First Look: Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon Bring Their Twins Home From The Hospital


Over the weekend, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon were finally able to bring their twin children Monroe and Moroccan Scott home from the hospital and today we get our FIRST LOOK at the new parents as they made their way home from the hospital with their little babies. New daddy Nick Cannon picked up his family in his snazzy Rolls Royce and the babies were securely fastened in the back seat under their baby blankets. Click below to see the Carey-Cannon family as they left the hospital Saturday headed for home.

Mariah Carey and husband Nick Cannon took their newborn twins home this weekend. The pop singer gave birth to Moroccan Scott Cannon and Monroe Cannon just over two weeks ago, and Cannon said that the couple couldn’t be happier to have their children home. “My twins came home [today],” Cannon told Access Hollywood at an event on Saturday night. “I didn’t even want to leave, but I had to because I’ve got to be here.” He added: “It’s the first day to have my children at home so I’ve been loving that.” Cannon admitted that despite his excitement, he was slightly nervous about taking on sole responsibility for the children now that they are out of hospital. “There’s no hospital rooms and there’s no nurses, it’s just us,” Cannon explained. “So it’s real. It’s a lil’ scary at times, but we’re handling it.” Cannon also said Carey was up and about and is feeling ‘”great” now that she is back at home.

Look at that smile on Mimi’s face … that’s a happy new mama, y’all. You can see Moroccan Scott’s blue baby blanket behind Mariah but Monroe’s pink blanket is hidden behind Nick. The family has been home for about 4 days now so they must be settling in nicely as a new family. It is so cool to finally get our first look at new mama Mariah … now, I really can’t wait to see the babies themselves!!

[Photo credit: INFdaily; Source]

  • Panti Christ

    Welcome home Monroe and Roc Salt

  • Panti Christ

    hahahaha typo^ lmao

    • Meghan

      LOL!! Roc Salt isn’t more ridiculous than Moroccan!

  • Jenny

    I am so sick of hearing about dem babies!

  • Jim

    I hope no magazine paid a lot for those pics… Not much juicy gossip there. I feel bad for them getting chased down by photographers with two little ones in the car. It is scary to drive with kids in the car for the first time, even without camera men chasing you.

  • Kristen

    Why were they in the hospital so long???

    • Carmen

      That’s exactly what I was thinking!! Most people only stay one or two days.

    • nicole

      i read she had a minor infection after the c section

    • Luv Ya

      IDK why Mimi was there so long, but the babies were slightly premature as is usual for twins.

    • angie



    • lizzie

      bitch dnt b talking about her babies ill kick your ass 4 that

    • aysia

      cuze she had the baby two weeks early

  • Jill

    @ Kristen – I was wondering the same thing. Even if she had a c-section, it’s 4-5 days not 2 weeks.

  • Lisa

    Hey it’s Mimi! She can stay as long as she wants! ;)

  • Meghan

    Apparently, child and family services was called on them during their hospital stay and there has been an investigation.

  • hailey

    mama mariah! it’s a role that fits her so well!

  • Lynsey

    They weren’t premature…She was after 37 weeks which is full term.

    The infection might make more sense.


    Oh wow…..

  • leah

    who cares

  • Olga

    I’m so happy for them. :) I can’t wait to see pictures. God Bless them.

  • Some of you people are really stupid with the negagive sayings and like who cares. I know Mariah and Nick don’t. I just have to comment on your rude sayings so keep it to yourself. I love the couple and the more the publicity the merrier. They don’t need your opinions, that’s their babies the names and whatever. Go Mariah & Nick!!! May God Bless!!

  • why couldent it be a simple name like max dilly or nick and chris but that is stupid names and they will have to deal with it the rest of their litte lives

  • cece

    who the hell cares i love that couple and yes the names aren’t what we expected but it means something to them and its their kids they made them not you maybe when you make yours you can name them what you want ok so KEEP IT TO YOURSELF besides they really don’t care what the hell you guys have to say they dont need your surport they can handle it on there own i really don’t understand you negitive people what are you all here for we don’t like you guys….and mariah i love you sweety. and i’ll talk to you later

  • thats so cool :-) Can’t wait to c the babies :-D