First Listen: Lady Gaga, ‘The Edge Of Glory’


Lady Gaga has released the single artwork AND audio of her new song The Edge of Glory. Altho her album, Born This Way, has yet to be released, Glory is now the third single released after the singles Born This Way and Judas. Click below to check out the official single artwork and take a listen to Gaga’s newest track Edge of Glory.

As far as cover artwork goes, I think this photo beats the Hell out of the photo that was chosen for the BTW album cover … no question. As for the single, it’s actually a not bad pop anthem:

This song is much better, IMHO, than Judas and is a more anthem-like power pop song than Born this Way. While I’m still not a fan of Lady Gaga’s very produced sound, I can appreciate that this is a pop track that others might really enjoy. What do y’all think of Gaga’s latest offering? Are you impressed? Do you like this track?


  • Jadedkitten

    Hate it, I hate all of it so far BTW, Judas and now this! God I’m so disappointed with her and I have a feeling the majority of BTW is gonna suck too. Guess I’m just gonna have to stick with The fame monster and call it a day.

    • weruh

      haha femme fatale was a horrible album, all pop songs with absolutely no meaning because britney can write her own stuff
      atleast lady gaga can be called an artist
      her voice is amazing when compared o britney’s over autotuned voice. im not bashing you its just ur pic along with your statement make me mad that britney fans dare say gaga’s stuff suck

  • Andew

    “While I’m still not a fan of Lady Gaga‘s very produced sound”

    Really, Trent? You say this, but hail Britney Spears left & right? Last time I checked, Britney is the most “very produced sound” artist in the world. Lady Gaga has roven time and again- and at every concert she plays- that she doesn’t need any production to sound great. Let’s see Britney sit at a piano and sing her heart out, “un-produced”. I can respect that you are not a fan of Gaga, but to make a statement like that while you glorify someone like Britney is a bit fucking ridiculous.

    • Sherri


    • Jadedkitten

      You gaga stans need to get off Britney’s dick srsly. Oh and here you go Britney sitting playing the piano singing her heart out

    • Sorry, but her vocal is horrible. I love Britney, but that is just bad, bad, bad.

    • Angelique

      Um, yea about twenty seconds of actual piano playing there, she’s clearly not comfortable playing. One of the few times you won’t hear her lip-sync and her voice sounds stretched and weak.

      I don’t dislike Brit at all, I think she’s a great pop star, but her voice or skills aren’t as powerful as Gaga’s. Not to me at least.

    • Michael

      LOL. I love how talented she is and can keep playing the piano while she’s away from it. That is REAL talent. :D

    • @Andrew — “Really, Trent? You say this, but hail Britney Spears left & right?” Yep, I do say this … you even quoted me saying it. IMHO, Britney > Gaga. It’s easy to understand, even if you don’t agree :D

    • lori

      i think ppl dont like when you post Gaga’s music, critique the shit out of it, then think brits songs are just fab even tho the same think you critiques gaga going, brit does.

      i think ppl want to read blogs not just for opinion anymore. we want objective content. fairness. but it is your blog, so you can do whatever youw ant. but im just answering your Q.

      also. i reallly dont think you should talk to your readers like this.
      What is this hypocrisy that you speak of? I’m very curious to hear you spell it out, please.
      its almost like taunting… its weird.

    • @lori — Hahahaha. I’m not sure I understand your first sentence but I think I get the gist of what you are trying to say. Just let me know how to talk to readers, ok? thanks!!!!

    • Tess

      PREACH, so sick of the hypocrisy on this blog.

    • @Tess — What is this hypocrisy that you speak of? I’m very curious to hear you spell it out, please.

    • Tess

      @Trent, the hypocrisy I think comes from what Lori said in her post. Praising Britney for doing the same things you critique Gaga for is all I meant. I respect your opinion on Gaga and agree to disagree, that was just all I meant.

    • @Tess — It is not hypocrisy to like one artist over another. All music, unless acoustic, is produced. Yes, Britney is produced … but in a way that I enjoy. Gaga’s music is not appealing to me, especially this time around. As I’ve said many times, I like Just Dance and Bad Romance … those songs are not as produced as this new batch of songs are.

