Goddess Kylie Minogue Blesses The Hollywood Bowl With ‘Aphrodite Live’


Last night Kylie Minogue brought her Aphrodite Live 2011 Tour to the Hollywood Bowl here in SoCal and she managed to WOW absolutely every single person in attendance. David, Darion and I were lucky enough to attend last night’s show and we had THE time of our lives. Because David and I saw the larger, water-filled Les Folies-version of her tour in Berlin, Germany last March we were well prepared for last night’s performance … but seeing Kylie’s show under the shell at the Hollywood Bowl was absolutely magical. Check out some photos from last night’s performance below.

Yes these professionally shot photos are great but I think I managed to snap a few sweet photos using only my iPhone:

I can’t even tell you … every single person at the Bowl last night was in Heaven. Kylie’s show was truly a spectacular experience. There was not a disappointed person in the whole place. Darion and I danced and screamed our buns off the entire time … while David bopped along in his cool, much more reserved way. David and I loved the show so much we are seeing it AGAIN in Las Vegas tomorrow night ;) We can’t ever get too much Kylie Minogue :)

Today is a bizzy day for us … this afternoon, we will be attending a Judgment Day/Rapture BBQ at Tam and Rob’s place:

And then tonight, we’re heading out to celebrate Darion’s birthday in WeHo! It’s gonna be a really great day … which is why I’m so happy that the whole Rapture thing supposedly happening today turned out to be complete hogwash.

Happy Saturday!

  • Megan

    So glad you enjoyed Kylie (again!)…I saw the full show in Dublin and it was just spectacular! It’s brilliant that she brought all the props to the US!

  • vin

    Knew you would love it! I was lucky lucky lucky to see a very intimate version of the show when Kylie was the first major artist to play Japan after the earthquake and it was AMAZING!!!

  • Rigo

    I DIED when i walked up to the sign and they misspelled “Aphrodite.”

  • DonBearCA

    The show was amazing! The crowd seemed bigger than when she was here in 2009. My husband and I had a wonderful time, and the final song, All The Lovers was a great way to end a fantastic night!

  • Cesar

    Happy happy happy for you Trent! And a little jealous because you’ll get to see her so many times!! LOL!!
    I saw her in Orlando a couple weeks ago ans all the people attending went WOW too!!!
    I remember when she sang “If You Don’t Love Me” just sitting on the stairs and EVERY ONE in the crowd said “We love you!!!!” It was a very touching moment…
    She is simply that: A Goddess. End of story.

  • Ben

    I’m so happy that Kylie toured the US again. I’m an Aussie boy who has seen EVERY Kylie concert series since 1990. I have travelled overseas that many times to see Kylie’s shows and I was at The Hollywood Bowl in 2009 for that show also. The Aphrodite show is simply spectacular. I was in the “Splash Zone” in Dublin and Melbourne & was blown away every time. Unlike alot of big name performers, Kylie knows her audiences and plays around the world. In Oz, we hardly get anyone come because “its too far” Boo Hoo. Madonna – take some lessons from Kylie!!!