The ‘Dark Shadows’ Remake Gets A Release Date


Back in December of 2009, we learned that Johnny Depp was planning to begin filming the feature film remake (directed by Tim Burton) of the 1960’s TV series Dark Shadows sometime in the Fall of 2010. 2010 came and went and Dark Shadows did NOT go into production. BUT, I have very good news to pass along today about the film’s release … May 11, 2012 has been set as the release date for the Dark Shadows movie … oh yeah, and filming production has already gotten underway in London!

One of the biggest films of 2012 just nabbed a killer release date. ‘Dark Shadows,’ director Tim Burton’s big-screen adaptation of the ’60s vampire soap opera, will help ‘The Avengers’ kick off the summer movie season next year with a premium May 11, 2012, release. ‘Shadows,’ currently filming in England, features one of the best casts around. Johnny Depp stars as Barnabas Collins, a centuries-old vampire tormented by his past, opposite Helena Bonham Carter, Chloe Moretz, Eva Green, Michelle Pfeiffer and Jackie Earle Haley. The film also marks the first major role for newcomer Bella Heathcote, who has supporting parts in the Justin Timberlake vehicle ‘Now’ and opposite Brad Pitt in ‘Cogan’s Trade.’ Heathcote plays the key role of Victoria Winters, governess to the Collins children who observes some supernatural things going on around her at a posh New England estate.

YES YES YES! This is great news!! I am normally not this excited or hopeful about remake or reboot projects (especially of TV shows or films that I really love) but I am SO excited by the prospect of Tim Burton working his film magic on Dark Shadows (and with Johnny Depp starring!) that I can’t even contain myself. When I was very little, I used to watch reruns of the original Dark Shadows TV series (which was actually a daytime horror soap opera) with my mom. In the 90s, I fell in LOVE with the primetime TV mini-series remake. I think the time is really right for a new, big screen version of Dark Shadows … and Burton is JUST THE MAN to do Shadows justice. May 11 … seems so far away … but it’s a date that I will anxiously and (as) patiently (as possible) wait for.


  • LJ

    I’m a sucker for vampire films and for anything with Johnny Depp in, this is the best combination since Depp and Burton first got together!

    • @LJ — If you haven’t, you MUST seek out the original Dark Shadows series. It was a great show.

  • Rolltideguy77

    LOVE the original and the remake. Can’t wait to see this!

  • faiththebloody

    HOLY CATS!!! There is so much to love about this. SO MUCH. Team Barnabas!

  • Taeylor

    Thank you so much! I am so excited to hear this news. This time next year! I have actually been watching some of the old shows today with Dr. Hoffman’s first appearance!

  • Seth

    Trent! I feel like we are basically the same person. You LOVE Britney Spears, me too! You read the Hunger Games and voraciously devour any news concerning the casting of the movie, me too! You love this obscure old soap opera Dark Shadows, and me too! Also, I think I remember reading that you went to OU, which is REALLY weird, because I don’t go there, but I DO go to school in Oklahoma and I almost went there. The only difference is, I have no picture of myself with Madonna… YET!

  • Regina

    I remember growing up watching the original Dark Shadows and it was awesome. I am also a hurge Johnny Depp fan and think this is going to be an awesome movie. Johnny Depp will be such an amazing vampire. I love everything he plays in.

  • Taeylor

    Trent and I have a lot in common as well. I love Britney, Dark Shadows, Jem and the Holograms. I am thinking we must be near the same age! :)

  • S

    We had to watch 3 after school TV show, when I was a girl.
    1) American Bandstand
    2) Where The Action Is
    3) Dark Shadows

    Not necessarily in that order. But if you didn’t watch them, you were considered to be very strange.

  • TheNewDSWillSuck

    The movie will undoubtedly suck because Tim Burton turns all his leading males into sissies and Depp admits that all his roles are Friends of Dotty. I will avoid this film like the plague becasue I prefer to remember the original show untainted by the homoerotic agenda of millennial dreck generation bohemian psycho.

  • portia

    loved loved loved this show. couldnt wait to get home from school to watch. loved quentin

  • yolij

    Loved Barnabas Collins and Dark Shadows. Hope the remake won’t let me down.