Britney Spears Hosts A Dinner Party To Raise Funds For Hurricane Katrina Relief Efforts


Earlier this month we learned that our dear Britney Spears would be taking a night off from her furious rehearsals for the upcoming Femme Fatale Tour (due to kick off in just a few weeks) to host an event called An Evening of Southern Style to benefit the St. Bernard Project which continues to help Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. Britney looked ABSOLUTELY STUNNING at last night’s event and she was joined by her loverman Jason Trawick as well as a host of other celebs who showed up to offer their support. Click below to check out photos and deets from last night’s lavish fund-raising event.

When Britney Spears supports a charity, Hollywood comes calling. On Wednesday night, the femme fatale and her family hosted a private event in Beverly Hills that was attended by Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez, Kellan Lutz, Hilary Duff and others — all in support of the St. Bernard Project. The Louisiana-based nonprofit aims to rebuild homes of those affected by Hurricane Katrina, as well as helping rebuild their lives. Just a few days before the event, Brit called out to her devoted fanbase via Twitter to support the cause. “Text BRITNEY to UNITED (864833) to donate $10 to the St. Bernard Charity, which is dedicated to rebuilding homes after Katrina,” she tweeted. Once she arrived at the event, all eyes were on Spears as she graced the red carpet in a form-fitting lime green cocktail dress. She looked vibrant, posing for photogs, who snapped away in a frenzy. Hilary Duff, standing just a few feet down from Britney, couldn’t help but take in the action. “Gosh, I’m such a huge Britney Spears fan, I’m kinda freaking out that she’s right over there,” Duff told MTV News. “I love the whole ‘Toxic’ thing, I really like ‘Womanizer’ — she’s just talented all around and I’m a huge fan, excited to be here. And she keeps it going, you know, like all of her new songs are just as good as the last, and I’m impressed by her career. “I’ve actually met her a few times before and she’s really sweet, and I’m sure we’re gonna be talking about food more than anything tonight,” Duff continued. Once inside, Britney wasn’t the only Spears spreading Southern hospitality: Her dad, Jamie, was manning the kitchen. Guests were treated to a Southern-style sit-down dinner with all the fixin’s. Of course, it wouldn’t have been a proper Southern meal without some sweet tea, and guests sipped on the pop princess’ special recipe of lemon and peach tea. Britney serves as an ambassador of the St. Bernard Project, whose volunteers number around 32,000. Together, they’ve rebuilt homes in the New Orleans area for 350 families and counting.

Britney doesn’t lend her name to very many causes but when she does, it is deffo a cause that she strongly believes in. Hurricane Katrina had a devastating effect on her beloved homestate of Louisiana so I am not at all surprised that she would want to do anything possible to remind others that people in New Orleans are STILL suffering from the horrors of Katrina. At least, Britney and her celebrity friends were able to raise the much needed funds in classy, very Southern style. Britney posted a photo on her official Twitter profile of her father Jamie Spears cookin’ up some grub for the shindig last night:

Daddy’s cooking up a storm! -Britney

By all accounts, it sounds it was a fab event … for a very good cause … with one hot-lookin’ ambassador hostess :)

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  • Jadedkitten

    Hotney Godney for realz she looked amazing last night, look at how tiny she is!!!

  • frank

    she looks great all she needs is someone professional to fix those eyebrows.

    • nicole

      ha, i thought the same when i saw the up close pics. but you cant really tell from far away so no big. the best thing about these pics…is the girls hair looks great.

  • Sara

    THIS is the Brit I miss seeing in public – put together, stylish, and downright sexy!! :)

    • JCZ

      I like seeing Mama Britney – makes me smile cause she is smiling!

  • Adriana

    she looks beautiful! good for her!! :)

  • muchacha

    It’s clear to me that Britney doesn’t really like to be in the spotlight unless she has to; I can tell by the stress in her eyes. So I think it’s all the more commendable that she would put herself forward for an event like this, which will hopefully benefit many families. I hope she decides to take up more non-profit work in the future!

    • JCZ

      Not saying SHE does, but I most probably would have nightmares of flashing lights after endless days and nights of 30 people swarming around me to get my picture at all costs. She was treated like dirt a few years ago, anything was said & done to get a picture.

      Laws are more stricter now and she has a great team to defend her from the paps, but I still think there need to be more safety laws for celebs such as the distance paps can get when they’re in a car and also out of a car. Would’ve prevented a lot of cases where paps got hit or run over when it was always there fault.

      BUT Britney,you’re right trent, AMAZING!

    • shameonme

      I do agree to an extent, but you should watch the video of the event on the red carpet. The phototogs are insane with their screaming and giving orders. She looked visibly relieved when Jason stepped up to be with her.

      I hope she does as well! Especially with children. It would be something great she could do with her fame.

  • nicole

    she looked fantastic.

  • xokimmy

    OMG! Britney looks amazing! And such a great event for her to host. Love love love her!

  • Denise

    So, is all of that hair natural? Did it all grow back since she shaved it?

  • krissy

    I am not a Britney fan, but I think it is great that she hosted this event. The people of Louisiana (and other states) suffered horribly during Katrina, and so this is a very noble cause. Well done.

    It is a little disturbing to see so many comments focused on her looks and not her actions, though. Sigh.

  • Denise

    @Krissy – I live in New Orleans, so I am certainly thankful for her hosting this event. I made no comment on it originally, because other posters have done that for me.

  • Eri

    Umm….how cute is it that her Dad was in the kitchen? He looks like it was serious business back there!

  • great !!!!!!!!!!!

  • mark

    Britney looks AMAZING!! Can’t wait for the Femme Fatale tour!!

  • Marcella

    her bod and outfit soooo hot! i think she needs her make up artist to tweeze her eyebrows to make them look a little more defined…i think thats why she looks ‘dead in the eyes’ latley likeso many people say….just raise up those ppuppies up

    • Janaegal

      I actually think her eyebrows look less “archy” and defined than they used to when she was in her hayday, but I’m not sure why or how that is even possible.

      I love to see celebs do good, especially when it’s for a cause that HAS to be close to their heart, it makes me so sure of their motives. Go Britney!

  • kelly

    i freaking love her daddy. he’s so there for her, thick or thin…cookin’ up crawfish or saving her from scumbags.

  • kendra

    She was the definition of blonde bombshell in that outfit! She looks amazing and I love that she keeps her outings limited to things she really believes in..Her kids, charity, and Starbucks.. :) I love this girl..

  • scsu01

    She looks gorgeous!!!

  • vVv

    stunning :D

  • Kudos to these stars for not forgetting the Gulf Coast and New Orleans. So many people don’t realize that residents are still going through hell facing red tape and some with PTSD trying to rebuild their lives. Thanks to all of those who haven’t forgotten our fellow Americans.

    Paul Harris
    Author, “Diary From the Dome, Reflections on Fear and Privilege During Katrina”

  • Alys

    I have only respect for celebrities who take causes to heart and put their reputation/fame towards helping those in need. Not as publicity stunts (like Mr. Sheen), but doing it because it’s a cause they believe needs attention or support. Britney has the cachet to pull in a lot of names, and that she has turned her attention to the residents of New Orleans and areas still devastated by the aftermath of Katrina (all these years later, that’s hard to believe) is outstanding. It speaks to her as a compassionate young woman, and not just a star who has had her ups and downs.

    Good on Britney for showing such care for others, especially when they’ve fallen off of the radar for a great many people who don’t live in the south.

  • joan

    I could sure use some of this fundraiser my house still isn’t rebuilt following Katrina. It’s frustrating with all of the money raised in our name many have never seen a dime and remain displaced.