Watch: Beyoncé, ‘Run The World (Girls)’


After teasing us with a few clips over the past couple of weeks, Beyoncé finally unleashed the new music video for her new single Run The World (Girls). This track is the lead single from Bey’s forthcoming album 4, due out on June 28. As you might expect, Run The World (Girls) is an over-the-top extravaganza but Beyoncé busts out some of the sickest dance moves we’ve seen in any music video in YEARS! It’s a hot video, y’all. Check it out in full below.

Without question, Beyoncé is reminding ALL of us that she is THE best dancer in the pop world right now. I can’t even count the number of sick dance moves she busts out in this video. Watch the video below and marvel at just how amazing Beyoncé truly is:

Unreal. She kills it … utterly kills it. I sincerely doubt any music video this year will be able to outdo this one in terms of insanely sick dance moves. Bow down, y’all … Beyoncé is a FORCE to be reckoned with. It’s a hot ass video, don’t you think?


  • loriannakim

    Im a HUGE Beyonce fan, but this song is the my least favourite of all her singles. However, the video sort of makes up for it a bit. When B is on screen, you can’t take your eyes off her. To me, she’s still Queen B and she’s back :D Let’s hope other songs from the albums are better than this!

  • Daryl

    The video absolutely saved the song. ABSOLUTELY.

  • Adri

    Yawn! It was just meh.. same old beh gyrating her thighs
    .. over it!!! Bey.. I mean hate to say it.. you don’t have it anymore!

  • pedro

    Is it just me or does her head look weird in the first dance sequence? Like it’s superimposed?!

    • Yessica

      I know! I thought the same thing. Perhaps it was the necklace that was constricting her head to look that way? Knowing what a great dancer she is I don’t think she would have someone else doing the moves while having her head superimposed, right?

    • Jess

      I was thinking the same thing as well! She kind of looked like johnny depp doing his fudderwhacking(sp?)in alice in wonderland

  • Leigh

    i’ve never been a huge fan of beyonce, and have been a big big fan of gaga for a while now..

    but lately, gaga has been SUPER disappointing, and this video/song is really really amazing! beyonce is killing it right now!

  • seth

    UHM ISNT THIS SONG major lazer?

  • Brianna

    Please my darling B, don’t turn into Rihanna. Please. You are too classy and beautiful to be wearing metal Gaga nails and flippin’ off the camera.

  • Brianna

    Alt+so….Tyra Banks better watch her arse because Beyonce is SO schooling us on the “smize” in the pic with the headdress.

    • Nicole

      It’s funny you mention Tyra, because as I was watching the video I was thinking it looked like an America’s Next Top Model photo shoot! I think the dancing is awesome though…the song, not so much.

  • Lisa

    The song and even the video are a bit Rihanna-ish (Jay Z is her new manager after all, ha ha), but I loooove B’s dance moves. She is just amazing- looks great, and no one can dance like her. I saw her I Am tour and it just blew me away. Can’t wait to see what else she has in store.

  • JCZ

    Agreed that the first dance sequence looks like special effects or edited or something. The camera work/editing is pretty bad, especially the last part. Reminds me of Lose My Breath by DC but that was meant to have the handheld camera work vibe anyway.

    The dancing is good and its not often Beyonce actually dances, she usually does try hard Shakira dancing or just pushing her breasts and shaking her ass thats about it.

    Can’t save the song thought I don’t reckon, its still a really bad song.
    She also looks much darker skinned in this music video and MUCH blonder too.

  • Mela

    The first half of the vid seems a little detached but girl can move. Watching her beat down like that makes me like this song more. The girl knows how to commit!

  • Sara

    Damn she’s KILLING this!!

  • Marcus_em

    The song is awful but she is dzewwwwwwwin it with the dance moves!!! lol seriously the girl can move like crazy! She has a way of making the moves look fresh and new .. It doesn’t hurt that she is gorgeous… now if we could get a good song for her that’d be great and ps sampling major lazer is NOT OK B unless ur lypsyncing for your life on drag race.. that is all ;-)

  • MM

    I think the song is terrible and didn’t find anything remotely redeeming about the video. Looks like Beyonce has been hanging out with Gaga too long – WAY too over the top. I’ve never found Beyonce to be a very good dancer either. She’s just not light on her feet so it comes off as clunky and amateurish. Gaga has the same problem come to think of it, but she can’t even fake it so Beyonce has her beat there.

    My opinion is that if you’ve run out of ideas and have nothing new to offer – don’t put out a new album. I’d never dispute Beyonce’s talent but she should have stayed gone longer until she was inspired to put out something awesome and original. Too bad.

    P.S. I still miss Destiny’s Child!

  • I found the song completely unmusical and unpleasant to listen to… the dance moves are awesome, but I wanted to turn the sound down…

  • Xadax

    The only thing that was interesting was the dance between B* & those 2 African men.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I liked the song and the video!!! I love me some B!!!

  • Dave

    Beyawnce, trying hard to look white! WTF!

    • @Dave — In what way?

    • Dave

      Hair, make-up, she looks white. Her album cover, that is a white Latin woman.

    • @Dave — I don’t know what “white” looks like.

    • Dave

      Only thing missing is a pair of blue contacts.

