Watch: The ‘Fright Night’ Remake Releases A First Movie Trailer


On Wednesday we got to see a batch of new photos from the upcoming remake of the 80’s horror/comedy Fright Night and today we get to check out the FIRST TRAILER for the film. To be honest, there isn’t nearly as much David Tennant in the trailer as I would like … and I’m still not sure that Colin Farrell will make a good vampire … but the flick does look fun. Check out the trailer below.

I love Anton Yelchin … but … yeah, I think I’m on the fence with this one. I had high hopes … but something about Colin as a vampire seems … silly? I dunno. What do y’all think? Does this remake look good to you? I will say that all of this Fright Night talk has got me really interested in rewatching the original 1985 film ;)


  • scsu01

    Yeah..the movie seems to be exactly like Disturbia, just with a vampire. I agree with u Trent that Colin as a vampire. The original had a much more classic-vampire film feel to it..not too excited for this one

    • CHASE

      YAS!!! I was thinking the same thing – Disturbia! Oh my gosh, twins, etc.

    • @scsu01 — But ‘Disturbia’ is a young remake of ‘Rear Window’ the Alfred Hitchcock classic.

  • faiththebloody

    I miss Chris Sarandon….

  • BCDanielle

    I’m sorry, what is the movie about? I was busy staring at hot Colin in a white tank top…..

    • Ashley

      Agreed! I’ve never been a huge Colin fan, but DAMN did he look hot in this trailer!

  • Danny

    The original is a total classic. This one looks like it might be fun though. Totally different characters and lots of things that didn’t happen in the original. McLovin is stupid though, the original guy who played Charlie’s best friend “Evil Ed” was cooler, he ended up becoming a gay porn star though fyi. I really like Anton Yelchin though as an actor. He was great in “Charlie Bartlett”, a smaller indie film, you should see it.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    this is me but I am on my friends computer! I actually am a little impressed with the trailer. The could have called anything other than Fright Night but it looks interesting.

  • Jess

    Looks fun but I’ll probably just wait till it comes out on the movie network. Although I love love love anthon, david and of cours toni collette

  • Kyle Sullivan

    Looks VERY second-rate, VERY unimaginative, unlike the original.

  • theotherlee

    So.. I like Colin, Toni and Anton… but I think this film is gonna be a flop. If the story is going to be different than the original.. why not just make a new movie? Rename the characters to something else, and then call the movie something other than Fright Night. They’re trying to pull us original fans into this remake, and that has rarely ever been successful. To be honest, I can’t think of a single remake that has been better than the original… period.

    Just my take on it anyway.

  • rob

    It’s taking itself too seriously. Though Colin looks as hot as ever. The original had camp, which it looks like this one is sorely lacking. Also, am I mistaken or did the original also have homoerotic overtones?

  • theotherlee

    Rob.. I remember some homoerotic overtones too.. something about the relationship between Jerry and Billy (the daytime protector.) That and I think my teenage gaydar was probably seeing the whole Roddy McDowall/Stephen Geoffreys thing… lol

    As has been mentioned earlier.. Stephen Geoffreys (aka Sam Ritter) went on to do gay porn…