Rumor Has It That The Oprah Winfrey Show Will Feature A LONG List Of Final Guests


On Friday we learned of a report that claims that Will and Jada Pinkett Smith will be the final guests on The Oprah Winfrey Show … today, a little bird tells me that Will and Jada will not only be the final guests but they will be a pair of MANY final guests on The Oprah Winfrey Show. A source dishes to me that The final ep will tape in Chicago, IL at the United Center in front of 15,000 people (the massive stage will be set up tonight as soon as the Bulls vs. Heat basketball game is finished). Tom Hanks and Tom Cruise will host the final episode and Oprah will be completely surprised by the parade of guests who will come out to honor her. Wanna know who is rumored to be in attendance? Read on below.

Here’s the list of celebs who I’m told will appear on the show during the taping of the final episode of The Oprah Winfrey show on Tuesday:

Stevie Wonder
Will & Jada Smith
Beyoncé plus 60 dancers
Maya Angelou
Alicia Keys
Halle Barry
300 Morehouse Graduates (who Oprah helped with college scholarships)
Dr. Phil
Dr. Oz
Rascal Flats
Dakota Fanning
Maria Shriver
Stedman Graham
Gayle King

I’m also told that Julia Roberts was supposed to be on the show but she had to cancel a couple of days ago. Now, none of this information is confirmed but all of this sounds not only plausible but very likely. The Oprah Winfrey Show should go out with a bang of amazing guests. I’m not sure if Oprah will really be completely surprised but this list of guests sounds absolutely amazing. I’ll be tuning in to Oprah’s final show to see if the information provided to me turns out to be true. If even a fraction of this list is correct, then the final ep of The Oprah Winfrey Show will deffo be one to remember.

  • Nathan

    Will some of these people be just doing the “message to Oprah” when she comes back from commercial break. Because she can’t fit all of those people into an hour long episode. There is just no way. Each person would be on less than three minutes.

    • rossy

      They’ll most likely be introduced individually & sit as a group with Oprah – At least those who could make it in person. I imagine those who can’t will do the message-thing.

      Hell, if I were Oprah, my VERY LAST SHOW would be 2 HOURS LONG & feature not only guests but ‘audience appreciation’ time (you know – interacting with the crowd; answering emails & facebook/twitter questions; & “gifting” her loyal audience & TV viewers with… houses!)

      That would be quite the send-off for 25 years on TV. ;)

  • scsu01

    Eh…whatever. Id rather it just be her and her audience personally.

    • Panti Christ

      I would rather her and her audience ‘alone’, as well. Now, the show before the final show will seem like the last one…

  • Dach

    That is a nice list there. I will be taping this episode for sure. I’m actually happy to see Maria Shriver. She is really great friends and I was even wondering if she was planning to have Maya Angelou. I can see I will have to get my tissues ready…waterworks for sure. *sigh*

  • cutitout



    UM… Where’s Britney? Britney > Everyone else

  • JCZ


    I know she has performed on the show, but I don’t know if they’ve had a proper 1 on 1 interview. I would love to see one in front of the audience, even though her people are kinda weary against that these days.

    Britney – talking about her kids, the tour, the album, being a mama and just casually sweet and gorgeous is BOUND to sell some of her albums. I know it doesn’t really have a ballad, but I would love to see Britney perform either an acoustic performance of one of her songs or just a slow jam like HE ABOUT TO LOSE ME on Oprah.

  • Steve

    in her behind the scenes show, Oprah said that the second and third to last shows would be surprises to her, but the last show she had planned herself ages ago.

    so this may be right for ONE of the last episodes, but I don’t think she’d plan a big tribute for herself as the last episode…or would she? lol

    • @Steve — I think these are her final guests, which would imply her final ep will feature no guests … just Oprah and her audience.

  • Love them

    I’ve noticed that Oprah doesn’t really hugg all of her guests. She puts her hands up and grabs their hands so they can’t hugg her. Whats that all about! Does she have some sort of phobia???

  • Xadax

    Beyonce a& 60 dancers? She’s really trying to save that flopping song!

  • Lisa

    I would also think John Travolta would be on. I think they are BFF’s.

  • OST

    Makes sense for her to do it this way, it will be remembered thats for sure

  • Craig

    Trent, clarification….yes Oprah is taping at the United Center on Tuesday. That taping will be split between two episodes to air on the 23rd and 24th of May and then her FINAL episode will air May 25. This has all been reported and confirmed in the Chicago Tribune.

  • mjm

    Cruise is in Miami filming Rock of Ages. yeah… I don’t think he’s gonna show…

  • mjm

    other clarifications:
    -Madonna is in Cannes for the opening of her new movie ‘W.E.
    -Will Smith is still in NYC shooting ‘Men in Black 3′ and probably be there until mid July
    -Tom Hanks is shooting a movie w/ Sandra Bullock ‘Extremely Loud and Incredibly Dangerous’.
    -Dakota Fanning is shooting a movie, ‘The Motel Life’ near Las Vegas

    there’s always a little thing called Skype (*oops did I just give out a big hint?*)

    • jmj

      Oprah shut down Michigan Ave. in Chicago for 2 1/2 days… I’m pretty sure she can get these people to drop everything and fly out for her final two shows…

    • Maria

      Will and Jada Smith are in Chicago, this week as well as Aretha, not sure for what but they are here

  • ChicagoDP

    Your intro paragraph isn’t very good if you are saying that your little bird is just now telling you about the United Center tapings. That was announced at LEAST 3 weeks ago. What’s more is that the UC tapings are supposed to be for episodes T-2 and T-1. The final FINAL episode is supposed to be the big surprise that her producers are working on (likely taped at Harpo).

    • @ChicagoDP — I guess we’ll have to wait and see if the deets turn out to be true.

  • GermanJonez

    Just came from the show… your deets were correct! ‘Course you missed a few: Usher, Aretha Franklin, Jamie Foxx, and… Michael Jordan!