  • Dot

    Beyonce is an amazing dancer but I always have a feeling that her dancing is very aggressive and so I’m not too impressed with this video. It’s over the top (I mean those lions and hyenas… what’s up with that?) and the song itself is also not good. I think she should go back to R&B and stop with this music, it’s good for Rihanna or Lady Gaga, not for her

  • sarahhh

    absolutely hate the song but the video is FIERCE!! hopefully her next single makes up for it.

  • scsu01

    I watch it and keep waiting for Michelle and Kelly to come out, and it reminds me of something I’d see Rihanna do.


    Lady Gaga has been disappointing, now Beyonce..thank goodness for Britney

  • Winona

    I’m glad I am not the only one who thought the song was awful. I kept watching last night hoping that it would get better… but it didn’t.

  • Z

    When I first heard the song, I was completely unimpressed and prayed the video would at the very least make it salvagable. Now I can see this is…clearly not the case. I hate the song and now I hate the video. Some of the dancing in the video is very impressive but it alone can’t save this mediocrity =(. I have to agree that she is trying alittle to hard to be two people she isn’t and doesn’t need to try and be. Lady GaGa needs all the fan fare and insanity in her videos to make up for the fact that she isn’t very talented. Rihanna needs all of the sexuality to compensate the fact that she doesn’t sing or dance very well. Beyonce needs to realize that she doesn’t need to do any of that because she has all of the talent in the world =(! Hopefully her next song and video will be less disappointing!

  • adri

    It reminds me a little of a Britney/GAGA video.. and britney rode her dancer on stage already BEYONCE.. it’s been done and done and done..the dancing with all the people reminds me of circus/telephone dance sequence.. meh.. bey……………….& really a flip off? really? is that supposed to be edgy! I’m just so confused with bey! I don’t often comment on people trying to knock caca as it doesn’t happen often, but bey with the alexander mqueen looking stilletos.. um didn’t gaga do that? Ok beyonce CAN dance.. but it just seems forced. It didn’t save the song!

  • Ronnox

    This is a hot mess just like the song, I said it when the song was released that it would be a flop and everyone said it was imposable for Beyonce to produce a flop. Well my friends no one in the music industry is safe from a good ol flop.

  • rOXy

    Not overly crazy about the song. The vid is rich, though. Nice tones, colors, lots of good texture, gorgeous people, chic styles, and some of the best choreography ever. B gives us her best, and even though she may not be the lightest on her feet, no one can accuse her of being unenergetic or lazy. Mostly, I am happy they steered away from that flashing, nausea-inducing type of editing where one-frame images are sewn together, which IMO, is just a cover-up for bad dancing. They gave us a good long look at the sequences and I’m glad to see a return to that.

  • krissy

    Beyonce has always been one of the BEST dancers in pop music. Shakira and Ciara are up there with her, but Beyonce is just really an amazing dancer. No other pop star could have done the Single Ladies video, they are too reliant on quick cut editing to mask their issues.

    I am laughing at all the people who said she was ripping off Rhythm Nation after seeing one picture from the video. Not like RN at all!

    • rOXy

      Ha…we must have posted at the same time as we agree about the “quick cut” editing being a mask for less than sparkling performances.

    • krissy

      I noticed that! Great minds think alike! ;)

  • Hal

    This song (and video to a certain extent) reminds me of Destinys Child!
    Beyonce kills it! :)

  • Mariah

    The song is crappy, but the video…HOTTTT! Damn! Beyonce can move like nobody’s business. Hater gon’ hate ;) But nobody can move their body like she can move hers.

  • Kaitlyn

    Beyonce released a bunch of singles and videos from her last album that nobody ever heard of… for real, ask most people and they won’t be able to tell you about anything after Single Ladies.

    This song, and video, are just the same: the song isn’t even catchy.

    It blows my mind that she’s so rich… well, not from a business standpoint. But her music? Forget it.

  • Troy

    Song is awful, just awful. Video and dancing is sick though! Someone needs to show Britney what practice makes your dancing look like.

    • adri

      lol it’s ok but to me she should show gaga ;]
      i saw gaga try and get on beyonce’s level on telephone.. wasn’t happening!

  • Megan

    I agree with most people here, it’s not a great song. The song won’t be a hit because it’s not catchy and doesn’t have good lyrics. I really hope her other singles are better. Why this as her first single? I don’t get it. But the video is FIERCE!

  • mike

    hmm I think with the teaser vids I was expecting something EPIC like WOW, but it was more style less substance, I was expecting something with a bit more story line, but her dancing in the first half of the video was amazing! The song, is horrible, i would have to mute the video if I watched it again



  • Jennifer

    Awesome video – loved all of the dancing. Not crazy about the song at all, but I do love some talented dancing :)

  • jane

    bey is a funny name. just call her B or beyonce.

  • LouLou

    This song samples Major Lazer’s, “Pon de Floor”.

  • GemmaZ

    OMG – horrid. This has to the best the worst song that i have heard a in a while.. It aint no girl anthem that is for sure. Beyonce needs to do what she is good at and stop trying to be a voice for girls, or whatever the hell she is trying here

  • hailey

    i love the clothes… ALL OF IT.

  • obamarocks

    Everybody go to Youtube. Theres a remix of this single produced by this guy name Fyuchur. Its Hot!!! Even her fans love it

  • Paulina35

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