    • Beca

      yea..hi….did you not realize this HIS (Trent’s) BLOG!!! he can say what ever the eff the wants!! he said it was HIS OPINION!!! Don’t like it don’t read it, simple as that!!!! there are PLENTY of other blogs that you can get your gossip from ~geeeezzz~

    • Tess

      Yeah, hi, did you realize there’s such a thing as basic english? I didn’t think so. Having an opinion is one thing, and I fully respect that, however it’s obnoxious to read an article about anyone who he (Trent) doesn’t think measures up to Britney Spears, and see him do nothing but hate. It takes a lot of energy to be so hateful, clearly the commenters here know first hand. Just because two artists are different in two different ways doesn’t mean one automatically has to be better. I like Britney, but I also like Gaga. Britney’s songs tend to be more generic and Gaga’s more out there and meaningful, although her earlier stuff is better. Both are good in their own ways. FACT.

    • @Tess — LOL! Just because I don’t like a song — and say so with as much respect as possible — doesn’t mean I “hate” anyone or anything. It’s so silly for people to say ‘You hate this song because you only like Britney”. It’s absurd. I like a lot of different music … I just don’t like everything. And why, I must ask, do people get so angry when someone else doesn’t like the music they like? I just have to shake my head sometimes … people’s immaturity just makes me laugh.

    • Kaitlyn
    • Tess

      I happened to love the special, and Gaga has an amazing set of pipes. ’nuff said

    • Elissa

      I’m pretty sure he said he didn’t like “GaGa’s very produced sound”…. which means he just doesn’t like GaGa’s sound. I don’t think he ever claimed Britney didn’t have a “produced” sound, he just prefers Britney’s music. Which is his right as the writer of HIS blog that YOU come to visit. Don’t like it, go to: because Perez shares your love of GaGa (blah IMHO). At least Trent’s comments are consistent and HIS honest opinion.

      Thank you Trent, for always being honest and never swaying your opinion in order to please the masses. *MUAH*

    • Tess

      I respect Trent’s opinions, many of which I agree with. His blog is honest and refreshing. It’s only on certain topics that he panders to the hardcore haters of Gaga that it gets old and pathetic sound. PS. Perez is obnoxious and I avoid his stuff because IMHO Gaga is not always awesome. My only point here is that not everything she does sucks.

    • Elissa

      I don’t think “he panders to the hardcore haters of Gaga”. He just doesn’t like her stuff. If he really hated it, and her fans, than he wouldn’t post anything about her. There would be nothing about GaGa on here. It’s his blog, his opinion, and his opinion is she’s not all that she’s talked up to be and she’s not the next coming of pop music.

    • weruh

      couldn’t agree more
      atleast gaga can sing the shit out of her songs while dancing
      britney can barely dance and can’t even sing live

  • mark

    BORED, sounds like a horrible 80s throwback with the annoying saxophones!

  • Xadax

    All of her top selling songs are all repititive generic hooks & yet she claims herself as one of the great songwriters of her generation tsk tsk tsk. If she relies on that then keep lying Lady Gaga for you were the one who said that you hate the ‘truth’ (copycat, mediocre singer, gimmicky, bad dancer, no theatricality, ugly etc…).

  • Great dance track! Love. Love. Love.

  • Anna

    I agree Trent. It’s still VERY overproduced. BUT better than the first two.

  • Megan

    I don’t like it, I don’t see how people are crying over this song in a good way, I just don’t get it. I like her older stuff, but this all really just feels disappointing.

  • Xadax

    Is this a Kelly Clarkson song?! Coz we belong together now! Forever…

    • Angelique

      LOL, sad but true

    • weruh

      omg the chorus is similar but so many pop songs have similar melodies especially in the chorus
      i love this song and i love “my life would suck w/o you”

  • Tiffany Hollibaugh

    i love it! i feel i can run to this song! thank you lady gaga!

