrinkle
I say I do I do I do

Happy anniversary baby
You’ve gone from a prince into a king
Happy anniversary darling
I’ve gone from a maiden to a queen

And so, we’ll trapse from paper through diamonds
A family tree’s genesis
Our fingers t’wining together

And out comes ever
And out comes alchemy
And out comes drooling on your chest

Happy anniversary baby
You’ve gone from a prince into a king
Happy anniversary darling
I’ve gone from a maiden to a queen

OMG … this is SUCH a cute song! It really makes me yearn DESPERATELY for new Alanis music to be honest but it is a very sweet song for Mario, which I’m sure he greatly appreciates. I can’t even begin to imagine the songs she has written for the couple’s newborn son Ever Imre … but hopefully we’ll get to hear those songs soon … maybe on a new album? Lemme know what you think of the song … I really love it. Do you?

[Source, thanks @AlanisNews]

  • rOXy

    Short answer…No. Is the word “cute” code for “cheese”? There are a lot gems in this one, but my favorite line is: “And out comes drooling on your chest”. I get she is probably talking about the baby, but surely there more romantic ways to say that? That said, this is a private gift to her husband and wasn’t meant for public consumption, so I feel a bit invasive for even judging it.

    • canaussiegirl

      So why are you?

    • rOXy

      Just because I’m uncomfortable doesn’t make me brain dead. What about you?

    • canaussiegirl

      I think it is cute. Thanks for asking! Considering it was uploaded by Alanis herself I don’t consider it an invasion to comment on it.

    • Jess

      Since she says “out comes ever” in the same paragraph as the drooling comment, i think it’s a safe assumption she’s talking about her son

    • Brittanie

      We don’t care if it’s cheesy or not. I’m sure she does the song with all her love and she decide to show to her fans how happy and in love she is!

      It’s very smart form her!

    • rOXy

      @Brittanie: “We?” Before I get pummeled by your army, I suppose I should qualify that I think the sentiment of gifting her husband with a song is sweet. I just don’t like the song. Just because the intentions behind it were “adorable” doesn’t automatically mean the song is good and that I must like it. Just my opinion and preference. You and whoever else you got there can have yours, and we’ll call it even.

  • Mariah

    This is so fucking adorable! I’m soooooo happy that Alanis is so happy. She deserves all the joy in the world. I, too, am really itching for more music from Alanis, but this is a great, adorable song to tide me over in the meantime.

  • Vince

    I absolutely adore Alanis and i love this song. Such a beautiful tribute to the man she loves.

  • My sweetie and I (he’s a song writer) listened to this together and we both cried. Honestly, she is such a poet, so genuine, so real. Love it!

  • Diane Wood

    Awaiting for the CD… That was beautiful… xx Smiles

  • ammonimmo

    I think it sucks. Unfortunately the good old Alanis is dead.

    • @ammonimmo — I think it’s wonderful that Alanis is happy enough to write happy songs. It’s selfish to wish misery on her so she can write sad/angry songs for other people’s amusement.

    • ammonimmo

      I’m happy too if Alanis is happy enough, but please don’t tell me it’s a beautiful song, it is quite mediocre for her standards, specially comparing with her first 2-3 albums…nonetheless even recently she was able to publish good songs like the “Crazy” cover.
      I would never dear to wish misery on her, what are you talking about? I were just hoping that with this happiness she would have written songs with the old charming and energic style of the first albums…hope the new album will be that way.

  • donna

    Alanis would be good, even if she did nothing.
    And she would be good even if she got the thumbs down….:)

    Congratulations on your life unfolding Alais and thank you for being (an unknowing) pivital part in my life. I am happliy divorcing a man who became Uninvited after years of his Versions of Violence. Thank you for all the words you wrote that have given me strenght and a smile !!

    • Julie

      I’m with Donna, got rid of the versions of violence. Myself and my daughters are much calmer, we have a sense of peace in our home where there once was not. I see the light of happiness in their eyes where there once was a cold, dead glare. Alanis, you give us hope. Thank you for sharing your life with us.