Tina Fey Does Sarah Palin AGAIN On ‘Saturday Night Live’


Yesterday we saw a few funny promo videos for Tina Fey’s hosting gig on Saturday Night Live last night and today we get to check out some of the funny skits she featured in on the show. Without question, last night’s ep of SNL was one of the funnier eps … Tina Fey has the ability to make anything funny … even Saturday Night Live. Tina was joined by fellow former-SNL castmember Maya Rudolph on the show last night and the two of them really brought the funny. Check out some promo photos and video from last night’s very funny Mother’s Day episode of Saturday Night Live.

Tina’s opening monologue was very funny … but NBC has not released video of her performance. Tina dueted with Maya Rudolph (and their unborn fetii still in the womb) and it was just hilarious! But there were other funny skits as well last night … which you can watch below …

GOP Debate:


Birthing Class:

The next two skits did not feature Tina Fey but they are also worth checking out. The bin Laden sketch could’ve been funnier but at least it was timely. The Digital Short features Michael Bolton and a strangely catchy song about Pirates of the Caribbean … I’m not sure what it says about me but, I laughed my ass off during the Digital Short. Check ‘em out …

Osama bin Laden Last Will and Testament:

Digital Short – Jack Sparrow:

I really enjoyed last night’s ep of Saturday Night Live. Tina Fey is just a brilliant comic. I love her entirely. Did you enjoy last night’s ep of SNL? Which skits were your faves?


  • Ali

    I peed a little during “Captain Jack.” Genius.

    • @Ali — Wasn’t the song so good? I kept humming it all night long :D

  • Ellen

    who knew Michael Bolton had such a sense of humor, and he sounded wonderful!

  • nicole

    loved last night episode.
    the digital short was amazing haha.

  • Keegan

    You should totally get the Lonely Island’s new album Trent. Besides being hilarious, the songs are all equally as catchy as Michael Bolton.

  • Kim

    Tina Fey is just brilliant… love her. I will never get tired of her Sarah Palin impression! (and BTW Trent… have you seen Bristol’s new look? plastic surgery, perhaps?? It was on my Yahoo homepage as one of the top stories the other day…)
    I also loved the digital short… Michael Bolton was great. I love when celebrities don’t take themselves TOO seriously and have fun with stuff like that… I really appreciate when they put themselves out there so we can laugh with them AND at them!

  • Missy

    Is it wrong that I thought Bolton in drag was supposed to be Sarah Jessica Parker?

    • Syslak

      I thought the exact same thing!!!! I thought it actually WAS her! And I love her, so I felt really guilty about it.

  • jdo

    I cannot decide if Michael Bolton just killed his own legacy or redeemed it.

  • Carrie

    Anytime “Stefan” is on Weekend Update, I can’t breathe I’m laughing so hard. Bill Hader is hilarious.

  • krissy

    Love Tina Fey! I am in the middle of her book Bossypants right now, and it is laugh-out-loud funny!

  • Jax

    I can’t stop listening to Jack Sparrow. :D

  • Brayden

    You forgot Stefon, totally the highlight of any SNL episode.