  • nicole

    3 songs before the albums out is a little much. if she keeps it at this rate..every song on the album will be a single (which wouldnt surprise me).
    pretty then the first two songs sure…still not a “album of the decade” song.
    the songs from this album so far just seem to be missing something. or there just repetitive and annoying.
    this is what happens when an artist and her people over hype.

  • Joanna

    I don’t care what all of the haters say. This song is awesome although the saxophones I could do without. Chorus is my favorite part. On the topic of over produced pop artists, it’s sad to say but this is the direction pop music is going and it doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon. Learn to live with it or move on to a different type of music. Simple as that.

  • Ashley

    I prefer Born this Way and Judas over this actually. This doesn’t sound like Gaga, which isn’t always a bad thing for an artist to try…but i don’t like it…especially the saxophone, wtf is that Gaga? Older is better when it comes to her in my opinion

  • Claire

    Meh, I like this MUCH better than Judas and BTW but I just don’t love it. Maybe after a few listens, I dunno. At least she is moving in a better direction, IMO. I just don’t think I’m going to be all that thrilled with her final album. Oh well.
    It does remind me a lot of Kelly Clarkson’s “My Life Would Suck Without You.”

  • Justin

    Surely there’s a towel in her vicinity, I suggest she pick it up and throw it in. My speakers nearly turned into a block of cheese listening to that hokey sounding shiz.

    • Claire

      Bahaha. -Dead-

      And hokey is exactly the word I was thinking! Meh…

  • @sineelectricity
  • Sasha Fierce

    This sounds like Kelly Clarkson’s, MY LIFE WOULD SUCK.

    Poor Gaga. JUDAS flopped, which is why this new single was rushed out, but this is not going to cut it.

    And the saxophone!!??? Really. Corny as hell! I cant hear this being played on the radio. EOG is forgettable, and I’m already over it.

    RIP, Gaga’s BORN THIS WAY album.

    • weruh

      judas hasn’t flopped it took ET 7 weeks to reach number one
      this isnt a fricken single its a album promo song
      the sax is amazing so diff for a pop song nowadays
      and the guy playing the sax on this record is a legend, he was part of bruce springsteen’s band ….
      i suggest you do your research before you judge gaga

  • Louigi12

    The saxophone part reminds me of one of the songs from the St. Elmo’s Fire soundtrack.

    • Lyss

      YESYESYESYESYES!! I thought the exact thing and wondered if I was the only one!
      I swear, you just made my DAY with that comment!! :D

    • One of my favorite songs from the 80s: St. Elmo’s Fire (Man in Motion) by John Parr –

  • Sara

    I actually think this sounds like it could be a Miley Cyrus song! LOL.

  • Jess

    I don’t know about anyone else, but it really sounded like Pink singing to me. It’s a pretty average song overall. Something to sing along to in the car, but nothing to seek out or avoid.

  • AmandaMarie

    Personally, I’m loving this, it’s a nice honest 80’s throwback. I can totally get down to this.

    That said, this clinches the fact this will NOT be the album of the decade to me. It’s a fun song. But yet again it lacks “special.”

    I’m probably GaGa’s biggest advocate here, I love the girl, but her marketing team… Have way overhyped this.

    It’s a fun song though. And Trent made it clear he doesn’t hate the song, it’s just not his cup of tea. He isn’t hating.

    However IMHO, Britney will always be more produced to me than GaGa. Just the way it is. And we agree to disagree! :-)

  • JayeBea


    • Andrea

      I agree nothing special this is the third song that she released off this epic cd…. I dont think so…… It is like Kelly Clarkson and Kelly could of sang it better

  • sjazz

    im loving this album more than her previous one. im actually starting to believe this as the album of decade. she knows exactly what synth/beat-lovers wants. i can’t wait for the album. even though she’s the most illuminati of them all and im extremely opposed to that, but music is just music. im not going to buy her album or support her tours. but i can enjoy her music.

  • sarahhh

    now the first time i heard it, it was OKAY. but now that i listened to it a few times. i’m starting to LOVE IT!!

    (now let all the haters bash..)

  • Matt

    Love all of the new singles!! (and PITNB, too!)

