The Beckhams Add A New Member To The Family


Around this time last year, the Beckham bunch welcomed a new pet pooch named Coco to the family. Today we learn that Les Beckhams have added another dog to the fam, this time naming the baby French Bulldog Scarlett. Victoria Beckham posted a supercute photo of Scarlett on her official Twitter profile … click below to get your first look at the newest member of the Beckham family.

This is Scarlet our new French bulldog puppy!!! Coco has a sister!! x VB

OMG … so cute. As you should be WELL aware by now, Victoria Beckham is pregs with her 4th child right now so there will soon be another addition to the family … but for now, it’s all about Scarlett. With 3 boys, 2 dogs and 1 baby girl on the way it would appear that the Beckham bunch is gettin’ pretty big. With so many cute, adorable, robotic and hot family members I truly hope the Beckham bunch continues to grow.

UPDATE: VB just posted a new photo of David Beckaham with Scarlett:

David loves little Scarlet!!!!she is so cute!!!!!!x

Dying of cuteness! OMG!!


  • loriannakim

    Trent, unfair. With a title like that, you got me all excited for a puppy : (

  • Brady

    Riite!! I was all OMG already she really is a robot cos that was fast! Lol but cute puppy!

  • kendra

    Bah! So cute!! And the dog isn’t so bad either..Heyooo!

  • F

    It’s kind of interesting they picked the name Scarlet, when they know Victoria’s former bandmate Melanie Chisolm’s daughter has the same name!