Ashlee Simpson Is Planning Her Return To Music


Ashlee Simspon, who spent the last few years out of the musical spotlight to get married, have a baby and then become estranged from her husband Pete Wentz, appears ready to get back to work and put out a new album. Ashlee posted a new photo on her official Twitter profile showing her writing new songs for a new album that she says “doesn’t seem far away”. Check out this cute photo of Ashlee penning a new song for for a new album.

Writing sesh on the balcony. My album doesn’t seem so far away…

Look … I’m not gonna lie … I kinda like Ashlee’s music. I am not ashamed to say that her debut album Autobiography is really good. As far as pop albums go, it was a pretty solid release and it truly defined the Summer of 2004 for me. While I have never been a Jessica Simpson fan, I was strangely taken with Ashlee’s debut and played it non-stop all Summer long. She has had a few hits since that album came out but neither of her following two albums really grabbed me. Here’s hoping Ash will put out a fun album just like her debut … that would be really cool. Any Ashlee fans out there? Is this good news?


  • Nicky

    Yay! I LOOOOOVED Bittersweet World! Her best album!

  • Rye

    Yea!!! I’m not even kidding Pieces of Me was my ringtone for like 4 years straight!! Love her music!!

  • Gabyeffbaby

    I can’t lie, when I saw her picture I thought it was Samantha Ronson haha. But anyway, good to see she finally has time to do what she loves, good luck on the album girl!

  • Brady

    OMG BEST NEWS EVER!!!!! I love Ashlee Simpson her music is amazing every album just got better and better I AM ME is my favorite by far! Trent, DANCING ALONE is the best track! So excited!!!

  • jamie

    Brilliant i can’t wait. I love her music and voice. Also how goofy she is. I went to see her preform Chicago in London for my 18th birthday. :)

  • Brendan19

    Bittersweet world was so friggin good!

  • frank

    I liked some of her stuff too, it was fun and catchy.

  • rachel

    Remember that whole Saturday night live thing? I can’t really separate ash from that fiasco.

  • I adored Autobiography! This is very welcome news to me!

  • grz

    very good news!:) love ashlee simpson :))

  • Kris

    I saw her in concert 3 times. She is AMAZING live. Can’t wait for new Ashlee music!!!

  • Nate

    She’s a great actress I loved her on Melrose Place. Why does she feel the need to bother with singing? Awe-well best of luck!

  • helen

    I like her music too, I think her songs are catchy, but is it wrong that all I can think about is that I want her to get back together with Pete??

  • I just wanted to say that I don’t care if Ashlee Simpson-Wentz got caught lip-synching on Saturday Night Live back in 2004 because it wasn’t her fault that she had acid reflux and that she had to use a backing track to save her voice. I also don’t care if her latest album, “Bittersweet World” (that was released on April 22, 2008) only sold 150,000 copies over here in the United States of America and 220,000 copies worldwide, I love her music with all my heart and I want to spend the rest of my life listening to it because her music has been the best thing that has ever happened to me ever since she came into the music industry back in 2004. I would be lost forever if she ever decides to stop making music because making music is what she lives for. Ashlee is one of my most favorite female Pop music artists and songwriters in the music industry, and I’m also one of her most biggest fans who was born and raised over here in the United States of America. I will always guard and protect her heart from all of those haters out there because she deserves to have all of the happiness that life has to offer. I have all 3 of her previous albums and I can’t wait until she releases her new upcoming album later on this year because I really want to buy it. I hope that the album will have a “Folk feel” and an upbeat sound to it like Ashlee said it will because in my personal opinion, I think that she is very creative when it comes to her own music and nobody out there can ever take that away from her no matter what because that is the truth. I’m pretty sure that her new upcoming album will sell over 1 million copies over here in the United States of America and worldwide because she has a lot of fans all over the world who really enjoys listening to her music as much as I do. I also think that she looks a lot more prettier than her sister, Jessica and my wife, Ashley even though she did have plastic surgery on her nose. End of story.

    • this is exactly how i feel about her, she may not have lots of fans like Britney or GaGa but her fan base is solid i bet. I can quote your post as if it was mine. I get the same feeling about her. I love Ashlee, her music, her sense of humor, her voice, everything, and i also think she is so creative when it comes to her music, almost nobody can see it because SNL

  • I’m so excited for Ashlee’s new upcoming album to be released later on this year, and she said that it will have a “Folk feel” and an upbeat sound to it!

  • Ida

    It’s really great news, can’t wait! :D I loved her debut album, and liked the other ones as well, but it’s something special about that first record, I agree :) I was breaking away from radio and common music and since I live in Sweden, not many knew about Ashlee’s music, at least not back then. I’m so excited :)!!

  • Max

    I hope Ashlee’s new folk sound will be successful for her and everyone will like it including her fans but if it does flop like her last album, Bittersweet World, I think she should consider making a more rock sound that everyone can dance to.