    I was a bit unsure on first listen, but after listening a few more times, I happen to really enjoy it! It’s a nice change of pace from the first 2 singles, and has quite a powerful message! :)

  • DD

    It’s not bad, but I’m so over Gaga.

  • Grace

    Wow! I’m so surprised about some of the comments re Trent because the fact that he’s honest and respectful is the main reason why I visit this blog every day.
    And I do so even though I’m really not a fan of Britney – hehe
    I am, however, a fan of NIN and Tori Amos, and Trent always has their latest news. Keep up the good work, Trent!

  • Angelica

    Can’t we all just get along?! Trent..keep doing what your doing boo ;)

  • Cesar

    This is actually the first song that sounds great among the first tasters of BTW. Having said that, these are some FACTS:
    1. KYLIE is the only Goddess here. Amazing talent and absurdly unappreciated in the US. Went to see her last night in Orlando and she’s FAR better than any of these girls we’re talking about here.
    2. GAGA is a true artist. She sings, she writes, she dances, she screw sometimes (first two singles were not that good) but she’s committed with her audience. So that is commendable.
    3. BRITNEY is a complete and sad mess. Specially in 2011. She doesn’t sing, doesn’t dance, doesn’t write and she’s pretty robotic in all things concerning her music. She doesn’t even have a clue of what she’s doing next or who she would like to work in the future. I think there is not a single cell in her body that belongs to a true artist. For her is JUST THE BUSINESS, not the artistry. She should go back to college and get a career she really enjoys.

    • adri

      or maybe she is focused on being a mother
      so yea you may be right… she might not know who she wants to work with.. maybe because she doesn’t want to work with anyone… ? think about that? please gaga has something to prove that is why she is over exposing herself ..I don’t find it genius nor do I think 2 year tours are great…………
      at least Britney is real and humble and not so far up her own ass that she spews some of the most absurd shit
      and that is forever why britney trumps that troll looking hag…

    • Cesar

      It’s beautiful she’s focused in her motherhood. I praise her for that, honestly.
      However, the lack of artistry in Britney’s work is soooo rampant that it’s impossible to overlook. When I say she doesn’t even know who she wants to work with I am talking about, at least, choosing her producers, choosing how she wants to sound (she sounds today more generic than never before), she is not concerned about what she’s going to deliver as long as it is mainstream. As an artist she should give a lot of thinking on that. She is not. She should go and make the effort to, AT LEAST, sing a couple songs live in her concerts, but she does not do that.
      I like artists that care about her audience. I never felt she cared about hers. And as time goes by her carelessness is only worsening.

    • LG

      britney has no choice BUT to be humble. what on earth could she possible be cocky about? ha

    • weruh

      haha um gaga’s voice is better than kylies, so is beyonces
      kylie isn’t that great of a singer i saw her live

    • Cesar

      I saw Kylie live too…last time this Sunday in Orlando. She is an “efficient” singer. She sings live and deliver a good show. I was not talking just about the voice. There is something called authenticity in an artist and Kylie has it. So does Beyonce of course, although I am not into R&B I do recognize Beyonce as a true artist. Not so sure about GaGa because more often than not she’s trying so hard to deliver big statements and pop music is not about the big statements, at least NOT ALL THE TIME. Last but not least, Britney, she definitely does not have a single trace of authenticity nor artistry.

  • Hudson Morrigan


    • adri

      I don’t really like it.. although I’m not gay/lesbian. I always knew gaga fans were unsanitary……………. ……….


  • rapsody7

    haha, as a gaga fan I actually don’t like this song very much….seems we don’t share the same taste in music. At some parts to me it just sounds way too 80’s + kenny G. I feel like it was a rejected theme song for reading rainbow……

  • Jay

    I love the fake sanctimoniousness coming from the Germanotta stans:
    “ takes sooo much energy to hate another person….”
    Funny…the only hatred I see is the hatred coming from the Germanotta stans, who viciously attack anyone who doesnt heap praise on Germanotta.

