First Look: The New Cast Of ‘Two And A Half Men’


Late last week we learned that actor Ashton Kutcher was hired to replace Charlie Sheen on the CBS series Two and a Half Men. Earlier this week, we got to see a photo of Kutcher hanging out with Men creator/writer Chuck Lorre at a coffee shop here in SoCal. Today we get to see photos of Kutcher with his new Two and a Half Men co-stars from their appearance together at the CBS Upfronts presentation in NYC to promote the revamp of the show, set to premiere this Fall. In addition, Ashton posted a personal photo with his new co-stars on his official Twitter profile. Click below to meet the New and a Half Men.

It may have been raining as he arrived at the CBS party, but Ashton Kutcher certainly feels like the sun is shining on him. The 33-year-old actor, who was recently announced as Charlie Sheen’s replacement on Two And A Half Men, said getting the gig ‘feels like winning the lottery’. Ashton spoke about his delight today as he joined his fellow cast mates Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones at U.S. channel CBS’s Upfront event in New York. ‘I’ve never probably in my 13 years in show business received more phone calls and e-mails from people congratulating me on this job,’ Kutcher told Us Magazine. He continued: ‘You’d almost think I won the lottery or something, which I kind of did. ‘I’ve got the best job in showbusiness, and I am ecstatic about that.’ The No Strings Attached star will earn around $1m per episode for the top-rated comedy. His co-star Cryer said he was looking forward to working with Kutcher, saying: ‘I’m incredibly happy they’re bringing Ashton to the show. ‘But the question that I have to ask is, “Did you have to get the tall guy? Really? Is that necessary?”‘ the 46-year-old joked. Inside the event at Carnegie Hall Kutcher, Cryer and 17-year-old Jones all put on their best mock angry faces for a photograph which Kutcher posted on Twitter with the accompanying message: ‘First cast argument 2.5 men.’ CBS Entertainment Chief Nina Tassler, who said digging up fresh comedy was a priority at the network during the development season, would not reveal any details about how the writers would introduce Kutcher’s character. ‘We’re very excited,’ Tassler said about the shake-up of the show, following wayward Sheen’s recent firing. ‘We’re past thrilled,’ she added.

And there you have it … the new cast of Two and a Half Men rearin’ to go. Despite the fact that I have honestly never watched one episode of this show in all the years that Charlie Sheen, I have to admit that I’m very curious now that Ashton has joined the cast. I’m not a Kutcher fan by any stretch of the imagination … but I can’t help but be curious. I’m sure photos of the actors on set will make their way to the Internets as the Summer progresses but we have a few months to wait, I’m sure, before we get to see any footage of the new version of the show. Like it or not, the new Men is on the way.

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  • trust23

    Ditto, Trent. I’ve never watched a single episode myself. Yet, I am intrigued with Ashton now being on board. It always looked (from previews only) like a cheesy sitcom… nothing that could warrant such a salary. I get that it does well in ratings, but what about it made it a good show? Maybe I should watch some reruns and find out for myself… but the previews/stories just never pulled me in. Maybe someone else here is a fan? Just curious.

    • tina

      I love Kutcher, he is one of my great list. it goingto be great. sorry about charlie, but I love kutcher.

    • chenzo

      I watch Two And A Half Men everyday.I beleive there is no one like Charlie Sheen out there that can take his place and do the things that he does and be so funny. Ashton Kutcher i hope can do the job just as good as Charlie, but i doubt it.


  • Lisa

    It was a very funny show before it became TOO raunchy. I will be watch a few to see how it goes. I hope Ashton cuts his hair though. And does he look extra skinny? Angus looks amazing- so grown up!

  • Meghan

    How’s all that “winning” going for you, Charlie??? Hellooooo????

    • Dach

      I couldn’t have said it better myself Meghan. LOL

  • adri

    I’ve seen the show, it isn’t bad.. not great. I wont watch, I can’t stand Ashton.. his acting makes me NAUSEOUS.

  • I’m now officially less interested in this show than I ever was before.

  • Kim

    Is it just me or does Angus look like a mini Drew Carey?

  • rOXy

    If that kid grows anymore, they’ll have to rename it to “Three Men”.

    • Debho

      I reckon! lol The chubbly little boy is gone! I used to watch this funny show all the time, but then it clashed with something else. I’ll definitely check it out just to see how it goes now.

  • Kristi

    I actually watched the show and loved it and still very much enjoy watching all the reruns. Can’t wait to see how Ashton will work into the mix. I’ll give it a try – anything is worth a shot once, right?

  • Sals

    two and a half men with charlie sheen was hilarious. it was funny…dunno about ashton..if he’s just going to act like how he does in all his comedies and be stupid, then i dunno…

  • Charlie Sheen was a darn fool to blow that sweet gig. He got paid a million plus dollars an episode to play himself. I wish I had it so easy!

