The ‘Jersey Shore’ Ladies Leave For Italy To Film Season 4


Last week we saw photos of the Jersey Shore guys with packed bags in hand making their way thru the airport presumably on their way to Italy to film the upcoming 4th season of the show. Today, courtesy of TMZ, we get to see a new photo of the ladies and their packed bags at Newark Airport bound for Italy as well. As you can see in the photo below, Nicole Snooki Polizzi, Dina Deena Nicole Cortese and Jenni Jwoww Farley made sure to pack the tackiest/ugliest luggage they could find for the trip … naturally.

Jwoww and Snooki just checked in at the Lufthansa ticket counter at Newark Airport — destination: Florence, Italy for “Jersey Shore” Season 4. They’re at the business class desk right now, with a bunch of tacky, animal print luggage.

Ugh … I guess this Italian season of Jersey Shore is really gonna happen. Again, my sincerest apologies to the people of Italy … please know that these JS jokers do NOT represent all of America and they should be treated as the buffoons they are. MTV’s Jersey Shore has already become a parody of itself so please do not take anything that they do or say in your country with any seriousness at all. That being said, if the fine people of Italy would like to keep the entire Jersey Shore cast — FOREVER — we would all be much obliged ;)


  • Jadedkitten

    Hmm looks like snook gained some of the weight she lost back, anyho can’t wait to watch this I shamelessly love the JS.

    • Dana J

      yeah she does look “plumper” than she has in recent pictures. she was a stick back in the day from the pics they showed of her in Rolling Stone. Guess all that drinking is taking its toll on her now.

  • Brady

    I love Deena she rox my sox oh and jwowws boobs im a gay man who loves some boobs.

  • Mario McMahon

    Uhm…Where’s Sammi Sweetheart?! lol

    • Panti Christ

      Prolly off somewhere on the phone yelling “seriously!?” at Ronnie and clapping her hands like a seal!

    • Marcus_em

      HA !!! loves it!

    • Annie

      Sammi is the one at the counter that is not Deena
      Because I saw her on a pic that same day with those clothes
      and a funny looking hat. Iused to think Sammi was very annoying but going back to some episodes, I could see how ronnie manipulates her and pushes her to the point where shes not even herself, that is why she always regrets her actions on the show

    • Annie

      by the way the only reason I watch this show is because i study psychology, I also think It can help some girls see how they are portrayed by men when they behave the way some girls on the show do…. It could be a learning experience.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I am kind of excited for this!! I think it will be pretty funny!!!

    • ausettofegypt

      woot, me too

  • C

    At least it wasnt in trash bags a la Angelina:)

  • jessicagiovanna

    i know only some of them are of actual italian ancestry but the shouldnt call themselves italian, they’re American. They dont speak the language. besides a few cuss words. if even that. how many times have they visited the “mother land”? I’m part Mexican I speak/write Spanish fluently (have taught Spanish classes). went to mex a couple of times a month as a child growing up but i know what i am. American. I’m sure Pauly and the others with their Italian flag tattoos not knowing a lick about how it is in the real Italy are going to learn a lot about who they really are. I’m experiencing second hand embarrassment for them.

    • Marcella

      okay im not trying to defend these losers BUT i dont agree with your point….america is a melting pot of people of different backgrounds…are all these jersey shore kids americans? of course. but some have ethnic bathgrounds that are italian, puerto rican, chilean, irish etc? yes. and being american doesnt mean you dont acknowledge your other ethnicities…like vinny his mom came from sicily should he not embrace his italian side? just because your american doesnt mean you cant be italian-american or mexican-american and have dual or multiple ethnicities……cultural and ethnic backgrounds are more complex than that its not so black and white

  • JStar

    So excited for this season!

  • roxster

    hmm yeah I thought Snooks twit pics were only a month ago? Bit suspicious. . . .haha.

  • Tracy

    Marcella, the problem is that they are trash. We don’t want trash representing America anywhere.

  • ALV

    I knew that Snooki’s twitpics were only an optical illusion. She was always standing from the side so it made her appear thinner, but now you can truly see that she hasn’t lost a lb. How embarrassing.

  • Gabyeffbaby

    Lol looks like the guy with the camera is like “Oh, damn theres a troll in the airport let me take a picture”, no no i keed. But seriously, why are these people famous smh…

  • Baybridget

    The Mayor of Florence has apparently given MTV some really strict rules for filming there, in the hopes that they will be more respectful. LOL. I think @thetuscangun posted it on Twitter.