Britney Spears Hosts KIIS FM’s ‘Wango Tango’ 2011


Britney Spears, who made an in-person appearance last Wednesday night to host a Southern Style dinner party in Beverly Hills, CA to help the St. Bernard Project raise funds for Hurricane Katrina relief made another in-person appearance here in LA last night to support and co-host KIIS FM’s annual Wango Tango concert festival. Altho Britney did not perform, she did walk the red carpet and briefly appear on stage … looking absolutely fabulous all the while. Check out some photos and deets below.

Britney Spears makes headlines at concerts, even when she’s not performing. That’s probably why Los Angeles radio station KIIS FM tapped the pop princess to guest-host their annual Wango Tango music festival along with Ryan Seacrest on Saturday night at the Staples Center. The bill was a balance of pop and hip-hop, with acts like Ke$ha, Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull, Ne-Yo, Selena Gomez, “Glee” ‘s Matthew Morrison, Lupe Fiasco, T-Pain, Jason Derülo, Far East Movement, New Boyz, Cobra Starship and newcomer Cody Simpson. Backstage, the media room went into a frenzy when Spears arrived in a red, geometric-print dress and a beaming smile. Owning her “femme fatale” moniker, Spears worked the carpet for a few moments while all of the cameras in the room were pointing at her … While Joe Jonas wasn’t performing at the show, he took a break from recording his solo debut to catch up with almost everyone backstage. “I didn’t see Britney backstage, just said ‘hello’ to a couple of my friends,” Jonas said. “Backstage is always [full of] people, especially having it at the Staples Center this time, I think compared to all the way out in the desert, it changes everything.”

Man, Britney is lookin’ GOOD these days! She is just weeks away from kicking off her Femme Fatale Summer tour and it looks like she is prime shape to rock the stage. While I am not a fan of festival concerts like this, I would’ve prolly made my way down to the Staples Center if our dear Britney had performed. That being said, I don’t mind waiting the few weeks left until I get to see her on stage at Staples fronting her own show. Keep up the good work, Britney. Your time is now!

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  • jj

    she looks like a barbie! i love her!

  • Ahmed

    She looks stunning & young !!!
    Omg i cant wait for her tour…and yeah she looks like a Barbie “and maybe better”


    Living Legend. Godney. Queen of Pop. Your faves could never. Cold as fire, hot as ice, if you’ve ever been to a Britney Spears concert she’s twice as nice. She doesn’t own you anything. Haters are more pressed than a remote control during Football season. Doesn’t need to wear a bird cage on her head to get attention. You bow down to her. ETC.!

    • @CHASE — “Haters are more pressed than a remote control during Football season. Doesn’t need to wear a bird cage on her head to get attention.” I just love you so freaking much!!! xoxoxoo

  • adri

    OMFG! She looks amazing.. far better in this than the herve… I liked her in herve but this fits so much better.. and her body is fierce.

  • kim

    Her hair and makeup and wardrobe choices these last few days have been fabulous… but what is wrong with her eyes? I’m not trying to be harsh… but she looks sleepy or something…

  • mark

    Britney looks AMAZING, can’t wait for the Femme Fatale tour!! Las Vegas and Britney is going to be EPIC!!

  • Ashley

    Is that an engagement ring on her finger?

  • scsu01

    Stunning!!! Absolutely stunning

  • LG

    she needs to wear a bra and wax her eyebrows! two small things a woman should always do!

    • LG

      and whats with the boots, britney?! :P could have done better. but brits style has never been that great.

    • Desdemona

      Yeah I think the dress looks great but the boots don’t go. But aside the boots I think she looks hot!

  • Soonergirl

    I just don’t dig the boots. I could see a nude or grey-ish heel cause her legs are awesome. But she looks great!

  • nicole

    looks good minus the boots..they chop her legs off in a werid spot..a cute pair of heels and the girl could have looked 100% fab.

  • Jesse

    Can’t wait for June 20th Trent! Say hi I’ll be the one in the Britney shirt ;)

  • Cj

    I’m by no means a Britney hater, but I think she is starting to look older, especially around the mouth. Maybe it’s just these photos…

  • Danielle

    Her hair looks GREAT and I love that dress on her. I don’t think it’s that she needs to wax her eye brows but rather she needs to shade them in a little darker to accent her arch. I think that’s why her arch looks so low and it affects how her eyes look. Love the way she has been looking and I actually don’t mind the boots. :)

  • Louigi

    Love the hair. Love the dress. Love the boots. But mostly love that she looks happy.

    Will never understand why people nit-pick this woman to death. If it’s not her hair, it’s her shoes. if it’s not her shoes, it’s that she’s looking older (DUH, she IS older!). Oh, and let’s not forget those eyebrows. Really? Her eyebrows??

    Considering the way she is scrutinized, I am surprised she can get out of bed let alone look this HOTT. Go Brit.

  • kendra

    Look at those thighs!! Hot hot!!

  • Anthony

    Everything with the exception of her boots and face looks fine. Why does she always look cracked out? She probably doesn’t even know where she is.

  • Jbo

    ONLY SHE can eff the whole look up by adding WINTER BLACK boots to a nice spring/strapless dress?!?!? Who the hellllllll dresses her???


    Check out this pic of Ryan Seacrest and Briney Spears right before they introduce Lupe Fiasco at Wango Tango (sh#t is funny) … Follow me on Twitter : @RW_PLATINUM – @RW_PLATINUM