  • felix polanco

    i believed ashton is going to be just fine because he is a excellent actor and comedian.the show should be called one tall and two goofy men or maybe two goofies and one tall man.thank you. god bless you all.good luck.

  • jess

    ugh ashton kutcher is the ultimate douchebag

  • gogo charliesheen

    i like ashton but no one can re-place charlie, i’m sorry it won’t feel right i dn’t think i’ll enjoy ashton as charlie.

    • Stevo

      I never liked Charlie in anything else I have ever seen him in mainly cause I saw him as monotone and not very expressive. Somehow I have liked him in Two and a Half Men.

      Two bad…

      I’ve been thinking about it and first I thought maybe they should have just had Alan’s wife Judith divorce and kick out Herb and Herb could come live with Alan who suprisingly Inherited the house from Charlie who died :(.

      Later I thought after reading Ashton would be in here that he is supposedly an early bastard son of Charlies and was left heir to his possesions. The age difference isn’t right for that, but would have been funnier if is bastard son heir was Barnie from How I met Your Mother, turns out it was not Bob Barker after all.

  • KO

    Yea the show won’t work without Charlie.

  • knockits12

    ashton is good but charlie rocks and he will not be able to replace sheen… its going to take a nose dive….

  • micah

    It will never be the same without Charlie Sheen i like Ashton but i still will always like Sheen better than Kutcher

  • Jeff

    Its just not going to work, you cant replace charie sheen, he made the show. This show WILL fai.

  • Kim

    I will not be watching the new two and a half men sorry to the rest of the cast but without charlie its gonna suck.The show was about Charlies life not Ashtons.Dont know what those darn writers are thinking but youve lost me and many others.BRING CHARLIE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rick

    There is no replacing Charlie on Two and Half Men…The show will truly not be the same without him. Kutcher is a great actor, but he’s no Charlie…I will watch the first new episode as a true fan of Two and Half Men but needless to say with out Charlie the show has nothing…CBS and Charlie should really put there petty difference behind them and give the fans the No. 1 show back…..BRING SHEEN BACK!!!!!!!

  • Gus

    Charlie was the main focal point of the show, he pulled off the character like no one else can, the show will fail, its too bad that there couldn’t have been a mediation between the parties involved. My favorite show of all time is forever gone without Charlie, BRING HIM BACK!!!!

  • Jim

    Why is it that Charlie Sheen gets shunned for doing what a hundread other actors/musicians do all the time, the only difference is that Charlie was truthful, while the others lie “Oh im so sorry to everyone i didnt mean to do it i have a problem.” Steryotypical F*ckin media, This show and the subconcious “mode” of socieity is being ruined for the brainwashing at hand.

    • Le

      He was a dick to work with and hardly ever showed up to work. He was fired because he had a ridiculously high ego of himself and treated everyone on and around the show like shit. He had it coming. Doesn’t mean I don’t think he was a great actor and I don’t dislike him, but he wasn’t fired because he was a drug addict and alchoholic he was fired because he was costing time, money and effort to keep on the show.

    • emma

      He wasn’t just fired for those reasons. The main reason he was fired is because he said something he shouldn’t have to either the produce or director. And everyone has problems some are just worse than others but at least he is getting himself sorted out.

    • Kenan

      Jim, I think everyone at CBS should suck your d**k for this genuine comment!

  • emma

    I am a huge fan of two and a half men and i think that they have completely ruined it by getting rid of charlie sheen. So the man had a public breakdown, and has a few problems but he should not be replaced. Get Ashton out and Charlie back!!!

    • tyann dechambeau

      I totalllly agree. Get Charlie Back, He made the show a success for almost 10 years. Ashton K. is a total overgrown dork. Why him??? What about his public cheating that has wrecked the lives of his wife and her children. They should think twice about marriage when he is younger then Demi and she has three daughters. What kind of message is that!!!!!!!



  • Judi

    I’m a huge Two and Half Men fan myself, and Charlie was exceptionally entertaining – as were the rest of the stars. But, “things change” that we have no control over, right? So, I’m going to watch the new show with an open mind and see if it entertains me. That’s what tv is for anyway. There’s always another favorite around the corner.

  • tom

    I am a huge fan of two and a half men, I am also an employer. If any of my employes acted like he did I would fire them too. Who does he think he is? Lets give the new people a chance & show the assholes of the world we dont need them.

    • tom

      PS Emma you sound as stupid as some as charlies bimbos

  • Laury Couture

    I liked Charlie Sheen from season when I started watching the show.I found he was funny.He should be on the show for just another episode then bring Ashton in the show make Charlie marry Rose I think that would be a good way to go.

  • Tom B

    I give the show one month before it is canceled.