The Killers Reunite To Make More Music


Great news, music fans … The Killers have announced (kinda sorta) that they are getting back together to make new music together! There was a common fear that the band might not reunite for another album after frontman Brandon Flowers went solo and released his own album. But according to drummer Ronnie Vannucci, the band have set a date next week to get together to begin working on a “pile of songs”!

The Killers will start working on new songs next week, according to drummer Ronnie Vannucci. The sticksman-turned-solo-artist told XFM that the band already had a “pile of songs” that they wanted to show off to each other, and they had already nailed a date to do it. “Tuesday [May 17] I think we start doing some writing again,” he said. “We have piles of songs we want to show each other. We’re going to get back in that room and start working.”

This really fantastic news! I am such a big fan of The Killers and I have been hoping that the band was planning to get together again for a new album. I’m not gonna lie … I really didn’t love Brandon’s solo album. It was OK but nothing special, IMHO. I am really excited that the band has a “pile of songs” to start working on. Who knows, we might even get a new album from The Killers by year’s end! Woot!!


  • Brianna

    YES! This makes me giddy!

    I think Brandon Flowers may be the most beautiful man alive. It hurts me to look at him sometime.

    • Sharon

      I know, I possibly could never fall in love with anyone as I’m in love with him! He’s the most good looking man on the planet! He’s so perfect! I’m so jealous of his wife!!!!!

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I couldn’t agree more with Brianna above!! I love their music and Brandon is so damn hawt!! The thought of him in more music videos makes me a happy man.

  • Ella

    I’m so happy about that news too!

  • Joan

    Love The Killers and Brandon. He is a fantastic storyteller. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Flamingo either, Trent (except for Crossfire). I absolutely CANNOT WAIT for new Killers music.

  • Amanda

    YES!!! I absolutely LOVE this band. This has officially made my day! :D

  • Ani


  • James

    Please, for the love of Jesus, someone tell them we want a Hot Fuss 2.0! I’ve gotta be honest, Hot Fuss blows Sam’s Town and Day & Age away! ST and D&A were good, but forgettable (except for maybe a few songs).

    Hot Fuss is gold! I want Hot Fuss 2.0!

  • Sam

    I can’t wait for new killers music I love them
    I hope it’s something new like all the albums it’s about time people stopped harking on about a new hot fuss been there done that !! The band have so much more to offer !

  • Sheila

    Its great news that they’re back together.Though I had to say, I adore Brandon Flowers’solo album! I’m still listening to it! I think it’s the best album I bought in ages!