    Give it a rest Little Monsters. When you’re not supporting this racist (she’s the only major artist to violate the SB 1070 boycott) coke whore, you’re killing your cats to drain their blood:

    Please, Germanotta stans, please: take your own advice about hatred and stop being such hateful, racist-policy supporting cat killers.

    • adri

      truth.. they are the most devoted haters
      they will hate on any artists page
      spewing their love for the person who was born Germanotta. I say born, because she was born Germanotta.. somewhere she was manufactured into the “lady” gaga. tehe

    • Cesar

      hehe….silly silly….is she the first artist in history to use a “stage name”? It’s so silly yo use that trying to diminish an artist…
      Give an objective criticism if you may…

    • adri

      No, I never said that. I’m saying she is fake.
      She was never the lady gaga before, but suddenly she has a new style? fake.. okay so believe what you want
      but every word that comes out of that twits mouth is fake.. and full of shit. I do think people can change.. but yeah she seemed to be a complete jersey girl,
      then she hooked up with someone who created her identity.. don’t like my opinion? okay … it’s fine! she is still fake. Lol

    • Cesar

      I do like your opinions! And you’re probably right about the fact that maybe some stuff coming out of her mouth are not sincere. I can agree on that.
      I hope you also can agree with me in some of the points I made. Cheers!

    • adri

      I do respect your opinions. I think Britney isn’t completely comfortable in the media as she once was. I want her to grow and want to be her best. I agree Lady Gaga is cool, I loved the fame and I never had a problem with her in the beginning, but my opinion of her changed. I want btw to be good.. but to me it’s not.. lol anyways I’m still praying for a great song from the album!

    • Cesar

      that makes two of us now!

      By that way, did I say that KYLIE RULES!!?!? lol!

  • isnt this song a c0py of cher’s song for the lonely!!!!!

    gaga is such a mediocre, tiresome, bore at this point.
    she really needs to go away for a while. i was talking to a friend in mexico city and he was saying how everyone he knows is so over her and the radio in his city wont play her songs anymore!!!!!

  • CL

    Im just not a fan of this album if this is a sign. BTW grew on me and its okay, but this and Judas have been bad. I get a Neverending Story/Taylor Swift/Kelly Clarkson vibe, and Im not finding a cohesivesound in any of the songs. I have to say after her last album, this has all been a big disappointment.

    And enough with the Britney stuff already! The woman has been around for more than a decade now, and is constantly selling out anything and everything she puts out!

    • Cesar

      Sorry CL. I was only trying to make a point here.

      KYLIE rules anyways!!!! :)

  • boring song
    Gaga is going down everytime more and more

  • Paul

    fyi trent this isn’t a official single its a promotional single and another will be released next week. They wont have videos or nearly as much promo as an official single. Just thought I would let you know :-)

    Getting back to this song I love the meaning behind it, Gaga wrote it with her dad after her grandfather died and its about your last moment on earth. Such a powerful song.

  • vVv

    i personally think taht born this way r judas r pretty good too ;)

  • Gina Mae

    woah, I think fighting over who is better is pointless, they are both great artist in their own right. And I cant understand why there is so much hate, because Gaga and Kesha have both written songs for Brit, because Brit has been an inspiration for them. I’m sure they like each others music and will probably sing on a track together at some point in the future.

  • JCZ

    I wouldn’t be comfortable in the press if they turn on me too when there was a downpoint in my life and just abused the absolute F*** outta me.

    Good on Britney for not GIVING in and being herself, shying away and being a great mother.
    Britney doesn’t want to talk about the previous years or anything like that and unfortunately the media do.

    I disagree with the conversatonship big time and I hate that interviews are done pre recorded or submitted by her team. But hey, I’d much prefer that than an interview where they nail her with question after question abusing her or hackling or making her uncomfortable and seeing her cry. I hate seeing Brit cry, its very upsetting.

    I dont compare the two, but in a way, Britney was doing what Gaga was doing 3 years into her career.
    She was performing everywhere, her releases were SO hyped, as they are now. She put in 110% with everything Brit.
    She doesn’t need to, I would like to see more effort and dancing and LIVE singing like she used to, but hey this isn’t her primary role anything I def respect that, be a mother first I say, give up music if thats what it takes.

