Lindsay Lohan Makes Her Way To Miami For A New Photoshoot


A couple weeks ago we learned that Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to 120 days in jail and 3 years of probation for pleading no contest to theft (which essentially will boil down to 2 weeks of house arrest and 3 years of opportunity for Lindsay to get in trouble again). Since that time, Lindsay has vowed to “clean up her act” and then was photographed partying with Marilyn Manson at a DeLeon Tequila party at the Charteau Marmont. This weekend, Lindsay has surfaced in Miami, FL for a new photoshoot with Plum magazine. Because of the sheerness of her top (and the protrusionness of her nipples) some of the photos below are NSFW. But if you’re interested in seeing how Lindsay is busying herself until she has to pay for her crimes, click below.

These rooftop photos aren’t at all racy … it’s the lace-top photos below with nipples poppin’ thru that are the real eye-catchers:

I mean … it’s Lindsay Lohan … what do you expect?

[Photo credit: Splash News]

  • Jadedkitten

    The american legal system is a fucking joke.

  • Vicky

    That is one disgusting and dirty girl. Barf.

  • JB

    I’m sure the designers who loan those clothes really appreciate her smoking while wearing them. And jeez, she looks SO much older than she is.

  • adri

    Honestly.. she looks good! Lindsay needs to get her act together… asap! I want her to make an album.. love her voice and some new movies… :]

  • Sue

    Uhm…she looks like models that were those in runway. It’s fashion people. So what–like you all didn’t suck on nipples before. We ALL have them. Get over it.

  • JCZ

    Her skin is terrible. She just isn’t attractive on any level.
    A whole lotta make up and photoshop could save her, but even seeing her knowing what she is like, not WAS, ‘IS’ like, just makes her unattractive. I won’t say ugly, cause I really think unattractive is a deeper word.

    This poor girl needs to go away – from our lives and this blog. I kinda think I’d rather see a post on Heidi Montag – at least her skin, being plastic, doesn’t look like it has aged 10 years from snorting cocaine.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    She looks like zombified woman from a bad zombie movie!!! GROSS…she should do a PSA about partying and how quickly it can age you.

    • Panti Christ

      lol! yes!!

    • WEzil

      ya got that right