    Gaga will wind down soon enough – people wont be as hyped for her. But also Gaga herself will tune it down cause its tiring. She WILL have a break even though shes all “No one have breaks, real musicians don’t” well say that to the Stones who ARE real musicians who DID take and DO take breaks in there hey day to record masterpieces and REAL albums of the decades.

    Then Gaga will stop doing a lot of interviews and performances. Happens to them all.

  • lauren

    Like, OMG Trent, I am sooooooooooooooooo sick of seeing your utter hatred for Gaga. If you don’t like her, don’t post about her!!!!!

    Um, here’s a better idea, little monsters. You KNOW Trent doesn’t like Gaga. So how about next time you’re on HIS site, you scroll right past the Gaga article and don’t read it. Simple enough, eh? Trent didn’t even say anything negative about her here. Come on people.

  • Xenobia4

    I like this song. Granted, I enjoyed ‘Judas’ much more than ‘Born This Way’ (which, to me, sounded like TLC’s ‘Waterfalls’ the very first time I heard it).

    This song has a great dance beat and I can’t wait to dance to this in the clubs. I’m not a complete Gaga fanatic (that’s reserved for the amazing talents of Koda Kumi and DBSK), but I do like her music. And then there are songs that I LOVE in between the songs I think are okay or just don’t care fore.

  • Kieren

    Why is this tranny still releasing music? So Judas flopped and she had to rush release another piece of shit single? Please retire.

    • Ms.Monroe

      Took the words RIGHT outta my mouth! nicely put! lol

  • rOXy

    This is just okay, which is better than the first two songs. It sounds like an 80’s Swedish pop track. Nothing outstanding, just sorta blends in with the rest of them and is just as forgettable. It’s not gonna change the face of the world or anything. If she can resist building the video around sacrilegious images and/or messages, then she might be able to propel into something more than mediocre.

    I point and laugh at those who take Trent’s comments and opinions on his very own blog so personally. He has no obligation to the public to be “fair”, (although IMO he is). Also, the fact he doesn’t spew hate out like vomit is the reason I come here. Normally, he’s pretty gentle when he doesn’t like something. Actally, he is a strong opponent of hate, and he takes advantage of his public voice to challenge unfairness. I love the way he talks to his readers! It shows he is fully engaged with those that support is efforts. He is a person and is allowed to be a superfan, just like anyone else. If he is a Britney superfan, then that’s his business and you just need to stfu.

    • Anthony

      ” If she can resist building the video around sacrilegious images and/or messages, then she might be able to propel into something more than mediocre.”

      Lol, she’s done that twice and the second time wasn’t sacrilegious as all.

  • Ria

    Wtf is this? I like Gaga for Gaga, not for some t(w)een queen crap. This is something I’d roller skate to. Her inconsistency with Born This Way and now this song is frustrating. I thought she was back with Judas, but just… no.

    • Elloreigh

      Seconded. “Born This Way” sounds like a bunch of white noise to me, and the “Edge of Glory” is only marginally better in that respect. As for lyrics and vocal styling, I’d rate EoG mediocre.

      At least Judas sounds like Lady Gaga. I realize artists evolve in new directions, but I feel she’s headed the wrong way if BTW and EoG are representative.

    • :0

      tween?? shes 29 and i didnt really like judas but this isnt that bad

  • Brendan19

    “While I’m still not a fan of Lady Gaga‘s very produced sound”
    very produced sound.
    V E R Y P R O D U C E D S O U N D.


    omg…. brb…. lolin at u~~~*dead*

  • Stacey


  • Manabu

    I thought it was cool, though as a fan i’ll say that this song carries a sense of finality and I think after this album she may just go away for a while. I don’t know.

    Decent song and a nice change in direction after Judas. The creative 180 there was kinda surprising, lol.

  • tanu

    Hey Trent,

    im a big fan… i hope uve seen this…

    All Out brings together people of every identity – lesbian, gay, straight, transgender and all that’s between and beyond – to build a world in which everyone can live freely and be embraced for who they are.

    join the movement.

  • Erin

    Good grief. This is beyond awful. Gaga is bombing because somewhere along the way she made her “image” her priority while neglecting to really focus on making good music. Ironic really, considering she chose a MUSIC CAREER….

    Gaga, it’s time to pack up your pretentiousness and your ridiculous horse’s hooves shoes and call it a day.

  • Minx

    SOOO over Lady Gaga…you made your point, your a freak…
    now make some good music!

  • Sam

    what the year is this , 1994 ? ohh. now it makes sence.

    Its just ookay. but its just 20 years too late.

    Fame monster is still her best effort so far.

  • Please

    Love It!

  • Anthony

    LMFAO, IS A BRITNEY FAN REALLY TALKING ABOUT SOMEONE’S “OVER-PRODUCED SOUND”? That is the funniest thing I’ve heard in a long time.

    This song is getting GREAT reviews and it’s almost as no matter what she does, people are going to complain. This site has become the breeding ground for pressed and bitter Britney fans to bitch about the fact that Gaga is slaying Britney this era.

    • Joan

      ROTFL!!!! I was just thinking the SAME THING! This slays every negative comment, nuff said!

  • tamara

    Born This Way concept or “inspiration” (for the Gaga fans)
    1. Madonna “Express Yourself” (Born This Way)
    2. Loli Lux “WannaBe” (Judas)
    3. Kelly Clarkson “My Life Sucks Without You” (Edge of Glory)

    she’s recycling original ideas from other artists because she was “born this way.”

  • Marcella

    Btw = cool
    judas = meh
    edge of glory = blah blah blah

    wow flop of the century !

  • Cody

    @everyone that hears Kelly Clarkson… Welcome to the world of western music. Many many many of the same chord progressions…

    In my opinion, this song is one of her strongest. Sure the sax solo was a little stretched out, but the use of the sax was genius.

    It’s nice to hear a real love song from Gaga.

  • Haters gonna hate. I love this one! Just because she’s done some really outrageous and “off the wall” songs, everybody expects her to do it all the time now. I like that she’s exploring different styles, and so what if some of the songs aren’t amazing? It’s hard to find any albums where every single song is awesome. I’ll stay tuned and see what’s next :)

  • Mikey F

    Another stinker from Gaga! What is going on with her???? Everything we’ve heard off of Born This Way so far hasn’t even been catchy. Remember the girl who released The Fame? Where did she go?

    And why do all the “Little Monsters” have to drag other artists into it, esp Britney? I get the jealousy and everything, since Britney released a killer record (and Gaga so far is seemingly not).. but isn’t your “Mama Monster” all about equality and loving who you choose?

    • Jon

      Haha – you people act like Born This Way single was some let down flop. It’s her biggest hit to date and the only single in my 32 year memory to enter the Hot 100 at #1 and stay there for 6 weeks. I don’t care how many dedicated super fans Gaga has, that does not happen unless people connect to a song in a mass, major way.

      Judas was a bit “ehh” to me, but this is a great POP song, which is what Gaga is great at creating.

  • I said that already.

    Why so 90’s ?

  • Sarah

    I fucking love it! It makes me feel happy and shit.

  • Minx

    More bland disposable cut n paste pop from the most overhyped performer of the century…

    LG’s mistake lies in demanding to be taken seriously (read her V mag article? … Sheesh!)

    At least Mother cut-the-cheese monster has made her cheese monsters happy …. Now off to farmville with the lot of you…

  • Brian

    Incredible and anthemic as is most of her music. “Judas” was a little fey for her standard but this is certainly more on the mark. Lady Gaga is the most brilliant pop star to emerge since Madonna and clearly valedictorian of her class. While her female competition starlets release product that feels churned out, Gaga releases epic, majestic music that far transcends what the other girls could ever hope to create.

  • emily :)

    Ive just watched Lady Gaga play this song live on radio one’s big weekend concert, and although I wasn’t a fan of this song as much as her other singles, her live performance was amazing and truly moving and it definitly didnt sound ‘very produced’ :)